It was still early morning in the Hennessey house, as the sun was not even fully risen. Kerry entered the kitchen, flipped the light switch on, grabbed a piece of bread and put it in the toaster. A few moments later, a crisp piece of toast popped out as she put it on a plate and spread some butter on it.

Bridgett, her self-centered sister entered, and grabbed the piece of toast off the plate, before Kerry could even take one bite.

'Thanks for asking, first' she snapped.

Bridgett didn't respond, took a single bite of the toast before throwing the rest of it into the trash bin.

'What's wrong with you', Kerry shouted

'What? What'd I do now', Bridgett asked.

'You! You take the toast off my plate, without even asking. Then you just take one bite and throw the rest away'


'And do you know how many people out there would be grateful for that piece of toast', Kerry replied

Bridgett looked at Kerry, looked at the trash can, looked back at Kerry and said 'It's only a piece of toast'

Kerry threw her hands in the air, and replied 'Yeah, to us. But to some people, that one piece of toast is the only food they will have all day'

Bridgett smirked and said 'Whatever, Mother Theresa'

She walked past Kerry, into the living room as Kerry shouted 'Mother Theresa was a great person, so I take that as a compliment'

CJ entered from the living room and said 'Can you keep it down? I've had a very long day and would like to get some sleep'

'Long day from what? Eating pizza and playing video games all day' Kerry quirked.

'Hey, I... yeah that sounds about right', CJ replied as he poured some cereal.

'Didn't you drive your car off a cliff', Jim asked as he walked into the dining room.

'No, why', CJ responded

'Oh nothing... it was just a dream. Just a beautiful dream', he replied with a wry smile.

It was later on, as Bridgett was lying on the bed, listening to a CD. Ever since their father died, Bridgett spent most of her time in her room, reading her father's sports articles, looking at pictures. Even going to parties or dates didn't seem like that big of a deal anymore. She had totally withdrawn from everybody and everything.

Kerry had come up to change for a party and saw her sister just sitting on the bed and said 'Do you wanna come'?

She just shook her head

'You need to get out of the house one day, Bridge'.

'What's the point? What's the point in anything, anymore' Bridgett responded as a tear fell from her face.

Kerry sat down next to her, and put her arm around her and said 'Moping around won't make dad come back'

Bridgett nodded and said 'I know... hang on I'll go with you'

Bridgett went to the closet, grabbing her jacket when something fell out

Kerry went to pick it up and said 'What are you doing with a joint'

Bridgett snatched it and said 'None of your business and you didn't see this'

'How many of these did you smoke', Kerry asked

'It's none of your business, so stay out of MINE', Bridgett yelled

Kerry sat Bridgett down on the sofa and said 'You know, you don't need that. You don't need drugs to use as an escape'.

Bridgett sighed and said 'I know. Please don't tell mom'

Kerry looked at her sister, and said 'We have to'

Bridgett shook her head and said 'No. You can't. And what about when I covered for you and told mom you went to Jessica's house when you and Kyle really camped out at the lake last weekend? You owe me'

Kerry didn't like being put in that situation and but finally agreed and said 'Ok. But only as long as you promise me this will be your last one. You have to promise me'

Tears fell down her face and with hands trembling said 'I... I can't'

'Why not'

'Because... I... I'm addicted', Bridgett said, sobbing

'Oh God', Kerry sighed as she took her sister in her arms, trying to comfort her.

CJ stepped forward, and put his hand on her shoulder, as Bridgett looked up and said 'How long have you been standing there'?

'Long enough', he softly responded. 'We need to let your mom know'

'I can't. I'm scared', Bridgett said, with a shaky voice

'How about if we tell her together', CJ said and Kerry nodded her agreement

Bridgett nodded as Kerry took her hand, as they left the bedroom and walked downstairs