Hi... Since my muse seems to be in a creative mood these days, here is a new story that wouldn't go away until I started to write it.

Since there might be more mature content later on, the rating is higher than usual with my stories. Maybe I'll even write real smut... Who knows?

Undercover(s) - 1

„No. This operation can't include her." Booth scowled at his boss, forgetting that he shouldn't be talking to him like that. "She hasn't got the proper training."

Cullen lifted one eyebrow in a silent question, not even bothering to remind Booth that he was indeed talking to the Deputy Director and not a rookie. He watched the special agent taking in a deep, calming breath.

Booth cleared his throat and leaned back in his seat. "I'm sorry, Sir, I lost my temper. If you want to assign the case to somebody else, I would understand it."

"Nonsense. It's your case, Booth… and it's going to stay that way. I understand that you're not comfortable with your partner going undercover with you, but we're a little short on agents right now. Especially female agents with the age to act as your wife." Cullen explained.

Booth sighed. "First, as I already said, she lacks the proper training, Sir. And she isn't the wifely type… I don't think she could pull it off convincingly. She thinks marriage is an archaic institution, Sir. Direct quote."

"Is that so? Well, I don't care about her private opinion on marriage or anything else, Booth. You said you were sure to be able to learn more about what happened to the murdered couple if you go undercover to that swinger club." Cullen reminded his agent.

Booth felt his temper rise again, but he managed to remain calm at least on the outside. "But Sir…. I thought I'd be able to go there with an agent."

"As I said, there's nobody available right now. Agent Cassidy will be back from her assignment next week, you'd have to wait until then." Cullen elaborated.

Booth shook his head. "That's too long." The special agent briefly closed his eyes again.

"And I remember that Dr. Brennan already worked undercover with you once, pretending to be your fiancée. I guess she managed to pull off that act without stating her real opinion towards marriage?" Cullen inquired.

"Yes, Sir, that's correct. Frankly… I don't feel comfortable with dragging her to the 'Sinner's Palace', Sir." Booth blurted out and still had to wince at saying the name of the swinger club in question.

"But why, Booth? God, you don't need to follow through on the whole… procedure. You know that. You're joining that club as a new, inexperienced couple and if you pull off the shy act you'll be fine." Now even Cullen's temper surfaced more than expected.

Booth wondered why his boss seemed to know so much about swinger clubs, but decided not to ask about it… he didn't want to know and he had the hunch Cullen would not appreciate him asking. "That might be true, Sir… but still…. I think this would be easier for anybody involved if I could take somebody else with me. An actress, maybe." He was nearly desperate.

"An actress? By God, Booth. You're contradicting yourself, really. An actress wouldn't have the proper training you seem to be so fixated on. And she wouldn't have Dr. Brennan's skills in self-defence, skills I value highly. At least she can handle herself. I'm not thrilled to be forced to send a civilian on that kind of assignment, Booth, but if you want to get inside this club, you'll have to take Dr. Brennan with you. At least you know each other and will surely be able to interact more convincingly than two people who have no knowledge of each other whatsoever." The deputy director said.

"That's exactly the problem." Booth muttered.

"What did you say, Booth?" Cullen asked, his voice dangerously calm..

"Nothing, Sir. I'll take Dr. Brennan with me. We'll visit the Club tomorrow evening." Booth said obediently, his voice flat and emotionless.

"Very well, Booth. Keep me informed." Cullen dismissed the Special Agent with a movement of his hand.

Booth left the room and went to his own office…. There he sat down and closed his eyes. How on earth was he going to get through this? Acting as a married couple with Bones wasn't the hard part…. But he just couldn't picture him and her in the midst of these other couples. God, and wouldn't it be awkward.

And what was the worst, he could easily picture Bones following through with procedure, as Cullen so carefully had labelled it. She'd see it as a handy opportunity to relieve her biological urges…. And she'd tell him that it would just add to their credibility. Booth shuddered at the mere thought of having to tolerate somebody else touching Bones. And he sure as hell didn't want to roll around with somebody else's wife just because they didn't manage to keep their sex life interesting enough.

Pulling off the shy act might work for him, but Bones…. God, she'd be interested in the whole thing, he was sure of it. She wasn't going to be able to mask that interested and fascinated gleam in her eyes. She'd be thrilled - THRILLED – at this opportunity of 'observing these couples express their sexual freedom'. Or however she was going to call it.

He was feeling sick. Somehow this whole mess was going to make him sick, he simply knew it.

'Damnation', he thought. 'I'm going to a god damn swinger club with Bones. I have to be crazy.'

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