Chapter 28
"Are We Ready?"

It was a sunny day; the sun was shining down onto the crisps green grass and cheered up the green land with its warm light.

Birds and bees flying between the wild flowers and trees, the smell of fresh spring surrounded the cemetery. The tomb stones stood there, some couple hundred years old,
you cant even see any writings on them, only thing you can know from it is that there was a person there, once he/she had a family, but now no one knows who they were
anymore. Only the green moss and weathered surface on the tombstone replaced the engravings, which make ancient yet beautiful scenery.

The cemetery in England is often very well thought out and old, they have been there hundreds of years, the whole place gives out a peaceful feeling. It's a place where nature
and human blends together. Wild life often thrives at those places and it's like a beautiful garden. However, the cheerful and beautiful weather was just a complete contrast to how people were feeling at the Perkwood Cemetery today.

It was a funeral held for the Norferk family.
There, erected on the green grass were four tomb stones. The names Tracey, Mike, Louise and Alice were engraved on each of them separately.
A group of people gathered around those tombstones, all with solemn expressions on their faces.

Richard stood quietly, he was holding Rosey's little hand and with his head down.
William was sitting on the wheel chair, with Anne and Henry standing next to him. All their faces were pale and have tears in their eyes as the priest went through the speech.

Shinichi, Koudo, Hakuba and Heiji were all sitting in the wheelchairs, with their girlfriends standing next to them. After all they have been through a hell of a lot and the
doctors were amazed that Koudo is still alive after his entire ordeal.

It was a very private funeral, with no one else but the immediate families and friends. None of them want the ugly truth to be spread out into the world.

Finally, the priest finished saying prayers and the girls laid the flowers down in front of the tombs.
Together, the family weep long with grieve.


"So what is going to happen then?" asked Hakuba.
Richard looked at Hakuba. "I do not know, my friend." he sighed.
They were sitting in a coffee shop. It's been 2 weeks since the funeral.

"Well, the house we have got now is really nice, in the town centre at Bournemouth¡K. its very different from the mansion.. Its not very big and got a small garden, but we are all really enjoying it."
A small smile appeared on his face. "It's been brilliant, Rose loves the school and enjoying every moment of it, we all love our little sister so much!"
Hakuba smiled. "She is a very bright and brave girl."
"Yeah, and the diamonds from our father- the blue and red one, each fetched couple of millions of pounds, so we are not short of money." thought Richard. "Our lives are stable now, though we do miss Tracey, Aunty Louise and Uncle Mike very much¡K."

Richard fixed his green eyes onto Hakuba.
"I still have a few questions for you though; there are some parts I just don't understand."
Hakuba nodded. "We still have couple of hours, fire away." "Well------ about the bleeding portrait, does u have an explanation for that?"

Hakuba smiled. "Yeah, Heiji sorted that one out. It was Tracey. Heiji talked with Mike and found out that she is very good at shooting. A small water gun and fake blood can easily make thatinto a bleeding portrait. The day we saw the portrait, Tracey was with us, remember? We all turned around and that's when she shot the portraits and screamed. If it weren't for her I don't
think we would even notice it straight away. She was a very convincing actress." "But why would my sister do something like that?!"
"Well, it's because she wants to find the Pandora herself¡Keveryone in your family knows about it, but none of you could find it. I think she was trying to scare people away-------"
"and as for the thieves that was creeping around your mansion a couple months a go," said Hakuba, sipping his tea "they were Louise and Mike. They were searching for Pandora too, but theydidn't want to alert people or making it too obvious--- I must say it wasn't too clever of them to dress in black and sneaking around in the dark."

Richard nodded.
"Yes----we have maids and butlers, hotel guests all the time, so it won't be convenient for them to search for it in the day time---- "

"So----do u know what is going to happen to John?" asked Richard to his friend.
"The police have been interviewing him and it seems likely he will be a couple of years, if not, depends on the judge, life sentence for his crime."
Richard sighed. "He DID help with Alice with all the murders, though he never really killed anyone himself. But he did help with setting up all the traps around the house and it killed Tracey----"
Richard gritted his teeth and a shadow of anger crossed his face.
"There is no forgiveness in that."

Hakuba said nothing. He looked down at his tea. (If it weren't for John, Koudo, Heijia and I would most likely to be dead and Alice would get away with her murder-----.) Hakuba looked up at his friend "I only hope, in time, you can forgive his weakness Richard. He did save my life, but that does not cancel out the fact he also helped destroy lives."
Richard nodded. "I understand. But I also promised him something."
"He asked me to look after Rose, his only daughter for him¡K.and I promise I would. We would."
Hakuba smiled. "That's great; I know your mother would be so proud of you!" "¡KDo you have to leave tomorrow?" Asked Richard sadly. "I would love it if u can stay here a lot longer¡K"
Hakuba shrugged. "I don't know¡Kit depends what Koudo them lo wants to do¡K"
Just then, a loud noise burst through the entrance of the coffee shop, made the customers jumped with surprise.

Hakuba rolled his eyes as if he was expecting this.

Shouted Aoko.
"Quick, we have to hurry--!" just before she could finished her sentences, Kaito poked his head out behind her.
"Get your butt moving man, we are gona be late for the train!!"

Hakuba sighed "You guys are 30 minutes late, and now you are telling me to hurry?"

Hakuba stood up slowly and puts the coffee money on the table.
"Well, I will see you again Richard, in 2 weeks time!"
Richard smiled. "Have a good trip Hakuba!" and he turned around to wave at Kaito and Aoko.
"I hope you guys will enjoy the 2 weeks holiday!"
Kaito grinned. "Damn right we will, cheers man, for paying for our trip!"
Richard nodded. "It's the least we can do to say thank you."

"BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" said Aoko, and they dragged Hakuba out of the coffee shop and head towards the train station.


Our favourite group of people were at the Bournemouth train station, waiting impatiently for Aoko, Kaito and Hakuba to turn up.
Heiji was standing at the platform, munching on snacks and as usual, arguing with Kazuha about little things that makes them more like a couple than ever.
(In this case, is which food tastes better, hot dogs or Jacket potatoes)

Shinichi and Ran stood together, holding hands and constantly giving each other a loving look. Of course, Heiji and Kaito has been giving them grieve too about how they are too lovely
dovely and should just get marry soon.

Shiho sat on the bench and read her newspapers, looking bored and uninterested in anything that's happening around her. (cool eh?)

"Sorry to keep you guys waiting!!" Said Aoko when she arrived with Hakuba and Kaito.
"Are we ready?!"

"Yup!!" replied Ran, all exciting and happy. "I can't WAIT to get to London!! There's going to be so much to see and visit!"
"Especially Baker Street!!" said Shinichi enthusiastically, eyes sparkling with excitement. "I'm going to learn more about Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and of course, the best detective ever in the world---!"
"Yes yes, Sherlock Holmes, WE KNOW!!" answered Ran, a bit annoyed. "You've said for about the 100th times already¡K."

"Whatever, look, lets just find a seat to sit down and then we can enjoy the trip, ok?!" Said Kaito, "Geesh¡Kits like being on a school trip with a bunch of kids!!"

Then he turned around to find Aoko sitting down on her seat. She looked up at Aoko and gave him a sweet smile.
"---- You're sitting near the window!! But I wanted to sit near the window!!"
"Tough!! I got here first!"
"That's NOT fair!! I wanted to look outside!! I'm an injured patient, remember?!"
"What!! You are perfectly fine!! I saw you running around like a little scared girl this morning when Heiji bought back the fish he and Richard caught by the river!!"

Hakuba grinned "kids eh?"
He sat down next to Shiho and "casually" yawned, as he stretched his arm and brining them down, he also "casually" puts his arm around Shiho.
"So lame." said Shiho, she gave him a half-moon eye and then sniggered when Hakuba was pulling a puppy face at her.
Shiho sighed in content and leaned her head on Hakuba's shoulder.
"Silly boy." she whispered, in a loving tone.
"Yup that's me." Hakuba grinned.

The train arrived at London Victoria train station. As the group got off the train, Shinichi pulled Kaito aside and said quietly "Look, I still haven't thank you for saving our lives back at that burning mansion------it was genius though, making me dress up as KID¡Kso I can SAVE YOUR BUTT!"
"Oh yeah, that, haha, yeah thanks a lot mate, I appreciate it."
"Do you know what kind of deep trouble I'm going to be in if Ran, Aoko and Hakuba ever found out?!"
"Yeah¡Kwell, you and me both Kudou, you and me both."
"Well? what about the Pandora then? You are giving up on taking it?"
"Yeah¡K well, its not the real Pandora that's why, I'm not going to waste my time and energy on that."
"How do you know?"
Kaito shrugged. "I have my ways."
"-------are you going to be always this mysterious?"
"Hehe-----but Hey, I mean it man, I own you big time----thanks for covering up for me Kudou."
Kudou smiled. "Sure, just don't ask me to dress up like a idiot in white again."

"Come on Shinichi!! We have to catch the underground!!" shouted Ran, she ran up to him and grabbed his hand. "What are you guys talking about?"
"Oh it's nothing, just boyish things-----"
"Ok-----" smiled Ran, and at that moment, Shinichi caught the look on Ran's face.

Her beautiful blue eyes were sparkling with happiness, she cheek blushing and she was a little bit out of breath from running so much.

Her silky long black float in the air and she had to brush them out of her face. She saw Shinichi looking at her so she gave a sweet smile with her rosey lips. Shinichi heart beats faster, he suddenly realised how much he loves her, not just because she is so beautiful, have a good heart and personality, is because----------

"I love you soooooo much." whisper Ran in a cute voice.
"I love you too." replied Shinichi. He kissed her on the lips and time seems to have stopped.

"OI LOVEBIRDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Shouted their friends, all already on the underground tube and laughing. "We are leaving without you two!!"

"Wait for ussssssssssss!!!!!"" shouted Shinichi, and he grabbed Ran's hand as they ran towards their friends.

Together, they will go onto another adventure¡Kand this time, it's in no other place than in London, the home of the world's greatest detective. One thing we can be sure of,no matter what will happen, they will make it through together, and the friendships between all of them are something that will never fades!!!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------THE END-------------------------------------------------------------------

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