Authors note; Bella's cliff dive

Authors note; Bella's cliff dive. I was listening to a song, and I was thinking about what Bella's cliff dive would have been like from a third person POV. It has also been changed so that the cliff dive was actually a suicide attempt. One-Shot, Canon Parings, 3rd Person POV. Sorry if some of the info is incorrect, e.g. what the weather was like, but I really can't be bothered to go and get new moon from my room.

Disclaiming: Nein, Ich habe nicht Twilight.

An Angel Fell

Part One.

The wind flapped wildly around her, but she didn't notice. Her hair was in her face, but she didn't care. She was shivering uncontrollably, but she hardly realised.

That's what love does to you. That's what it does; it gives you false hope, and that's what he gave her. He gave her false hope, and happiness, and false love. And the last months have been lies, and he had lead her on. Yet she knew him, and she knew he was not capable of such a thing, and she knew that he must have had an ulterior motive, but she didn't care. And all she knew was that he wasn't coming back, so neither was she.

She was not complete anymore. All those years, and she was incomplete. Then, someone with the rest of her heart comes along. Then, as soon as it was safe inside her chest again, he ripped it out once more, and she was left. She was left, bleeding, and she didn't want to die. But she didn't have the strength to, and she couldn't bear to live in a world without him anyway. So she was left, bleeding, as passers by didn't even notice her or her pain. They walked on as if nothing happened.

She wanted to move on, she really did, but there was nothing to move onto. And she would only be moving on because that's what he wanted her to do. And she wanted him to be there, and to fix her heart again, but the piece was lost forever. He expected her to forget, but she wouldn't, and more importantly, she couldn't. Because he was there, forever imprinted onto her heart.

She did promise him. She did promise that she would take care of herself, for Charlie. But she couldn't pretend anymore. She couldn't continue to be something she was not, and she couldn't continue like nothing happened. Because, really, her whole life had happened. She had seen it before her; a forever with him. And in the matter of hours, the dream of a forever was diminished, by the one thing that she physically couldn't live without. Her blood.

Another small step took her to the edge, and her arms were spread wide, feeling the air beneath them.

She took a large breath and another step forced her forward.

All too soon.

An Angel Fell.