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Chapter 14 – Dare Starts (Part II)


Manjoume's dare to Alexis was a date while Sho's dare to Kenzan was to shout something Kenzan surely doesn't want to with a kitty costume. And Jim's dare to Manjoume was a confession dare. Now, it's Yubel's turn to dare… Johan.

"I heard right, you breathed 'Dare' right?" Yubel reassured along with a playful smirk. Johan nodded so slowly. "Well then…" Yubel hummed for a while. "As I said earlier my dare… is for you to answer my simplest questions." Yubel smiled innocently, closing his eyes as to like it was really fun. Well, it is fun.

Johan gulps "Go ahead and ask me anything…"

"Any request everybody?" Yubel asked everyone.

"What the?!" Johan's eyes widened in shock, "You're the one who dared me not them!"

Yubel nods, "Well, that's true but I need a little warm up for you." He turns to everybody, "Anything to ask?"

Judai raised his right arm, "Me!!! Ask Johan if he like chocolate better than candy!" Judai asked with a smile.

"What the hell was that question?" Laura thought, "That sounds good!"

Yubel narrowed his eyes upon Johan, "Well, for me it'll be serious." Yubel smirked, "Chocolate or candy?"

"What a childish question?!" Manjoume taunted.

"UH? So anybody knows what the question is for?" Kenzan asks.

Sho shrugs, "Dunno know."

Well, Johan knows Yubel putted a meaning on that question. "Chocolate means my beloved Judai and the candy means Suzanne." Johan sighs, "You really want to test me… chocolate." Johan said surely.

"YAY! Johan chose me!" Judai cheered, making everyone stare at him. So, does Judai understand all along?

"WTF?! Am I the candy?" Laura thought.

Yubel smirked, "You sure are smart." Yubel looks at everybody again. "Any questions again? Prepare Johan for the total doom!" Yubel teased.

"I have!!!" Sho said. "Um…"

"Go on, no one's going to eat you." Yubel teased.

Sho pouted, sighs, "If possible… ei, Johan would you like to be in… er… I'm just curious… loaded?"

Everyone stares at him in confusion, "You mean loaded as in bunch of work?" Johan asked.

Sho rapidly shake his head, "No, not that." Sho looked shy, "The other way or… side."

Yubel got what he meant. He hysterically laughs out loud, literally, he fall to the ground while stomping his fist on the floor. "That's…! That's…! Ha! Ha! Ha!"

"Loaded? What was that suppose to mean?" Laura's eyes widened as she think. "…side…?" She got it!

"It's you know… related to… labor…?" Sho gives clue.

Every body's eyes widened when they figured it out, and started smirking. Manjoume also laughs. Johan wondered for a while, and then deeply blush when he figured out.

Judai was so confuse. Why Sho's question is so obscure? Is it that so shy to ask? "Johan…?" Johan turns to Judai with a flushed face. "What does Sho's question mean? Why are you blushing and them smiling and laughing?" he stare at his friends for a while before looking back at Johan. "Is it something to be embarrassed to?" Judai asked.

"Well… not exactly embarrassing… for a guy it is…" Johan trailed off, blushing deeper. He laughs sheepishly, "Well, you see Judai. You don't have to know it. I'm just going to answer it, okay?" He laughed nervously this time.

Judai pout a bit. "Why not?" he crosses his arms, "Everyone is always keeping information out of my ears."

"J-Johan! Ha! Ha! Ha!" Yubel is still laughing. "I know you wanna be LOADED!!!" He points a mocking finger on Johan.

"Even its impossible mate, go ahead and answer it." Jim said, trying to hide a big smile.

Johan get a little irritate, "Alright! Alright! I want to be what you call loaded, if I can." He air quoted in 'loaded'. He blushed again and looks away. "But to Judai only."

"To what me?" Judai asked, really confused. "What's going on?!"

"I'll wait for a week!" Manjoume said while laughing. "Just tell me if I'll be a future Godfather!" The Ojama's starts to laughs too.

"I won't let you be a Godfather!!!" Johan shouted, irritated.

Judai groaned, "What's going on?!"

"Alright just give me my turn!" Johan said, practically shouting.

"Nope!" Yubel halted. "I'm not done yet!"

"But it's a complete -" Johan tries to protest but Yubel interrupts him.

"Stand up!" Johan stands up. "Now, answer my own questions Anderson!" Yubel ordered like a general.

"Yes, sir!" Johan anxiously answer.

Kenzan eyes widened in anticipation, he raises his arms. "I wanna be a soldier!"

"Just choose okay?" Yubel simple instructed. Johan nodded.

Rei leans to Alexis, "Do you think it's about Judai-kun?"

Alexis shrugged, "Maybe… well, we need to listen to find out."

Laura sure can hear them because she was in the middle of the two girls. "Ya, ask him about Judai. Like I care so much, probably he will ask how Johan, blah, loves that idiot!"

"Brown or blue?" Yubel started.

They all stare at Yubel in confusion. "HUH? Brown or Blue?" Johan wondered. "Well… Brown…?"

"Pink or Red?"

"Now this is confusing…" Johan thought. "Are you trying to guess my most liked color?"

"Sort of… now choose…" Yubel said.

"Red, of course." Johan answered. Laura's eyebrows twitch a bit.

"Pink or Brown?"


"Pink or Orange?"


"Pink or Black?"


"Pink or Green?"


"Pink or White?"


"Okay, that gives a conclusion." Yubel said. "Now, next part."

Johan shows shock, "Next part?!"

"Sneakers or Sandals?"

"Sneakers… is this a fashion asking?" Johan wonders.

"Sleeveless or Long sleeve?"


"Pointed or wiggled?"


"Long or short?"

"EI?" Johan follows his instinct. "Short…?"

"One or two color?"

"Two color…"

"Pants or Skirt?"

"Pants, of course!"

"A way to a dare… Next part!" Yubel shouted.

"What's the point of this?" Manjoume asked.

Shirley growls, "Oh, so you guessed it girl?" Jim smiles. "Very good…" He lightly patted Shirley on the head.

"What does she say?" Manjoume asked.

"Cute or Gorgeous?"

"Cute is adorable." Johan smiles.

"Sexy or Slim?"

"Sexy…" Johan thinks, "I think I knew it!"

Sho's face lightens up. "Is it done? I want to know the result."

"That is sure some kind of a survey." Kenzan said. "So what's concluding?"

"What are those questions for?" Rei said a little disappointed, "I thought Yubel's questions would be interesting."

"Because it is…" Yubel answered. "I'm testing Johan. Don't you guys know that?" he raised an eyebrow.

Judai tilt his head to a side. "Huh? I… I don't get it." He said scratching a finger on his head.

"Now for the conclusions…" Yubel trailed off, making everyone stare at him waiting for the results. "Well it's very good, it's actually what I expected and wanted to hear from you." Johan let's out a sigh of relief. "You love Judai."

"Of course!" Johan suddenly exclaim. "You don't believe me on that?"

Yubel sighs in exasperation, "Wait! I'm not done yet. And in the result it shows that you have no tad bit of interest to Laura." Laura winced.


"Poor girl no chance…" Yubel insults.

Judai wonders in Yubel's actions, "Is that dared just to insult Laura?"

"Nah… Just to make sure." Yubel answered. "Now, I guess some people plans really won't work…" He looked at Laura. "Especially if they're someone sick and devious." Yubel then smiles playfully, "What I mean of sick is ill, get it?"

"You b*st*rd!!!" Laura exclaims in her mind, of course she won't say it because she's acting all nice. She just keeps quiet.

"A little no, a little yes…" Johan answered.

"Nothing makes sense to me…" Judai said.

Manjoume snorted. "Anyway, go on, whose turn?"

"Me!!!" Judai gladly raised his arm. "I am really excited." He stands up.

"Now, what will this idiot dare me? Run naked? Raped by him? Eww…" Laura thinks, she doesn't realize she was making a disgusted look. And she was shock when she hears Judai.

"Laura what are you thinking I won't do that." Judai asked looking disgusted too.

Laura's eyes widened, "Did he…?" she gulps, "Did you read my mind?" she asked nervously.

Everyone looks at the laughing Judai, "I got you there! I didn't read you're mind. I just thought it was a funny joke and it work!" Judai said with a cute and playful smile which Laura found… bit nice.

Yubel yawns, "Go ahead… tell her you're dare little prince." He smirked. "She'll lose anyway."

Judai smiles big, "I want you to duel me!" he points a playful finger.

"It is expected!" Yubel announced.

Alexis nodded, "That's a good idea."

"I've never seen Laura duel before." Kenzan said.

"What do you expect of Aniki?" Sho chuckles.

Manjoume twitched his nose, "Just don't lose Judai or it will be a to-"

"My Judai won't lose!" Manjoume was interrupted by Johan.

"No votes for Laura…" Yubel mumbles.

"Everyone here thinks I'm going to lose? Hell, I'll never. I'm going to kick this gay's butt! And this duel will be just the start!" Laura smiles –you know its hypocrite-. "I'll accept the duel! I hope it will be fun!"

Then they all run out of Judai's room and the two duelers stand on opposite sides. Jim, Manjoume and Johan stands beside the stairs. Johan's the closest to Judai. Yubel stays on the second floor and there he will watch. The rest of the gang sits on the stair.

"Ready?" Laura asked while both activating their duel disk.

Judai answers "Get you game on!"

End of chapter fourteen…

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