A drabble written for the prompt 'Open The Door', the first challenge of Round 1 on narutoldws (Last Drabble Writer Standing). And I won! The challenge, that is, not the round.

Hope you enjoy!


"I shouldn't be here," Sasuke says to himself, watching from a distance as Naruto entertains his fellow shinobi with some lame joke.

"Probably not," Sakura agrees, and Sasuke most definitely does not jump as she leans against the tree next to him, crossing her arms. She's grown over the years - more so than any of them, to the point where he barely recognises her as the same girl who begged to leave with him all that time ago. He's not sure whether or not that's a bad thing.

"Thanks," he clips out, oddly hurt. Laughter echoes towards them from the group of friends eating lunch in the training ground, and Sasuke tells himself he's not jealous.

He reckons that if he thinks it enough, he might start believing it.
Sakura glances sidelong at him, then sighs. "I find it hard to believe that someone who's meant to be a genius does such a fantastic job of misunderstanding." She uncrosses her arms and pokes him in the side. "I meant that you shouldn't be over here, you should be over there. Idiot."

Sasuke frowns, but doesn't object to her manhandling of him, knowing he'd be punted through the tree without remorse if he did. "If they wanted me over there, they'd ask."

Sakura rolls her eyes and grabs his hand, dragging him inexorably closer to the group. "Naruto--" she starts off, and he should have known she'd see through him. "--thinks that you don't want to be anywhere near him."

"Naruto should have asked," Sasuke growls back, not feeling nervous in the slightest.

"Naruto has opened the door, you idiot," Sakura shoots back, shoving him in front of her and Sasuke stops wondering about why they're emphasising Naruto's name so much when he's faced with the real thing. Person. "It's your job to go through it."

"Eh?" Naruto's bright blue eyes blink guilelessly up at him. The others eye him cautiously, but say nothing. "Teme! You're going to have lunch with us?"

Sakura pokes him in the back.

"Che. No," Sasuke replies, and sits down.