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Colonel Lawson waited as the fueling and arming of his six Hueys was finished. Unlike the civilian models there were all painted a dark green, almost black, with no markings of any kind. The Hueys were a long way from state of the art but so long as the opposition didn't have any aircraft or anti air defenses they were much more than good enough. Each one had been modified with two .50 caliber machine guns, thirty two rockets that could be fired at individual targets or in a salvo, and each carried a single large drop tank attached to the belly that contained napalm.

He looked at the pilots who would be flying with him as soon as the birds were ready. They were all ex-military who had become mercenaries. They did as their employers told them to do and didn't ask questions… about anything. "It's a sweep and clear," Lawson told his men. "We'll wipe the village out and burn it all down. Then we'll stay in the area to take care of any stragglers. Just like in Laos in '73 or Afghanistan in '81. Remember these aren't ordinary people we're dealing with, they're abilities could be potentially dangerous. So remember, do everything from maximum range."

All around him his men nodded soberly. They'd done and seen a lot of things in their time, but none of them had ever imagined attacking a, 'hidden world' or having to fight real live monsters.

Standing behind him a girl in a pink dress and tiara pumped a fist in the air. "Yay! Kick the tires and light the fires!" She yelled excitedly.

Lawson and the rest all looked at her a little nervously. She seemed to be nothing but a silly and childish young woman. But they had all seen her arriving flying with a pair of monstrous wings flapping above her. The wings weren't there anymore but no one thought she was an ordinary anything.

Seeing the men look at her she smiled and pranced about a bit. "I saw that in a movie once," she said proudly. She pumped her fist into the air again. "I love the smell of napalm in the morning!" She shouted.

Lawson stared at her and wondered if he'd made a good decision in taking Fairy Tale's money. He looked at his watch. "All right, mount up; we should be up and over the target in fifty minutes."

"Which one do I fly in?!" Kahlua asked, a huge grin on her face.

"You don't have to come with us," Lawson said quietly. "We can handle things from here on out."

"But I want to see the pretty napalm," she said. She frowned and puffed out her cheeks. "If I don't get to go I'll start to cry."

Fujisaki had warned him specifically not to let that happen no matter what.

"I guess you'll be riding with me then." He told her.

"Great!" She looked at all of them. "They'll never take our freeeeeedom!!" She shouted and then began to dance about.

Why do I get this feeling this is going to be a disaster? Lawson wondered as he headed toward his Huey.


The Snow Priestess sat patiently on her throne as Tsukune and the others glared at her. She was not surprised that the only one not upset with her was Mizore. She was a snow maiden and understood.

"I am sorry Tsukune, but it was necessary. I had no choice but to accept the terms in order to protect my people."

"But even if they had guns surely you and everyone here could have dealt with them," Tsukune said. "How could you just give up and sell your people out like that?"

"I did what my visions dictated I do," she replied calmly. "Had I refused to surrender, or had I ordered my people to attack and kill the intruders I foresaw they would launch an attack that would massacre nearly everyone. To avoid that I capitulated and agreed to offer them Mizore as a bride."

"Don't be angry with her Tsukune," Mizore pleaded. "Even if it seems harsh at times, everything she does is always for the good of the people and village."

He looked at her. If she wasn't angry about what had happened he supposed that he couldn't be either. "Well at least it's over now."

"No," the Snow Priestess announced it is not over. "I also foresaw what would happen if you came and rescued Mizore."

"What?" He asked nervously. He really didn't like prophesies.

"More death," she foretold.


They were airborne and headed through the mountains. They were twenty minutes from target. He understood that there would be nothing there to the naked eye until they passed through the barrier that hid the village from sight. It was rather convenient as that meant there would be no need to cover anything up. No one would see the ruins or the dead bodies.

Everything would remain hidden.


Tsukune was staring at her. "No way," he whispered. "You mean because of what I did everyone is going to die?"

The Snow Priestess nodded calmly. "This is the human way isn't it? To destroy whatever you cannot possess? To take whatever you want at the end of a sword or a gun?"

"Not all humans are like that," Tsukune said.

"Perhaps," the priestess conceded. "But obviously some are."

"Can't you stop them?" Tsukune asked. With all the snow people here, with all their powers combined…"

"Our powers over snow and ice are formidable," she stated. "But they're effective ranges are limited. We can do nothing about an enemy that can kill us from thousands of yards away. If we could I would not have surrendered in the first place. I fear retribution is coming and there is nothing I can do to stop it."

Tsukune looked at the girls. "Is there any way?"

"If I could reach them I could certainly smash these helicopters," Moka said.

He looked at Kurumu and Yukari. "Yukari or I could fly her up there and maybe we could take one or two of them by surprise," Kurumu said carefully.

"Desu, but the problem is we're not bulletproof." Yukari said nervously. "When they start to shoot at us I don't know what we can do."

I'm going to be responsible for the death of thousands of innocent people or of my friends. He thought. "There has to be some way to stop this!"

"There is," the Snow Priestess said calmly. "You can stop them Tsukune. The power you possess is greater than that of all my people united."


She nodded. "You need only unleash the full force of what is inside you." She said quietly.

"Why don't you do it then?" He demanded. "You have the same power inside of you!"

Her body began to shake. Her head fell back and her mouth opened emitting a thick mist. Two glowing yellow eyes formed within a bestial face. "Not for much longer," a creaking voice announced. "Her time as my vessel is up, and I've picked you as my new body."

"No!" Mizore jumped in front of Tsukune. "I won't let you! You can't take over Tsukune or kill the Snow Priestess!"

"She'd have died years ago without my power to sustain her. She has served her purpose, I don't need her anymore."

"It's… it's all right," the priestess's mouth moved. "I… gladly make this sacrifice for my people. Please… Tsukune, accept the power and use it to protect them."

"No don't do it Tsukune!" Mizore begged.

"You can refuse if you want," Jack Frost said teasingly. "But I'm abandoning her anyway; she will die now no matter what you decide. You must agree to become my new host of your own free will; if you do I will give you full access to all my powers. You can easily save the village then. If you refuse I will simply leave, though I'll take back that portion of my essence that I gave you. You can be human again."

"I can be human?" Tsukune asked. He'd given up any hope of that.

"Sure you can!" The creaky voice laughed. "It will only cost the lives of everyone in the village. But hey, what's that compared to your own personal happiness?"

"What kind of monster are you?!" Moka shouted furiously.

"I am an ice demon vampire, a far greater evil than you could ever imagine." The yellow eyes and face drifted closer to Tsukune. "So what is your answer? Which do you choose? Your humanity or the lives of the innocent?"

"Tsukune you can't!" Mizore cried. "Once he takes you as a host you can never be free again, not until you die!"

Tsukune looked at the yellow eyes and spoke slowly and calmly. "If I become your host can I still be with Mizore and my friends? Can I still have a life with them?"

"Sure! Most of the time you'll be able to do whatever you please. And I won't ask you to do anything that would harm them or the snow people. That's fair isn't it? You get all my power and all I ask in return is just a little bit of your time and a place to stay."

Tsukune looked at Mizore. "Will you still marry me if I do this? Will you still love me even if I have a demon inside me?"

"Tsukune," she said sadly. Tears were beginning to run down her cheeks. She stepped forward and kissed him tenderly on his lips. She felt his warmth flow into her. "Yes, yes… I love you no matter what. I will marry you no matter what Tsukune. I love you, now and forever."

"I love you too Mizore-chan, more than anything in this world." He faced the yellow eyes and twisting smile of the monster before him. "Do what you have to, I agree."

With laughter the mist entered his mouth and nose and he felt himself plunging into the icy depths of a frozen and bleak hell.


The six helicopters crossed the unseen barrier and vanished from sight.

"What the hell?!" Lawson gave a panicked shout. It looked like they'd flown into a fog bank. Visibility was zero. Even with radar, flying in this kind of weather was extremely dangerous. He was about to get on the radio to abort the mission when he saw a pair of yellow eyes looking straight at him from out of the mist.

"I'm sorry."

Before Lawson could react he felt his entire body grow cold and unbearably numb.

Normal engines cannot function in the extreme cold of absolute zero, fire will not burn, and most chemical reactions will not occur. In a flash every human was killed and the engine of every helicopter died. They fell to the ground shattering on impact. The tanks and rockets remained inert and did not explode or even burn.


"Wow I didn't think you could freezeonee-sama like that," Kokoa said.

In front of them was a pretty girl in a pink dress and tiara in a block of ice.

"Using my powers at full force is a little different from putting someone in a regular block of ice." Tsukune explained. "So this is your older sister?" Both vampires nodded. "Want me to thaw her out?"

"NO!!" They both cried in unison.

"Well, at least things are finally over," Kurumu said with obvious relief.

Tsukune slowly shook his head. "Not quite yet."


The next day Kiria returned to his mansion from another day of the corporate grind. With his nose in a book he did not immediately notice the scene around him. "Did someone turn on the air conditioning?"

Looking up from his book he finally noticed the corpses of his guards and servants. Among them he saw Mako staring at him with cold lifeless eyes.

"You're Kiria right? You were Hokuto's friend? I don't think we ever met."

Kiria calmly closed his book and put it down on a table. Too bad, I would have liked to have seen how it ended. He slowly turned around to see Tsukune standing there. When he'd found out the operation in the snow village had failed he'd expected something like this to happen.

"Yes I'm Kiria, and I was Hokuto's best friend and mentor. I know you of course Tsukune. Hokuto tried to use you, but you wound up killing him. It looks like he and I both really underestimated you."

"I never wanted to kill Hokuto, but he didn't leave me any choice." Tsukune looked at him with eyes that seemed to be glowing. "Neither did you. Why did you attack the snow village?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time," Kiria said.

"That's it?" Tsukune asked not believing it.

Kiria nodded. "That's it."

Tsukune shook his head at the pointlessness and stupidity of it all.

Then he did what he had to.


Seven Years Later

"I am pleased to report that with the completion of the new solar power plant employing over two thousand reflective mirrors that Fairy Tale is taking another important step in helping to lower carbon emissions in the atmosphere while providing a safe inexhaustible energy."

The board members gave their CEO Kiria a polite round of applause. This latest project was just one among many efforts by their wandering leader to again try and be socially responsible. Hundreds of millions had been spent on the environment, education, and on fighting poverty. Most of them would have preferred company funds be focused on increasing profits and share holder value.

"I think this is wonderful news," COO Moka said.

"Desu! It's a great step forward," CFO Yukari said.

"Yahoo! Lower energy bills mean more money for partying!" His private secretary Kurumu shouted.

While Kiria was away in seclusion these were the people he trusted to run his financial empire. The boards really didn't see much of Kiria anymore. He came in perhaps once or twice a month, but no more than that. The rest of the time he was off jet setting in some exotic location and usually out of reach.

As Kiria looked at them none of them particularly noticed his ring that was half gold and half silver.


Exiting the tunnel in his Humvee he drove through the snow fields without too much trouble and into the village. He of course had dropped the Kiria disguise and looked like himself. When the people saw him they all greeted their, 'Snow King.' He gave them the prophesies that shaped their future and protected them from the outside world.

As soon as he arrived in the Shrine he called out. "Daddy's home!"

And immediately four beautiful children ran out to greet him. The oldest was his son Keito, with his younger children being girls. He hugged and kissed them, he loved his family above all else. Though he was a billionaire thanks to his deception of being Kiria he liked nothing better than to simply be home with his wife and children.

"Welcome home Tsukune-kun," Mizore came out to greet him with a small kiss. "Dinner will be ready soon."

"Good," he said happily.

Inside him the great demon lay seemingly dormant. Jack Frost had actually kept his word. He was allowed to live his life as he pleased most of the time. And none of the demon's requests had ever involved harming his dear friends or any of the snow people.

So far.

"Oh by the way honey," Mizore said off handedly. "Saki will be coming by for dinner, she says there's something she needs to talk to you about. She says it's important."

Tsukune groaned. Whenever Saki came by it always meant his life was about to get difficult again.

"Something wrong dad?" Keito looked up at him.

His son and his daughters all had their mother's eyes. Looking down into those eyes Tsukune smiled. "Not really, how can anything be wrong as long as I have all of you? Now who wants to play with daddy?"

All his children shouted out and began to climb all over him eager for his attention.

He laughed and began playing with his kids while the woman he loved looked on smiling. What more could a man ever want?