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Chapter 1 – You got me there

There lay Judai Yuki on his favorite place to lie on. He loves the green grass to be the place where he reminisce and daydream. Yeah… so comfortable, touching the green grass that became the witnesses of Johan's obvious actions - actions that show love for him. He smiled in the thought, recalling every word.

Flash back:

"The weather is good! Hope its still like this tomorrow." Johan breathe in the midst of the cold wind. Little does he know Judai was actually freezing in the coldness of the night, he just doesn't want to stall his time with Johan. He finally had noticed him, "Are you fine Judai? Are you in cold?" Johan ask worriedly, he sat beside Judai.

Judai shook his head, laughing guilty, "No, I'm fine. I'm feeling warm actua- tsuuuu!" a sneeze makes him obvious he's in cold. He search for a handkerchief in his pockets but can't find any. He's blushing in shame. Johan lend his handkerchief. He doubt and refuse but Johan insist.

"It's alright Judai, like we're not that close for me to let you to use my handkerchief. Besides, the washing machine can clean it right away!" Johan gladly said. Judai had no choice then so he take the handkerchief and blow to it. Johan smirked on the view. Judai is really cute. After blowing, Judai think if he's going to bring back the handkerchief to Johan or not. He places it to ground to be able to hug himself, he don't know but he's freezing cold. "I think we better go back to your room now. You're freezing here." Johan's eyes were full of concern. "You might get sick." Judai smiled and blushed. "You see, now you're blushing." Johan tease,

"No, I'm not!" Judai said in a guilty tone.

"Oh come on! Don't deny Judai." Johan stand up then carry Judai in a bridal way. Judai tries to force release even though he likes it. He was blushing, deeply blushing. Johan walks to the Osiris dorm.

"Why be so worried?" Judai's heart started hoping that some way Johan feel the same feeling he have for him. He knows its no crush and it seems Johan already notice his feelings for him. "You love me don't you?" he teased.

"As a friend, I don't want my friends to get sick, you too right?" Johan looked at Judai. He looks away, he's hopes all drained with that he had said something with disappointment that he don't expect that will make Johan show he's hidden feelings.

"But if you don't love me, you won't carry me like this." Johan was stall and look at Judai who looked at him. Johan smirked and says,

"You got me there,"

End of flashback:

Judai smiled, and recall those last words. "You got me there, you got me there, you got me there," Judai stand up happily, "He got me here!" he shrugged where his heart is place. He blushed and felt so joyous.

End of first chapter

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