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For Better Or Worse

"Blah" =speech

'Blah' =thoughts

Chapter 8.

Sasuke sat in his car trying to work up the courage to get out, walk up the gravelly driveway and knock on that worn red door with orange trimmings. The raven hadn't seen Iruka since Anko's funeral and he couldn't say that that meeting had gone well. Sasuke sighed and rubbed his eyes. Iruka had had his arms around a sad Naruto the entire time, glaring daggers and death at him. Sasuke sort of wished that he had had someone to hold through the service, Itachi had held Aiko tightly and nuzzled her sweet baby hair, Naruto had Iruka and Sasuke was left all alone. Their parents had been more than ready to come but Itachi had phoned them and told them to stay put, to not risk their father's health. Their comfort was empty if it led to another loss. After many discussions and quite a bit of tears their parents had agreed and would come home when things had settled down more, to properly greet their first grandchild.

Sasuke cursed softly, the thoughts about his parents and his sister in law's funeral had not put him in a better mood and now he had been sitting in the car for fifteen minutes without being brave enough to step out of it and walk up to the house. Steeling himself, Sasuke opened the door and placed a soft leather shoe on the dusty, gravelly driveway. Back when things had been right in Sasuke's world he thought that he and Naruto would end up having a house just like this one, old and worn but personal and charming, large enough to fit both them and their things but small enough to be cozy. A small yard that provided you with a sense of privacy and still close to the city. Sasuke doubted that Iruka knew he thought of the older man's house as his dream home, that he had imagined Naruto and himself to grow old together in a house like this and he doubted that it would make any different even if he Iruka did know. He had loved to sit in Iruka's kitchen on any regular night and watch Iruka cook while he joked with Naruto as he gestured wildly with his utensils, as the delicious smell of whatever the scarred man was tossing together spread through the air and made their stomachs ruble in anticipation. Those evenings had been perfect. Iruka had been his family too and it hurt to have the other look at him with scorn and hate. Sasuke nibbled on his bottom lip as he forced his body to walk up the stairs and ring the doorbell.

After a few moments Iruka opened the door with a smile that faded when he saw who the visitor was. Sasuke refused to acknowledge the pang of pain in his heart from that gesture. Iruka's chocolate eyes narrowed dangerously before becoming impossibly wide.

"Oh God…Has something happened to Naruto?" The brown haired man took a step closer to Sasuke, looking at him questionly.

"What? No, Naruto is fine." Sasuke shifted nervously from one foot to the other. "I need to talk to you…I can stand this anymore, it hurts too much to be living without Naruto like this."

Part of Iruka pitied Sasuke, the young Uchiha looked so lost and so scared standing before him but the little Uchiha had been a jerk and stepped all over Naruto's heart, that sort of thing wasn't easily forgiven. "Come on in and we'll talk." He said shortly and held the door open for the younger man.

They were having coffee at Iruka's table. Sasuke holding his cup and looking at Iruka, hoping the other could tell him what to do and what to say to win his blond back. It was funny that the absence of the presence and laughter of one small blond could make the homely kitchen that Sasuke had loved so much seem barren and cold.

Iruka sighed. There isn't a 'cure' for this, no easy fix to make things as they were before, you do understand that don't you?" He fixed his chocolate colored eyes on Sasuke.

"I know I fucked everything up, believe me I know that but I love him and miss him so much that I can't breathe. I love him more than anything and I swear I would even die for him of it was asked of me!" Sasuke exclaimed as he put down his coffee cup. He knew that he was behaving in a very un-Uchiha like manner but he didn't care, pride didn't mean anything anymore, only Naruto mattered.

"Do you love him enough to live?" Iruka asked silently causing Sasuke's dark eyes to lock onto him. "Do you love him enough to live without him? To let him go and to see him find love and happiness with someone else?"

"I..I want him with me…n-need him with me," Sasuke stuttered. "I don't know what I would do without him in my life…I don't think I could take that."

"I can't help you Sasuke, I can only advice you to grow up and take a good look at yourself. Through this conversation everything has been about you, did you notice? What you want, what you need. Think things over closely and find out what love really means to you." Iruka got up from the table and gathered the empty cups to put them in the dishwasher.

Sasuke gritted his teeth and was just about to reply when his phone blared to life, he flipped it open and placed it against his ear. After finishing the short conversation he tumbled out of the chair and hurried to the door. "I got to go; Naruto's been in an accident!"

Iruka paled and was about to ask how, when and where but the young Uchiha was already long gone.


"Ow, ow, ow…" Fuck everything hurt. Naruto carefully peeled his eyes open and looked around. He lay on the rough asphalt after skidding several feet so his back felt like minced meat, the thing that worried the blond though was the trouble he had breathing. The heavy blob that was crushing his chest suddenly moved and Naruto got a face full of bright red hair but at least he could get air into his lungs again.

Audio and visuals seemed to start to work again as the blond was aware of a blaring car horn and people shouting excitedly. With effort Naruto managed to push Gaara off of him and sit up. The van had swerved and hit a lamp post some feet away and now the horn wouldn't stop sounding. The driver looked scared and shook up but okay. Naruto turned his blue eyes onto the redhead and noted with relief that Gaara seemed unharmed too.

Blue eyes met with cold green ones and for a second there was something other than resentment, disappointment, shame and anger between them but just as fast it was gone and both pair of eyes were clouded and guarded again. With a grunt Gaara got up from the road and limped away without a word. Naruto watched him leave; he didn't know what to feel. He was glad that the bastard didn't die but he still couldn't shake the animosity he felt against the other.


Naruto's head shot up at the shout and he saw the Neji run towards Gaara with panic in his eyes, trying to hug the shorter man while looking him over and asking him if he was hurt somewhere. The redhead pushed the long haired brunette away and continued to walk away all the while not saying a word. Neji fisted his hands at his sides before relaxing them and turning to walk in the opposite direction, with his features fixed in a grim emotionless mask.

Love was just a cruel joke it seemed, it made you fall so deep that you could never get up. You could climb and scratch and claw with all your might but you'd never reach the surface again.

Naruto climbed to his knees, hissing when a shard of glass cut through his jeans, he looked over and saw Itachi's documents spread all over the street and he cursed loudly. Getting to his feet Naruto tried to catch the wayward slips of paper. After a while he had to give up and admit that here was no way that he would be able to get all the pages back. He phoned Itachi with a lump in his throat to explain what had happened. Itachi assured him that it was okay and that he had backups of everything and that he'd send someone else over to Madara with what his uncle needed. Naruto was relieved but he still felt bad that he had caused more work for Itachi when the other already had Madara breathing down his neck.

The police showed up to take statements and to Naruto's surprise Deidara was one of the officers. He waved at the blond and walked over to him.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were a detective, isn't this a bit small time for you?"

Deidara smiled at him. "I tagged along when I heard there was a small annoying blond kid involved I had to check it out. Nah jokes aside, I just want to check that you were okay."

"I'm fine, a little sore but fine." Naruto smiled sheepishly, Deidara was very easy to talk to and Naruto felt comfortable with him.

Deidara looked at the other blond closely, do you need to get that looked at?" He pointed to Naruto's back and knee.

"No, it's okay, it's only some bruising. I'll take an aspirin later and I'll be right as rain again. He smiled at the cop.

Then the sound of running feet was heard before he what was what Naruto was tackled into a hug and held closely to a muscled and warm chest.

"Are you okay, where are you hurt?" Black worried eyes looked him over before he was held even tighter; he could feel the frantic beating of Sasuke's heart.

"S-Sasuke, what are you doing here? How did you even know?" For a moment Naruto wanted nothing more than to stay in those arms, being held tightly. Sasuke smelled so familiar and it made Naruto remember all the good times. Sasuke was still his most important person and Naruto wondered if that would ever change. He wanted to bury his face in Sasuke's knitted sweater and breathe the other in, stay safe and guarded. To have Sasuke hold him and tell him that everything would be okay and that everything bad that had happen was only a bad dream.

"Gaara called, he said you were hurt."

At the mentioning of the redheads name Naruto tensed up and he remembered that Sasuke wasn't his safe harbor anymore. He braced himself and stepped out of his loved one's embrace. Right now he felt worn and tired, he couldn't do this, and he didn't have the energy to deal with Sasuke right now.

"I'm fine Sasuke, you shouldn't have worried."

"Let me take you home, my car is parked around the corner." Sasuke tried to pull Naruto into his arms again, his dark eyes wide and vulnerable with worry, regret and something else that Naruto wasn't ready to acknowledge.

"Thank you but I already have a ride." Naruto stepped closer to Deidara whose light blue eyes widened a bit but he played along and nodded his head.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed dangerously as they locked on the long haired blond but after an inner debate he stayed silent. He wanted to rip Naruto away from this new threat. Then he thought about what Iruka had told him and he kept his temper in check. He would give Naruto some space but there was no way that he was giving up or that he was going to lose Naruto to this person. He would make Naruto see how much he loved him and that they belonged together.

"Fine, I'll see you at home then." Sasuke said and put emphasis on the word home as he shot Deidara one last dirty look before he turned around and walked back to his car slowly. Once he got there Sasuke leaned against the hood of the sleek black vehicle and closed his eyes. His heart had practically stopped when Gaara had called to tell him about the accident, he was surprised but grateful that the redhead had told him. He had been so scared as he drove to Naruto; to lose the blond was his worst nightmare. With a heavy sigh Sasuke got into the car and drove home, he needed to be alone and to think about things. He didn't want to be selfish but here was just no way that he could ever let Naruto go.


"I see."

"No I appreciate you telling me."

"I'll take care of it."

Itachi spoke softly before hanging up the phone. Dammit, this was the last thing he needed, still he couldn't be surprised…He should have expected as much. He would handle it though, no matter what he would keep his family safe, this would change nothing and neither Sasuke nor Naruto would ever have to know.

Itachi ran a hand through his long hair in frustration and with a strangled curse he threw his phone into the wall, making it shatter into tiny pieces.


Naruto rolled his eyes as he held the phone close to his ear.

"Yes daddy, I'm completely fine and still in one piece…No I don't need to see a doctor…Yes I'm being taken care of."

Naruto had spent the last hours on the phone assuring first a panicked Iruka and then his parents that he was safe and sound.

"No dad, I don't need police protection. Stop worrying so much. Kiss mom from me and take care, I'll talk to you later."

Naruto ended the conversation before Minato could come with more objections and crazy ideas.

He was lounging on Sai and Kakashi's couch; he hadn't felt ready to go home so he had had Deidara drive him to Sai's place instead. He was sort of regretting that decision now, Naruto had forgotten what a couple of perves his friends actually were and that they didn't have any qualms about getting down and dirty in front of him. The panting and the moans started to get to him and he was both repulsed and jealous. Naruto missed kissing and he missed being touched but he wasn't so far gone that he wanted to see a live porno starring his friends play out right in front of his eyes.

"Um…guys, I think I'm going to head home now."

No response other than a rather high pitched moan from Sai.

"Thank you for letting me use the shower and for lending me some clothes." Naruto looked down at the grey sweatpants and the tighter than legal black shirt…Someone really should sit down and talk to Sai about his taste in clothes.

Oh dear God! There was a glimpse of anatomy on Kakashi on display now that Naruto never would have wanted to see. "Okay I'm going and I'll talk to you later bye!" Naruto said in one breath and hurried out the door. Eww, eww, eww…Kakashi peenor. Naruto wished he could wash his eyes out with soap. Really Naruto knew the couple was shameless but to whip that thing out while Naruto was right there…No that was so not cool.

Naruto walked to the bus stop with quick steps, he didn't want to be out longer than necessary on a shirt that looked as if it was bought at whores 'r us. He supposed that he could have called Kiba or Iruka and asked for a ride but he didn't want to bother them, it wasn't as if he couldn't make his way home…He was a big boy after all.

As Naruto sat on the bus his phone pinged that he'd gotten a text.

'Dearest Naruto-kun, I'm so sorry to hear about the accident and I truly hope that you're unharmed. Don't worry about the documents. It was Itachi's responsibility to get them to me on time anyway. Please do me the honor of joining me for lunch tomorrow; I have something of great importance to discuss with you.

Uchiha Madara.'

Well that was weird, what on earth could Madara possibly want to talk to him about? Naruto felt a shiver run down his spine but he blamed it on the skimpy shirt he was wearing. He put his phone in his pocket again and the text out of his mind, he would think about it later and maybe ask Itachi if he had any idea what his uncle could want with him. Right now Naruto just wanted to get home, get into his own clothes and snuggle down with Ai-Chan for a while. He couldn't believe that he missed the baby girl as much as he did after only having been gone for a few hours. That little Princess had well and truly stolen his soul.

Naruto smiled to himself as he got of the rattling bus and walked the short distance to the manor. He was amazed and surprised that it had taken such a short time to consider the Uchiha house his home, even with Sasuke there and the tension that brought Naruto had settled in and made himself at home quickly.

The lights were on in the windows and they beckoned Naruto home with their warm glow. For now the blond just wanted to relax and be with his family. He hurried his steps, eager to get home.


Pale, long-fingered, elegant hands ran over his body, teasing his sensitive spots and making him arch and moan. Sweet lips followed in the hands steps, licking, nipping and driving him insane with need and want.

That deliciously sinful mouth closed over a pebbled nipple and Naruto gasped, pushing himself into that hot mouth wanting more. Sweat beaded on his skin and made golden hair stick in matted locks to his temples. It felt so fucking good and it had been so long since he'd been touched like this.

The mouth released his swollen nub and Naruto whined in protest but all words got stuck in his throat along with his breath as the full, pale pink lips traveled lower, licking his quivering abs and stopping to pay a bit of extra attention to his navel before nuzzling soft, fuzzy blond curls.

Naruto's erection throbbed and ached and the blond could feel precum beading at its crown. He pushed his hips upwards, thrusting his cock in the other's face, showing without words what he wanted…what he craved.

Naruto choked on a cry as that wicked tongue licked up the length of his cock and then swallowing it down to the root.

He gripped familiar inky locks tightly and felt the silky strands run through his fingers as he urged the other on while trying not to buck his hips and just fuck that glorious mouth that had him incased in a tight, hot, wet sheath.

Naruto's toes curled and he knew he would come, he grabbed dark hair tighter and pushed the other's head further down on his cock as his stomach curled and his climax closed in. He arched his back and screamed at the top of his lungs…


Naruto shot up in his bed, his heart beat like a jackhammer with dread filling his mind and a sticky mess in his underwear.

"Oh no…."

Blue eyes were wide and panicked and his whole body was shaking.

"Fuck… fuck…fuckity fuck! FUCK NO!!!"

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