Artemis was the wild goddess of the hunt. She was a better hunter than any mortal. She had a quiver full of arrows that caused gentle and painless death. She also carried a bag full of Magical dust that shined and glittered, and would do so for as long as the gods reigned in Olympus. Though some may go out, there would always be at least 1 shining bright. The bag was large enough inside that it could hold one of Poseidon's huge sons. In fact, the bag was so large that it could hold Zeus and all of his wives, mortal or not, as well as all of his children. Whenever Artemis killed tricky or sly beast, if it had been difficult to kill, or if it had been a god or a child of a god, she would place it in her bag, so that she could always carry her trophies with her, reminding her of what a great huntress she was.

One day, Artemis was hunting in the forest, as she often did. She was hunting an elk, which she had been stalking for a mere 2 minutes. She pulled an arrow out it's quiver, setting it on the bow, reading to fire. But right as she was bout to fire, a giant bear came up behind her and knocked her bow and arrow out of her hand, scaring away the elk. The bear was larger than any creature Artemis had seen, more than half the size of Poseidon's giant sons! It was white at the head, and black at the tail, with all shades of gray in between. It swiped over and over at Artemis, and Artemis dodged it. She grabbed her arrow off the ground, and as she continued dodging the bear's sharp claws, she waited for an opportunity to stab the bear. The opportunity did not come for nearly 40 minutes. But as the bear was swiping his paw at her, and she was dodging, he knocked her bag of trophies from her side. The bear stood enchanted as bodies covered in blinding bits of glowing dust fell from the bag and floated towards the sky, lifted by the magic of the dust. Soon you could not see the bodies, they were only clumps of light in the darkening sky as the sun returned to his golden palace.

"No!" Artemis shouted. "My trophies!" She knew it was too late. She took the opportunity and thrust the arrow into the bear's side, and the bear fell, sighing happily with the last of his breath. Artemis picked up her bag and, seeing that some dust remained, sprinkled it over the bear. "Your sprit will be lonely in my bag," she said as she watched the bear drift away into the sky and become the constellation that we know as Ursa major. For, as the bear's body flew into the sky, his spirit whispered to her, "I am Ursa, the great bear of Light and Dark."

And each time the great huntress kills a creature that was difficult to catch, or that is great, such as a god or a child of a god, or a bear like the great Ursa, she puts it in her bag, newly filled with dust. And when one of the lights in the sky goes out, she reaches in and lets another of her trophies fly into the sky to forever light the nighttime world.