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Chapter 1

The boy walked slowly along the beach, looking at the dark blue sky and the millions of stars above him, he let out a heavy sigh.
He stood in the shallow beach, let the ice cold sea waves washed over his feet. It felt so cold and empty, just like how the boy felt right now.
He shivered, it was cold on England's beach, even at summer.
He stood there for a while, staring at the moons wavy reflection, listening to the wind blow, then decided its time to go home. Only he didnt want to go home, he hated his so called "home".

He walked, towards the mansion not far away from the beach, the light inside the mansion made it looks huge and beautiful, but the boy hated this mansion. His home.
Something made him stop.
Something was not quit right, feeling uneasy, he looked behind him.
In the dark night, the boy saw an object being washed up to the beach, it rolled over slowly with each wave, till it was stuck on the sandy beach.

The boy froze.
It was a man.

"DAD!!!!!!" Cried the boy. He ran towards the man, shouting.
"DAD!!!", only this time, the man will not answer back to his sons cry.


"Hattori! Where are you going?" asked Kazuha, looking at her best friend sneaking out from the backdoor of his house with a huge backpack. Her voice made him jumped approximately his own height.
It is the first day of their summer holiday, and Kazuha was walking to Heijis house. As usual, she used the backdoor because she cant be bothered to ring the bell and wait for 5 minutes till Heiji answer the door.

"Shhhhhh!! Toyama! Be quiet!" said Heiji nervously, "I am just popping out for a minute, dont make so much noise---!"
"Oh--- I see." Nodded Toyama with the half moon eyes, "Then, I am going with you."
"What?! NO way!" shouted Heiji, quickly, he grabbed his helmet and ran towards his motorbike.

"Hattori!!" shouted Kazuha, chasing behind Heiji and watched him jumped onto the motorbike, started the engine.
"You didnt tell your parents where you are going, did you!?" Kazuha shouted as Heiji was halfway through the back gate of his garden.

"See you later, Toyama!" Shouted Heiji. "I`ll be back!" He disappeared at the end of the road.
"Baka!" shouted Kazuha "Who do you think you are? Arnold Schwasengger?!"


"Heiji! You made it!" Grinned Kudou, opening his front door.
"Yeah, and it was a long ride!" complained Heiji. "Got anything to eat? I am hungry!" then he noticed Kudou was still holding the door open. "What are you doing?"

Shinichi smiled. "Waiting for Kazuha, of course!" He mocked.
"Hey!" shouted Heiji. "I got rid of her this time! I didnt tell her where I was going, so she wont be coming!"
"Dont bet on it" muttered Kudou, closing the door.

Heiji sat down on the sofa, looked around the room. "Where is Ran?"
Shinichi shrugged. "She is not coming either, I didnt tell her anything."
Then they looked at each other and let out a heavy sigh. "Dont bet on it!!" said Heiji.
Just when Shinichi was brining out some crisps and coke, the door bell rang. Shinichi and Heiji both jerked up.
"Who is it?!" asked Heiji nervously, peeking out through the window. He could see a boy standing by the front gate and kept on pushing the bell button impatiently.
"Well, at least it is not a Toyama or Ran----"

Shinichi went and answer the door, seconds later, he and the other boy stepped into the house.
"Hey! Its a nice house you got here!" said the boy, putting down his luggage, looking around.
"Kaito! Wuz up!" smiled Heiji "Long time no see!"

Kaito grinned at Heiji. "You guys wont believe the trouble I went through to get rid of Aoko! She wont be coming with us." As soon as he finished the sentence, he noticed Kudou and Heiji both have a strange expression on their face. "What?"

"Anyway," said Shinichi. Putting three tickets on to the table. "Here is the plane tickets, we leave this afternoon, and we should get there tomorrow night."
"Great! Now you can tell me about the case properly." Said Heiji, sitting on the sofa and eating the crisps.
Kaito sat down too and looked around the house. Shinichi gave him a "Dont touch anything" look, but Kaito just grinned at him.

"All I know is that Hakuba phoned me and asked me to go and visit him in England with you guys. At the same time, help him to solve a murder case." Said Shinichi, then he added happily. "Hakuba say he will also take me to where Sherlock Holmes lived! I can finally see the real place!"

"Its the first time this guy ever asks help from anyone--------" mumbled Kaito, obviously not interested in Sherlock Holmes .
"SO that is why you wanted to go!" grinned Heiji. "You mention something about a diamond on the phone last night. What was it again?"

"Pandora. Diamond Pandora." Said Kudou, looking straight at Kaito.
Kaitos eyes glow the second he heard the name of the diamond. His blue eyes suddenly became cold and sharp, he looked thoughtfully at Kudou, but he didnt say anything.
"I dont know the full story, but the murder case is involved with the diamond in some way." Said Kudou.

"Pandora------" muttered Heiji, one hand on his chin, the typical "thoughtful" gesture that a detective should have. "That wine guy-what was it--- oh yeah, Gin, isnt it? He mentioned about this diamond too....before he felt off the cliff----" Heiji stopped and noticed the awkward silence between them. None of them will want to remember what happened to Gin. Shinichi stared at his hand. The wound healed ages ago, but he could still remember the pain when Gin stabbed him.

"Where is Ai?" asked Kaito suddenly. "Does she know about this?"
"No, she---" Shinichi stopped. "Look, if she know about this, she will want to come too. Hakuba and I both got a feeling that this case is about the Black organization. That is why he wants me to go."
"So why are you coming?" asked Heiji to Kaito.
"Well---- lets just say, I got my reasons." Smiled Kaito
"Eh?" blinked Heiji.

Kaito and Kudou both exchanged a look and smiled.
"Well, lets get ready then, we have to leave now to catch the plane" said Shinichi, then he noticed Hattori. "Heiji! You finished the whole packet of crisps!!?? I was going to eat them!"
"Em? Yeah--- I said I was hungry----" shrugged Heiji, with food still in his mouth.
"But--- in just 5 minutes?!" shouted Kudou.

"Cant believe I am going on holiday with you two---" muttered Kaito as he stepped out of the house.

To be continue-------------------------