He was beginning to worry about Rose. Her cold hadn't gotten better at all. It had gotten worse and she was beginning to sweat constantly and was unable to walk. Her temperature had risen to a point where it was becoming abnormal for a human to even experience. The medicine he had given her was useless and was most probably contributing to her condition.

Rose, herself, was getting angry at herself for getting sick. She became frustrated with the Doctor whenever he came in and was fussing with her. Soon she was snapping at him for every little thing that he did in her presence. She would get grouchy if he was there comforting her, but she would get even grouchier when he wasn't around. She didn't mean to snap at him, she hoped he didn't take it to heart, as she was trying her hardest to be on her best behaviour, but her cold was betraying her.

He came in with a tray of food and gingerly made his way towards her. But as soon as Rose caught a whiff of the food she began to gag. The Doctor immediately dropped the tray and practically lunged for a bucket and shoved it under her head. Her stomach was churning and swirling madly as it tried to make her throw up her last meal which she had barely been able to eat. Holding the bucket tightly in her hands, she wretched and soon tears were streaming down her face. Her knuckles were white as she gripped the handle of the bucket, determined to keep herself from passing out. She had already passed out a number of times, she had already lost count of how many times, but the Doctor had reminded her constantly that she had passed out 30 times for the past 3 days.

Her throat was burning like it was on fire when she had finally finished, but her hands never left the handle on the bucket. Breathing deeply, she began to feel dizzy and the room began to spin. Unable to move in time to put her head between her legs, she passed out. She was shaken awake by the Doctor's voice, calling out to her, to wake up. Her vision ever so slowly returned and she could see shapes and colours of what she guessed was the TARDIS console room. Details were slowly becoming clearer and she could soon see the outline of the Doctor moving frantically around the console.

She had never seen him so determined before, well for as long as she had known him. He was pushing buttons and pulling levers with his hands and was every now and then kicking at the console frustrated. She now realized she was sprawled across the jump seat very awkwardly and was slowly slipping off it. Pulling herself upright, she became slightly light-headed to the sudden change of direction. Putting a hand to her head, it began to dawn on her how bad she must really be, for the Doctor was now by her side, murmuring.

She couldn't understand what he was murmuring to her, but she could make out some words which made her frown. He was switching between Gallifreyn and English cursing to himself. She wanted to playfully hurt him for cursing but she had no strength or energy to even speak. Rose felt herself pulled into his arms and rested her head on his chest. She felt helpless; she kept slipping in and out of consciousness now.

The next time she passed out and came to, she found herself in the Doctor's arms as he carried her effortlessly and continued pressing buttons frustratedly. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, her arms loosely wrapped around his neck and her head resting on his neck.

Rose's head felt heavy and she could barely lift it up to look up at the Doctor. His grim expression didn't make her feel any better as the TARDIS suddenly lurched unexpectedly and the lurch sent them both into the jump seat, hard. The Doctor managed to catch himself and Rose to grip onto the seat tightly. Rose had barely jostled at all, but she knew the Doctor was most probably in silent pain, not wanting to hurt her feelings.

He pulled her into his view and he wore a pained expression on his face as she attempted to return a smile. He planted a kiss on her forehead and pulled her head into his chest, burying it. He was again muttering in English into her ear.

"Please Rose, hang on. You'll be alright I promise. We'll be there soon. Oh please, stay with me Rose."

She longed to reply to him but every time she attempted to say anything her head began to pound and she had a notion to be sick. She could feel his hand rubbing along her back, which was comforting her only slightly. She groaned slightly, her sluggish and slow movements alerting him as he moved about.

The Doctor leaned against the trunk of the TARDIS, his back propped up against the trunk as he gently guided her head level with his own. He saw the despair and sadness in her eyes and immediately brushed his lips against her own. She moaned quietly, which brought a grin to the Doctor's face as he parted her lips. Feeling the grin, it made her feel slightly happier until an urge to throw, tipped her and she immediately broke away and twisted out of his embrace. Unable to hold herself, she crawled only a few inches away before she threw. The Doctor was immediately by her side holding her hair out the way and stroking her arms in an attempt of comfort.

She felt bad for throwing up in the console room, but the mess was soon disappearing into the grating as she continued to retch. The pounding headache returned to haunt her as she finished retching, not disappearing. The Doctor's constant worry and reassurance was beginning to annoy her as her feeling of wanting to vent anger returned. She attempted to growl and snap at him but came out as a groan of pain as it washed over her. Rose felt a pull on her waist and she was soon hoisted once again into the Doctor's arms. She heard the faint sound of the TARDIS humming before the Doctor kicked the doors open and raced out.

Rain was pelting down onto them and she buried her head in his coat as he closed it over her. She could feel the cool air on her neck as he gently held her to him as he continued to run. The faint footsteps of his feet running along the ground lulled her calmly to sleep as darkness overcame her.

Authors Note: I wasn't originally going to continue this story but a little birdie –cough- you know who you are –cough- persuaded me too. Well actually i just did it because i was bored but anyway, I'm sorry for any spelling mistakes i may have missed, i have looked through it several times but I'm pretty sure there are a few I've scanned over.