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After commissioning Fred and George Weasley to spice up the bird food the
Hogwarts elves fed the school owls, Hedwig settled down in an out-of-the-way
cubicle, and bid her time. Eventually, she took to the air again, fluttering
down the tower, and called: "Hoot! Hoot! Hoot!... Berk."

Peter Pettigrew was on Taboo duty that night. He was always a nervous, twitchy
little man, and all the recent mishaps happening to Taboo team didn't do his
nerves any good. So, when over a hundred angry birds began dive bombing his
comrades-in-crime, he instinctively did what he always did in face of danger -
he transformed into his animagus animal, and scuttled away.

Alas, as he soon found out, being a lonely rat in a house fool of birds of
prey does not bode well to one's life expectancy. And yes, although most owls
present were more concerned with cramps in their bellies to be interested in
an early supper, one, it turned out, was not.

Hedwig barked in satisfaction. Foolish humans - the Weasley twins used to
get caught in their own pranks so they could deny doing them in the first
place, but that was a concern she needn't bother with - who would suspect an
owl, after all?

Editor's note: I completely agree. I hope Tom puts Hedwig & the Goblet of Fire up here real soon. It's an awesome read, and shows everyone's favorite owl at her finest.