Clay Magnet

By Cael-El 595

He wonders what it would be like to kiss her.

It's an odd thought, considering who she is.

Clark Kent, Boyscout extraordinaire, boy next door, and all-around-nice guy, wonders what it's like to kiss a teammate.

Worse, he wonders what it would be like to kiss Diana, the Amazon Princess, hardened warrior next door.

And yet, he can't help it. Be attracted to her, that is. Oh, he knows the consequences. He knows that it would only encourage all the gossip, fuel Lois' jealousy, and hurt all of them in the process.

But he's still attracted. It's magnetic. She's magnetic. And she pulls him to her.

He's a moth drawn to a flame. Powerless and unable to stay away. It's almost addictive. And every bit as devastating as kryptonite.

He felt the first inkling when they were on her island, after they'd just stopped Hades. He knew he should speak up for her against her banishment, but found himself too captivated by her completely natural beauty to pry open his jaw.

Him. He's never been speechless before. Not as Superman in any case. As Clark, sure, it happens all the time, but in the cape and wearing the shield, never. But then, this is no ordinary woman who does that to him.

It's more than that exotic face, or the way she laughs, her head thrown back. He knows she's beautiful inside as well, he can tell. It's something she seems to radiate, something that shines through on her honest face. He's often speculated to what it'd be like to hold her, to kiss her, and God alone knows what else. But he won't do any of that. Not when he's still sorting this out.

He knows it would never work out. He wonders why he still thinks of her that way. She's way out of his league. The school geek with the prom queen. He imagines it almost everyday yet, with every minute he spends with her, it hits home how they're worlds apart.

He's had countless people tell him that he and Lois are meant to be. He even believed it, at one point. Now, he doesn't know what to believe anymore. So, he goes to the Planet, he writes, he protects his city, saves the world, helps Pa on the farm on the side and he wonders.

He wonders what his teammates think about. What they think of him. How they are affected by him.

He wonders if Diana is affected by him.

He can't stop thinking about her. It's unhealthy, but he can't stop. He tries to ignore her, and tries to go on with his life, but it doesn't work.

He's entangled, even without her lasso, and there's nothing he can do about it but wonder. She's formed from the earth, the natural magnetic property thrown in, he supposes. And that's just it.

She's magnetic. And he's a Man of Steel. And he can't fight the pull anymore.


A round of applause for the lovely Angelic Enchantress for beta-reading!

AN: Yeah, I know, it's a big departure from my usual work- understatement of the year right there, but I'd to take a break from that for a while. Still turned out a little angsty though. Thanks for giving it a glance. Tell me what you think. I suppose many SM/WW fans won't be too happy with this one since I kept it a little dark. Don't worry; I'll make it up to you guys.