Title: Hysterical Tinge

Pairings: AngealxZack, CloudxSephiroth, GenesisxReno

Warnings: Descriptions of kidnapping, assault, rape...you get the picture. Remarkably, Zack's actually not too hurt in this one. Physically anyways...

AN: Ummm...I am REALLY sorry guys. This was a long time coming. My excuse...I was in the hospital. I have a herniated disc, which meant I was on some SERIOUS pain killers. I was not lucid and...I am still in pain.

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As promised, here is the smut. I like smut, but don't know if I am good at writing it.

And just so you all know, I do have a sequel (sort of) planned. It would focus more on Cloud and Sephiroth. But don't expect that for a while.

He was falling. Zack was being dragged away from him, an expression of terror on his face. Angeal reached out, to grab the teen. Only to encounter air. He tried to scream, to move, but his lungs were full of...

Angeal sat up on the beach. That's right; they were all in Costa del Sol. He sighed, relaxing. A nightmare. Nothing but a nightmare.

Shinra, not wanting to deal with the media fallout of what was now referred to as the "incident," sent them on a prolonged vacation. Shielded away from prying eyes, they were all slowly starting to physically and mentally heal. Zack and Cloud, both dressed in white shorts and t-shirts, were walking along the shoreline, dipping their toes into the water. Cloud had never seen the ocean before, and was awed by the vastness of it. Zack, having been here only once or twice, was equally fascinated by the water. Sephiroth was nearby, keeping an eye on both of them while Angeal napped. And Genesis...had disappeared AGAIN with Reno.

Sephiroth turned to regard him with thoughtful eyes. "Nightmares again?" Angel turned away, embarrassed. "Don't worry. I've been having them too." The other turned back to Sephiroth, surprised that he had admitted that so casually. The silver haired man watched Cloud squat down to pick something up out of the water. "I don't know if he is safe yet," he admitted. Despite the fact that Cloud wasn't a helpless creature who needed constant protecting, Angeal knew that Sephiroth was feeling what he probably deemed as unnatural feelings of protection. Someone would have to explain to him that this was a side effect of being in love. Angeal supposed that it would have to be him. After all, it was how he felt about Zack.

It was evening now, and Angeal stood on the beach watching the sunset. The pink, purples, and oranges combined together looked like spilled paint. A warm breeze blew, ruffling his hair. The loose shirt he was wearing billowed out, making soft snapping noises. It was soothing, giving him time to think.

For a little while, at least.

A weight hit his back, causing Angeal to stumble forward. Zack cuddled his back, giggling. His mild annoyance died immediately at that sound. Zack was laughing and smiling again. That was all that mattered. He turned, lifting the teen into the air. Zack shrieked, and flailed. They both fell down into the sand, laughing. Zack sobered though when he looked into Angeal's eyes.

"You're still worried about me, aren't you?" When Angeal didn't answer, he pressed his soft lips to his mentor...no, lover's forehead. Angeal shifted and returned the favour, marvelling at how perceptive Zack was. Since he had met Zack, it always surprised him that the teen could peg someone's feelings even if they were carefully hiding them under the guise of a smile.

"I came so close to losing you." He intertwined his fingers in Zack's soft black spikes. "I don't know what..."He couldn't finish the statement. The idea of a world without Zack wasn't one he wanted to even think about.

Zack caught the hand and pressed a kiss to the palm. "I feel the same way," he whispered. "I promised that if he..." There was a pause. "Well, that I wouldn't go on living." Angeal sat up this time, wrapping his arms around Zack. They shouldn't be dwelling on this right now. They had both survived, hadn't they?

Angeal pulled away, wiping the tears off of Zack's face. "I'm sorry, pup. This is upsetting you."

Zack shook his head. "This is embarrassing." He paused to swipe at his face. "I'm sorry."

Angeal frowned, gripping Zack's chin to tilt his face. "You don't ever have to apologize for showing your emotions." He kissed Zack again. "You don't have to hide yourself around me."

The two lapsed into silence, watching the setting sun. Soon, it was dark and the once warm breeze became cold. Zack shivered slightly, drawing Angeal's attention. "Are you cold?" The answer was obvious. Zack was still in the shorts and t-shirt from earlier. Angeal stood, stretching out his numb muscles. "Let's go back inside."

The house was large enough to accommodate them all, which meant that everyone (if they should choose) could have their own room. But, Zack had shyly asked if he and Angeal could share a room. Angeal wasn't about to deny Zack anything, so he agreed. They passed Cloud and Sephiroth who were talking quietly in the library. The blond was seated on the floor with a book balanced in his lap. Sephiroth too had a book, but was more interested in watching Cloud. Zack grinned at the picture the two made. When they passed the room where Genesis and Reno were staying, an audible moan echoed through the hall. Zack outright laughed at the look of horror on Angeal's face and grabbed his hand to lead him away. Finally, they reached their room.

Zack turned and smiled, opening the door behind his back. "I'm gonna have a bath. Wanna join me?" The adorable look of apprehension on the teen's face reminded Angeal of just how inexperienced Zack was when it came to these things.

"Of course."

The bathtub was a large thing, all white marble and gold fixtures. Zack ran the water, adjusting the temperature every few seconds. He was nervous, about being naked for the first time in front of Angeal. The SOLDIER in question was leaning against the doorframe, observing Zack.

"I think that should be warm enough." Angeal frowned at the unusually soft voice. "Do you want bubbles or anything?"

"Are you scared?" Zack's head snapped up, blue eyes wide. It was all the answer Angeal needed. "We don't have to do this you know."

Zack stood now. "It's not that...I don't don't want to do it." Zack paused, worrying his lip between his teeth. "It's just...being naked. In front of another person...In front of you..." The older SOLDIER smiled, slightly amused. Zack had, of course been in various states of undress in front of other people. But this was different. As Zack turned the water off, Angeal got an idea.

He approached Zack, running a soothing hand over his tense back. "Do you want to undress me?" The teen blushed, but nodded. Angeal stood, waiting for Zack to make his move. The buttons were first, clumsily undone at first but Zack soon got the hang of it. Angeal shrugged the shirt off, as Zack gaped at the bare chest. Hesitatingly, the teen laid a warm hand against Angeal's chest. When he grazed a nipple, the man hissed in pleasure. Fearing he had done something wrong, Zack removed his hand. Only to have it caught by Angeal. He placed it back on his chest. "It's ok." Zack, feeling bolder now, ran his hand over the defined lines and curves of Angeal's abs. When he reached the waistband of the pants however, Zack faltered momentarily. Steeling himself, he loosened the drawstring. The pants pooled around Angeal's ankles, as he calmly stepped out of them. Zack was shocked to see Angeal wasn't wearing any underwear. He started when he realized just how intently he was staring, and blushed. Angeal just laughed and kissed him. Zack pressed his clothed body into Angeal's, moving restlessly.

"Will you undress me?"

The question was innocent, but Angeal felt a spike of lust lance through him all the same. "Of course, puppy." He gripped the hem of the shirt, pulling it off. There were still a few marks from the encounters with Steelson, but Angeal kissed all of the ones he could see. Zack sighed in contention when his neck was kissed. Angeal took advantage of the teen's relaxation to slip his pants and boxers down thin hips. Zack stood, flexing his toes as he blushed at the scrutiny Angeal was studying him with.

"What is it?"

The man smiled. "Nothing." He pulled Zack towards him, their naked skin rubbing against each other. Angeal leaned down and gently picked Zack up. The teen blushed harder when Angeal's half-hard cock nudged against his leg. His own manhood stirred in response. Angeal ignored this though and set them both down into the warm water. The combined heat of the water and Angeal caused Zack to relax in his love's embrace.

Next thing he knew, the teen was being tilted backwards. His black hair was soaked. Then, Angeal's large hands worked a sweet smelling shampoo through his tresses. He bit his lip at the tingling pleasure of having his scalp massaged. His eyes fluttered closed. Angeal watched this all with a loving eye. Zack was so beautiful like this. Another spike of lust streaked through him. He gently rinsed the soapy residue out, running his fingers through the silky wetness of Zack's hair.

Like before, Angeal lifted Zack out of the water. The teen had gone boneless with relaxation, but snapped to awareness when he was taken out of the warm water. Quickly, Angeal wrapped him in an oversized towel. Zack smiled as he nuzzled the soft material. It was comforting to feel this safe...

He hadn't really felt that in a while.

Angeal was watching him, eyes questioning. The teen tilted his face up, asking for a kiss. Only this one was deep and passionate. Angeal was a little taken aback. Especially when Zack breathed the words,

"I want you."A blush once again accompanied these words, but Zack held Angeal's gaze. "I want you." The words were firmer now.

Angeal moaned, his slim hold on his control slipping He knew the answer, but had to ask. "Are you sure?"

Zack nodded, knowing Angeal was trying to assure himself, to indulge in something he wanted so badly. 'Yes." That simple word was all it took.

Angeal half dragged, half carried Zack to the bed. Usually, he had some semblance of grace. But, when one's lips are attached to someone else's, one tends to be a little clumsy. Zack was laid down on the bed, giggling at this flustered side of Angeal. His momentary humour died quickly when Angeal ran his hands over his chest, rubbing a calloused thumb over his nipple. Zack convulsed, a whimper spilling out of his mouth. Angeal, pleased with this reaction, did it again. He repeated the process on the other oversensitive bud, watching as it hardened and pebbled under his touch. Zack, ever restless, shifted, trying to escape this attention. Angeal held him still though, and used his mouth. The teen yelped when Angeal grazed his nipple with his teeth. Feeling merciful, the man shifted his focus to Zack's neck. He quickly discovered that Zack was very sensitive on the skin right underneath his right ear. He kissed the spot gently, drawing a content sigh from Zack. The teen's eyes had fluttered closed at this point.

"Zack. Puppy. Open your eyes for me." Zack obeyed, the clear blue orbs looking up at Angeal with such trust that it nearly hurt. But Angeal held the gaze as he lowered his mouth onto Zack's neglected arousal.

Zack wailed this time, never having knowing any other pleasure other than his own hand. He kept his eyes opened with difficulty, because Angeal asked him. But the sight of seeing his cock disappear into Angeal's mouth was just too much. He covered his eyes with his arm, groaning with pleasure. All too soon, it stopped. Zack made an unhappy, questioning sound. His arm was moved and he found himself looking into Angeal's eyes. The lust and love that swirled there made Angeal's eyes even more beautiful and expressive than usual. "Shh, it's okay. Just give me more time, alright?" Zack nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Angeal reluctantly got off the bed and glanced around the room, trying to find something that could be used as lube. He rolled his eyes when he found a bottle sitting on the bedside table. He didn't know whether he was going to kill Genesis or hug him. Zack by now was absentmindedly stroking himself, panting softly. Angeal had to lean back and watch the pretty picture that Zack made right now. Hair mussed, eyes glazed, cheeks flushed. Despite all this, despite everything he had gone through, Zack still had an aura of innocence around him. Any last doubts Angeal had about this act they were about to perform was burned away by this realization. Zack would always be this pure.

Angeal settled back onto the bed, disrupting Zack who bit his lip in embarrassment. Angeal just chuckled, pressing a kiss to Zack's flat stomach. He coated his fingers with the oil. "Just relax," he murmured. Slowly, he slid one finger into Zack.

The teen tensed, but relaxed, growing accustomed to the strange feeling of having something inside him. Angeal wiggled the digit around, eyes focusing on Zack's face. Seeing only mild discomfort, he added a second, then third finger. Zack's brow was furrowed in pain, his bottom lip caught between his white teeth. Angeal finger's paused in their gentle exploration.

"Okay?" He asked softly.

Zack nodded, his eyes unfocused. "It just hurts a little..."

Angeal dropped a kiss to Zack's hip. "I know. Just bear with me, alright?" He pushed his fingers in, even more gently then before. After a few moments of patiently searching, he curled his fingers on a spot that made Zack see stars.

"Ahhh!" Angeal grinned, curling again. Zack writhed, as his eyes went wide. "W-what was t-that?" His voice was shaky.

"Does that feel good?" Angeal knew the answer. Zack nodded, feeling dizzy. Angeal gently stretched Zack, making sure his puppy would be properly prepared. The teen was getting restless, little growls of bliss issuing from his mouth.

"Hurry up, Angeal. Please." Angeal sighed, wanting to draw this out as long as possible. But Zack was becoming more and more difficult to deny. He carefully withdrew his fingers, and slicked up his cock. His erection flagged a little when the cold lube was applied, but grew when his body temperature heated it up. He spread Zack's legs, wrapping them around his waist. He pressed the head of his arousal to Zack's glistening entrance.


Zack nodded, wrapping his arms around Angeal's neck. "Go ahead." Angeal nudged his head past the tight ring of muscle. Zack tensed, a muffled cry that he smothered into Angeal's chest issuing from his throat. Angeal paused, the pain written on Zack's features making his heart ache. He murmured soft words of comfort, praising the teen for his bravery, his beauty, anything he could think of. He pressed in farther, kissing away Zack's tears of pain. Finally, Angeal was buried inside of Zack. The teen inhaled deeply, the pain fading. It was no longer sharp, but a duller throbbing. "Angeal?"

"Yes, puppy?"

The teen closed his eyes, resting his head on his lover's shoulder. "You can move now." Angeal kissed the top of Zack's head. He pulled out and pressed back in slowly. As the pain lessened, Zack relaxed. Then, Angeal hit that same spot from before. Only this time, the pleasure was increased. He cried out again, digging his nails into Angeal's shoulders.

"T-there. Right there!" Angeal complied, thrusting in harder. Zack gasped, a fire racing along his blood. Everything became hotter, the air he breathed scorching him the inside out. Angeal slid a hand down to grip Zack's neglected manhood. He pumped the shaft expertly in rhythm of his thrusts. Zack felt a tightening in his groin and he stared at Angeal helplessly.

"Come for me, Zack. Let me see." The look on Zack's face was indescribable, his features expressing a state of utter bliss. That expression ripped an orgasm from Angeal as he came as well. They both held still for a moment, limbs trembling and skin sweaty. Angeal withdrew carefully, laying Zack down on the bed. He laughed weakly at the look of sleepy satiation on Zack's face. "Go to sleep." He petted Zack's soft black hair as Zack complied, eyes fluttering closed.

"Angeal? I love you." Then he was gone, exhaustion taking over and forcing him to sleep. Angeal smiled, pulling the blanket over both of them.

"And I you, Zack. More than you know."

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