The driver of the truck frantically honked and slammed on his brakes, in a desperate attempt not to hit Bridgett, who had just stepped into the oncoming lane, and skidded to a complete stop about a foot and a half from where Bridgett was standing, with a dazed and vacant look on her face.

A stocky, middle-aged man wearing a Detroit Lions sweatshirt and cap rushed out of the car to her. 'Miss... Miss, are you OK' he frantically asked. It was clear the incident left him very badly shaken, as he took her hand and walked her to the curb

'You need to learn to watch out, Miss', he said as he made sure she was OK and flagged down a police officer who happened to walking by, who took a statement from the driver, before letting him go, saying no charges would be filed

The other man was too shaken up to drive, and took out a cell phone and asked a friend to come and pick him up, as the police officer escorted Bridgett back to the waiting room, and sat her down on an empty chair.

Bridget was still oblivious to everything and was trapped in her own little world, and everything was a blank and the next thing she knew, she was in her mom's arms, in the waiting room, as Kerry watched on, with an anxious and nervous look on her face.

'Bridgett, can you hear me', her mom asked as she gently stroked the back of her neck

Kerry stepped up, sat down next to her, gently stroking her arm

'Please come back to us', she begged with her voice cracking

'Yeah... I... I'm ok', she finally replied a few seconds later, snapping out of her trance, unaware of what had transpired. It was if she had completely shut down, on the inside.

'What were you trying to do to yourself', her mom asked as she protectively wrapped her arms around her daughter

'I don't know... I don't know much about what happened. It was almost like I wasn't in control of my actions'

'Oh my poor Bridgett', Cate said as she broke down

'Please don't do this to yourself, OK', Kerry pleaded

'Yeah, ok'

'No, not just 'yeah, ok'. I want you to promise me', Kerry sharply replied

She sat up, looked at her little sister and with tears in her eyes said 'I promise'

'I'm going to check on Rory', their mom said as she got up and left the waiting room

Kerry moved closer to Bridgett and said 'I don't want to lose you, too'. OK'?

Bridgett felt selfish and the only thing she could think about was herself, while she should have been focusing on her brother

'It was an accident, ok'? Kerry said

Bridgett nodded, but knew that even though it was an accident, it was her fault and nothing she did could ever un-do what was done, and that thought pierced her heart like a knife. She and Rory often fought... even more than other siblings, but she would never wish any harm on him. OK maybe once or twice, but she was always quick to take it back, the very second she thought it

'What's going on with you? How did you think standing in the middle of the street waiting to get hit by a car was a good idea', her sister asked

'I don't know... I guess I wanted to feel what Rory was feeling... I guess I wanted to see if I could even feel anything at all'

'It was an accident, Bridgett. I know that. Mom knows that and CJ knows that. Why do you feel the need to continue to punish yourself'

'Even though it was an accident, it's still my fault. That doesn't change any of this. Rory is in this hospital because of me'

'To be honest, I wanted to be furious with you. But truthfully you are punishing yourself, more than we ever could', Kerry said

'I don't know what to do. I mean how can you even begin to make up for something like this? Where do you even start'? Bridgett said, willing herself not to break down and cry again

'I don't know', Kerry admitted

They sit in silence for about 30 more minutes and their mom returns carrying some coffee and hands one to Bridgett and one to Kerry

'Listen, visiting hours are about to end, in a few more minutes. I am going to stay here with Rory and want you to go back home with CJ'

'No mom, we're staying with you', Kerry defiantly announced

'No. You girls need to get some rest. I promise I will call you, if I need to', their mom replied

'We won't be able to sleep, either here or at home, and we don't want you to have to be here by yourself', Kerry responded.

'Oh thank you, girls', their mom replied

'Can we see Rory', Kerry asked

'Oh baby, he's sleeping right now. And you need to get some sleep as well', she replied

'I can't sleep, until I know he'll be OK', Kerry said

Her mom gently stroked her cheek and said 'That may be a while'

Cate turned to Bridgett and said 'Come and take a walk with me. This sitting still is driving me crazy'

They walked down to the cafe and got some more coffee, just as they were closing, and sat down on an empty bench

'We need to talk', her mom said with a serious tone

'We all love you, but you need more help than we know how to give', she said as tears dripped down her face

Tears filled Bridgett's eyes, as she listened to her mother

'In 2 more weeks, you are going to Arizona', she continued

'WHAT' Bridgett cried out

'We had a deal', her mom said matter-of-factly

'NO NO NO', Bridgett begged and pleaded.

'Yes, you are', her mother sternly said

Arizona was so far away and the thought of having to deal with everything by herself than she could bear. It was scary enough to be an addict, but to have to struggle with your addiction without the support of your family was excruciating. It felt as if she was being totally abandoned.

All of the sudden she is reminded of the dream she had of her father and his words came rushing back to her 'Some of the things you will need to do alone, but that never means you are alone'

'I know you must be very angry at me right now, but one day you will see this is the right decision. You need more help than we know how to give' her mom said

'So that's what he meant by that', she thought to herself

'I was hoping it wouldn't have to come down to this, but I knew you needed help. I knew it all along, but wanted you to know it, too' her mom said, interrupting her thoughts

'I know, and I know I put you in a difficult spot', she replied, before adding 'I just don't think I can do this alone'

'No sweetie, you are not alone. In fact about an hour ago I had a talk with CJ and he will be going with you'

'Re.. really', Bridgett asked.

She had always insulted CJ and cut him down, and was sort of surprised to hear he was going with her, and was grateful.

'How long will I be gone', she asked

'The center said your session will be about 2 months, then well see, depending on your progress' she replied

'I promise I won't let you down again, mom'

'I wish I could believe that, but you made a similar promise'

'I know', she sighed

'Let's just take it one day... no... one hour at a time, and go from there' her mom said

'After everything I have done, why aren't you more angry', Bridgett asked

'Because', Cate said as she reached out and held her hand, 'You have an illness and can't help yourself'

Bridgett broke down and sobbed. Hearing the word 'illness' made it seem real, and that scared her to no end

'Oh baby, I know. I know', her mom comforted as she hugged her daughter

'I don't want to have an illness', she lamented

'I know you don't and we're going to get through this. One hour at a time. Deal'?, her mom asked

Bridgett looked up, wiped the tears from her eyes

'Deal', she replied