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Living Dead Girl

Sometimes after she digs them up, she lingers in the graveyard. They don't ask her what she hears when she plunges her hands into the ground and listens to the voices that are only audible to her.

They have been doing this for a long time. At first, it was only Kakuzu and Hidan. They found Yugito in a graveyard after they paid someone to dig them up. Hidan asked her what the – she was doing and she replied that she was listening to the dead. She is very good at listening of all kinds. Kakuzu saw someone who might dig them up for free. Hidan shuddered and doesn't like to think about what he saw.

It's Kakuzu's job to get the money while Hidan causes a distraction. Mostly this consists of loudly lecturing people about the benefits of Jashinism. Occasionally, he shoots himself, not too often though as it could cause someone to put two and two together and figure out that the string of robberies and subsequent suicides in custody are linked.

Kakuzu is in it for the money. Hidan knows that this is a good way to spread Jashinism. (The best way involves too much dirt for his liking. He can cope with blood but can't stand dirt.) Yugito does it because it means she can spend more time in graveyards, the only places she really feels calm.

They don't worry about Yugito getting caught. She can disappear even when you're looking straight at her. Sooner or later, she will no longer be with them, they know, so they make use of her while they still can. Perhaps she will move on and become truly dead, not the twisted mockery of life that all three of them are. Of course, there is the very real possibility that she was never actually with them to begin with.

When she does go, Hidan adds her beads to his rosary. Kakuzu takes the thread they were on and uses it on himself. They are very good at not wasting things. She still digs them up, however, they do not see her waiting for them, her hands still in the earth, eyes closed as she listens to the dead.

Blame Ayien's Nine Broken Mirrors for this idea of Yugito's abilities and Senri for making Hidan/Yugito/Kakuzu my first OT3.

They're just friends here as far as I know.

I'd originally planned for them to be a bit more like Amanda and Cory from Highlander when they went on their five-state robbery spree but Yugito wanted to spend time in graveyards.

The world needs more of these three together.