Authors note; My first ever Jacob one-shot drabble. Probally because I hate Jacob, but I only hate him because of his actions and words. I would have behaved differently, but the basic situation he was in was pretty harsh, and I guess I should give him a little credit. I would have felt pretty shit if I were him, before BD, anyway. If it is crap, I will never do a Jacob again. Promise. Title is from a song, if your wondering, which your probally not… -smiles-

Disclaiming: Not mine.

Nobody Knows You Like I Do

Part One.

She just walked away. I try to tell her how I feel and she just walked away from me. And nothing matters anymore because she walked away from me, and she has just left me. The worst thing is she left me for a leech. For a parasite. For some poor excuse for a person. How can she love someone who is dead? And how can she kiss a rock? And how the hell can she just walk away from me like that?!

My whole body is shaking.

How can he just take her away from me like that? I was the one to pick her up when she was down, when he left. I was the one who had to struggle through having to watch her everyday, tearing herself into pieces. I had to keep on a straight face, even though she was killing me. But I didn't care she was killing me. I would only ever want her to kill me, if anyone in the world. I saved her from herself, but I had saved his chance, too. By saving Bella, I had kept the gate open for him just to walk right through again. But I couldn't just watch her struggle everyday. I couldn't just watch her struggle to walk, and I shouldn't have had to practically force feed her because of him.

I can hardly stand, and I can't hear the yells of the pack.

He shouldn't have gotten so involved. The rule, I suspect, was to keep their wretched 'secret' from humans, was it not? Yet he had to ruin everything, by getting involved. They should all have died the first time round. They should all be rotting in a cemetery somewhere, where no one wants them. Because they shouldn't get a second life, and they don't deserve a second life, because they just ruin others. Fate shouldn't have given them the gift of life, because they don't appreciate it. Because, if they did what any other vampire would do, then I would be with Bella right now, and I would be marrying her. I love her, and I can't just let her become someone she isn't, and I can't just sit back and watch her give her soul to some blood-sucker. But I'm too late now, and she won't come back to me.

My knees buckled, and a sob broke from my chest. The cries from the pack, telling me to calm down, are now cease. And I can't see, because tears are blocking my view. I just stare at the road which she fled. My heart was ripped from my chest, and my lungs were stabbed. I couldn't breathe, and a hole in my chest is the vacant area where my heart was supposed to be. And I try to grasp onto my heart; I try to find it, but it is not there. I am incomplete.

I will always love her.

I will never forget her.

And I know she loves me too.

Because nobody knows her like I do.