Title: Grade 2 Class 2 Epilogue

Author: Stormy1x2 (traveling_storm)

Rating: PG13 (mild language)

Word Count: 515

Notes: just a final tie-off to the G2C2 series.


When Kamio and Kirihara arrived at Rikkai high school early Friday morning, they were greeted by the absence of the entire team. Kirihara stared blankly at the empty court. "'Kira?"


"Did 'Mura-buchou cancel practice and forget to tell us, you think?"

Kamio shrugged and headed for the clubhouse anyway. "I'm still gonna get changed," he said. "Somehow I doubt he forgot. Maybe everyone's late. How early are we?"

Kirihara followed behind. "Only fifteen minutes," he said, scratching his head. "I don't get it."

Kamio opened the door to the clubhouse and froze. The rest of the Regulars were all there, perched on the benches (except for Niou, who had managed to scale the lockers and was stretched out along the top), staring at them with expectant looks. Kamio pushed back the instinctive fear to run that any smart mouse would feel before a room full of snakes. "Um…. Is there a meeting we forgot about?"

Yukimura was standing at the back of the room next to the white board, arms folded and a mischievous smile playing about his lips. "Not at all, Kamio-kun. I'm just waiting for my report on Michiko-chan's open class."

Kirihara snickered. Kamio blinked. "…seriously?"

"Yukimura is always serious," Sanada barked.

"So, how'd the runt do?" Niou drawled with a lazy grin. "I told her I'd give her copies of the pics I took of Marui's hair last week."

"You promised me you didn't take any pictures!" Marui snapped, whirling around and glaring at the other boy.

Niou smirked and stuck out his tongue, flashing an 8x10 glossy of Marui's neon green hair and fanning himself with it. "I lied."

"Asshole," Marui muttered. "Do you know how long it took to change my hair back? My hair was almost completely fried."

"Kamio?" Yukimura tilted his head. "I'm waiting."

Kamio felt a warmth rush over him as he took in the interested looks on his teammates faces. He had never expected to fit in so well at Rikkai, much less for them to take an active interest in his home life. And while he was definitely aware of Sachiko and Michiko's amazing ability to win over even the toughest of tennis players, he certainly wouldn't have expected his team to care about their welfare to the extent that they did.

Before he could open his mouth though, Kirihara burst out with all the force of a proud papa, "She was freaking brilliant!" He flashed two thumbs up. "Hell, her English is better than mine."

"Not like that takes much," Marui countered with a sly grin. "Dude, a preschooler could learn a second language faster than you could."

Kirihara growled and attacked. Marui yelped and ran. Niou cheered on Kirihara and passed out copies of Marui with neon hair. Sanada began screaming at them to run laps. Yukimura was fighting to hold back his own laughter, Jackal nudged Kamio back so the devilish whirlwinds wouldn't run him over, and Kamio beamed at the whole situation, taking it all in with a satisfied air.

Just like Michiko with her new class, he finally felt like he belonged.