Faking Suicide

Rune Alchemist Kaori

Disclaimer: I do not own any aspect of One Piece

A/N: I was bored and had this pairing on my mind so I churned out a quick drabble. I got the idea from Relient K's "Faking My Own Suicide." It doesn't really follow the plot of the song, but I don't know... I guess I liked the idea. I've never really written One Piece before so some feedback would be nice, just no flames please. I know it's short. If I get enough response I may write some more later.

Portgas D. Ace knew that Captain Smoker liked him. He might have been rather dense, but this was one thing he really knew. However, despite his many advances on the Marine, the older man would not budge in his resolve to despise him. Ace was frustrated, because he really, really knew that Smoker liked him…. He just had to convince Smoker of that. It just so happened that he was currently in a situation that may just lead to his desired effect on the Marine.

Ace's back was pressed against the side of the Marine ship Smoker and his subordinates essentially had him surrounded. Ace looked around him and put on a serious face for once in his life. "Well…" he said, "It looks like the odds are against me. But I'm afraid I don't really fancy the gallows."

With that Ace jumped onto the banister of the ship and made to jump off into the water. He looked at Smoker who seemed to tense at the notion, and his trademark smirk twitched onto his face. He jumped off and began to fall towards the waves below. However, a bit to his surprise, he felt a strong hand grab his wrist. Ace looked up to see Captain Smoker holding onto his arm tightly. The pirate blinked and raised an eyebrow, making an astonished face.

"You aren't getting away from me that easily," the Marine said, trying to pull the pirate back on board.

A grin appeared on Ace's features. He quickly twisted his hand so that he could grab Smoker's wrist and pulled himself up enough to kiss the man. "I knew you cared," he whispered before he let go, kicking off of the ship and plummeting towards the sea only to be caught by his motor boat. He smirked and blew a kiss to the now red-in-the-face Marine Captain.

"I hate pirates…" Smoker muttered, trying to hide his blush.