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For Better Or Worse

"Blah" speech

"Blah" thoughts

Chapter 1.

Naruto sighed when he finally gave up and blew out the once long slender white candles that had burned down to nubs. It was eleven p.m. and the bastard was nowhere in sight. This was the third Friday night dinner that Sasuke had missed in a row.

When they started university two years ago Sasuke and Naruto knew that they would both be busy and even though they lived together they didn't have much alone time, so they had decided that every Friday they would have dinner together and spend the night with each other, no matter what.

Naruto sighed again, he didn't want to be the nagging "wife" but he couldn't help but feel that he was the only one putting some effort into their relationship lately. He knew the raven was busy and under pressure. About six months ago Fugaku had suffered a heart attack and been forced to step down as president of Uchiha inc. for the sake of his health. Itachi had been more than ready to fill Fugaku's shoes and he was doing a good job but with Anko seven months pregnant with their first child Itachi had a lot on his plate and all the Uchiha's wanted Sasuke involved in the family business anyway. So now on top of university Sasuke also had some sort of apprenticeship at Uchiha inc. to worry about.

The thing that was taking up most of Sasuke's time was this exclusive study group that he had joined. Naruto didn't care for them at all. Apparently only the most brilliant students had a chance to get in and study privately under this creepy ass professor Orochimaru. Naruto got shivers down his back every time he saw the longhaired pale professor. If he had thought Kakashi-sensei creepy back in high school it was nothing compared to the vibes he got from this…this snake man. For some reason he hadn't met the rest of the people in Sasuke's study group, he didn't want to think it but he had the sneaking suspicion that Sasuke might be ashamed of him.

Naruto rose from the table and put the candlesticks away before he threw away the food that had taken him ours to cook. He had to go to bed, Naruto knew it wasn't that late for a Friday night but he had work in the morning and needed to get some sleep.

As Naruto was getting ready for bed his phone rang. He contemplated ignoring it but the ringing was annoying so he gave up and answered.

"Hello," Naruto said in a rather tired voice.

"Hey dickless, how's it going?" A voice asked.

Naruto rolled his eyes; Sai still hadn't grown out of calling him dickless in the two and a half years that they had known each other. Surprisingly enough Naruto had Sai had become really good friends after the whole ordeal with Kakashi had blown over. Naruto could see that Sai had a warm heart under all his fake smiles.

"Sai, what do you want?" Naruto asked not caring if he sounded rude, he was tired of acting happy all the time.

"Ouch! What crawled up your ass and died?" Sai replied. "Naru I'm lonely…Kashi is away at some dumb teaching seminar and I want to go out."

"So go out, what does this have to do with me?" Naruto asked while rubbing his temple with his free hand, it was so annoying when Sai when into whine mode.

"I need you to come with me and watch me so I don't do anything stupid. I get horny on the weekend and I don't want to cheat on Kashi…" Sai whined.

"Oh jeez Sai, if you love someone you can at least keep it in your pants! Kakashi will be home on Sunday, surely you can hold out for two days?" Naruto sounded annoyed as he spoke with the dark haired boy but he couldn't help the smile that started to tug at the corner of his mouth. Sai was incorrigible but at least you could count on him to be entertaining. Naruto switched his sleek black phone to his other ear while he continued to listen to the other boy.

"Pleeeeeease Naru…If you come with me you'll see to it that I won't get to drunk and horny, I'll be safe. Besides it's been ages since we did anything together, you never come out with us anymore," Sai continued to nag Naruto in hopes of wearing him down.

"Sai's right that I haven't gone out with my friends in a while but with school, work, Sasuke's dad getting sick and this weirdness between me and Sasuke I haven't exactly been in a partying mood," Naruto thought as he contemplated what to tell Sai next.

"So where are you planning on going?" He finally asked.

Sai smirked to himself on his end of the phone conversation, he knew that when Naruto asked where he was going he had already decided to cave and follow him. Now all he needed was a little nudge. "I thought we could go to this new club called 'Zero', it's supposed to be very hot. Maybe we could get Kiba to join us too; you know how depressed he's been since things ended with that Ino girl. If I told him you were coming too I'm sure he would come and we could cheer him up."

"Fine, fine I give. Give me thirty minutes to get myself ready and I'll meet you outside of the club. You better get Kiba to come too; I don't want to spend the whole night watching your horny ass on my own," Naruto said while running his hand through his golden tresses.

"YAY! See you in thirty!" Sai hollered and with that Naruto was left with a dialing tone in his ear.

Naruto snapped his phone shut and placed on the table before he walked in to his and Sasuke's bedroom. "Am I doing the right thing?" He thought as he started to look through his closet for something to wear to the club. "I have work tomorrow and should sleep but on the other hand I'm young, fairly attractive and I haven't been out in a long time. And it's not like the bastard's here and I'm sick of spending my nights alone. I think a night out with friends could be just what I need…" Naruto nodded his head in agreement with his last thought and pulled out the clothes he'd chosen and laid them on the bed.

Naruto had decided on black skinny jeans that rode low on his hips combined with a thin long sleeved shirt in blinding orange with the kanji for demon written in black on the back of the shirt. Simple yet sexy was Naruto's own judgment of his clothing. He quickly changed and laced up his black and white converse hightops and decided that he was ready to go. As he put his phone and wallet in his jeans pocket, it was a tight fit to get anything in his pockets but after some wiggling he finally managed he wondered if he should leave a note for Sasuke in case the other boy came home while he was out and got worried where he was. "Nah let the bastard worry!" He thought and walked out of the apartment slamming the door shut behind him.


As Naruto got close to Kiba's building he could see two figures waiting for him on the sidewalk. Kiba was dressed casually in blue jeans and a red sweater but what Sai was wearing had Naruto's jaw almost hitting the pavement.

"What the fuck are you wearing Sai??" Naruto screeched as a greeting.

"What…You don't like?" Sai asked with feigned innocence as he ran his hands over his outfit. Sai was clad in tiny black vinyl shorts, purple fish net stockings thigh high leather boots and a purple and pink glittering tank top that ended way above his navel.

"Frankly Sai, you look like a cheap hooker," Naruto told him.

"He is one why not dress the part?" Kiba grumbled.

"Excuse me, I'm not a whore!" Sai said. "I'm just not as sexually repressed as you two sticks in the mud are. Besides the whole point of this evening is to have fun and that's what I'm going to have. If I can't fuck anyone at the club then at least I'm gonna leave them drooling." Sai said confidently as he swayed his hips and started to walk down the street towards the club.

Kiba and Naruto exchanged glances and then Naruto grinned wildly. "You're absolutely right sexboy," He said as he ran to catch up with Sai. "Let's go make them drool"

Kiba joined in, in the laughter and the three young men hurried toward the club where booze and dancing waited for them.


It was Friday night after all so club Zero was packed with people bumping and grinding against each other. Lights flickered and the scent of alcohol, perfume and the underlying smell of sweat lay heavily in the air. Sai led them straight to the bar and ordered himself a shot of vodka. Kiba ordered the same thing as well as a rum and coke. Naruto stuck to a beer. He did have to go to work in the morning and he didn't want to be hung over as well as tired. Besides Naruto couldn't hold his liquor very well and he didn't want to do anything stupid when Sasuke wasn't there to watch out for him. At the thought of Sasuke Naruto felt his mood dampen and he hurried to strike up a conversation with his companions to get his mind off his absent lover.

"So Kiba have you heard anything from Haku lately?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah I talked to him yesterday after class a quickie but he's totally engrossed in that mystery boyfriend of his, I wonder if we're ever going to meet him," Kiba answered.

"They have been together for a while now; you don't think its Kashi do you?" Sai suddenly asked with wide eyes and trembling lips.

"Come on Sai, not everything is about you and Kakashi. Besides who other than you would want that pervert anyway?" Naruto told him and took another swig of his beer as he rolled his eyes Sai was such a drama queen.

"Yeah you and pervy teacher are the perfect fit; nobody wants to mess with that," Kiba snickered.

Sai looked offended and pouted a while before his face lit up with one of his famous fake smiles. "So Kiba…Why did Ino dump you?" He laughed when he saw the smile slide off the dog lover's face. "It was almost too easy to turn the tables around on these boys," Sai thought with a satisfied smirk.

"She didn't dump me it was a mutual break up." Kiba grumbled an ordered another drink.

"Mutual huh," Naruto said and leaned in closer. "Was that why she gave you the whole it isn't you it's me speech, because it was mutual?"

"Oh shut up! What do you know you've been practically married for years now, not everyone is as happy as you, you know," Kiba told him.

"Yeah…real happy…" Naruto whispered and ordered another beer, so what if he got drunk? It wouldn't be the end of the world. He didn't see Sai watching him with a concerned look as he gulped his second beer down.

Sai decided to steer the conversation back to Kiba since Naruto looked uncomfortable with talking about his relationship at the moment. "Why were you with Ino in the first place? I thought you batted for our team?"

"Hey I'm a free spirit, I bat for both teams and besides have you seen Ino? The girl's hot!" Kiba answered him and winked his eye at them in a lewd way.

"Well she might be attractive but she doesn't do anything for me. She's lacking the equipment I crave to make me a satisfied boy." Sai replied.

"Ewww! That just put mental images in my head that I would rather not have." Naruto said with a disgusted look on his face. "Come on boys, let's dance and show them how it's done." He continued and grabbed both of his friend's hands and let them out on the dance floor.

As they reached the dance floor something caught Kiba's eye and he turned to his friends.

"Go on without me, Kiba sees something that Kiba likes." He said.

Naruto and Sai sighed at Kiba for being as lame as to talk about himself in third person but followed Kiba's gaze and saw a young man with curly dark hair, a brown polo shirt and sunglasses perched on his nose even in this dark club.

"Go get him dog breath!" Naruto laughed and gave Kiba a small shove. The man gave them a grin and sauntered over to the quiet boy in sunglasses. Sai and Naruto continued further out on the dance floor and started dancing and grinding against each other. It felt good, Naruto loved to dance and it had been such a quite a while since he'd done it. He felt happier that he had in a long time and he smiled at Sai as they turned and twisted to the music.

A lot of people came and wanted to cut in and dance with the gorgeous boys but Naruto and Sai stuck to dancing with each other. Naruto didn't like when strange hands were pawing all over him, his body belonged to Sasuke and having others touching him like that made him feel uncomfortable. Sai was a friend and he trusted him, which made dancing fun.

After a few songs Naruto was sweaty and out of breath, he ventured over to a calmer and quieter part of the club. He needed to calm himself down and catch his breath. Sai went to order a couple of drinks from the bar that he would bring them so that they could cool themselves down a bit.

Suddenly Naruto's eyes were drawn to a couple making out in a corner like there was no tomorrow. Hands were everywhere and their tongues plunged in and out of each other's throats. Naruto thought that the pale redhead shoved against the wall seemed vaguely familiar but it was the other dark haired person that kept him riveted.

"Hey look it's Gaara from high school and he's certainly getting it on," Sai hollered as he stumbled up to Naruto with beer bottles in hand and placed his arms around Naruto's neck as he leaned on his shoulder. "But who's the hottie he's… with….oh…" Sai's voice got smaller and smaller and eventually faded away as the couple making out turned and looked at them at the mentioning of Gaara's name.

Sapphire locked with onyx and Naruto's heart shattered…

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