Okay, I've got another 'what if' thing going on here. My idea, but I don't own it!

Here goes:

What if Team Gai was all girls, except Gai?

And Hinata was a guy.

And Hanabi too.

I've bounced the idea around for a while, so I have a bunch of ideas. Starts out something like this:

Three girls.

Those were the only students to graduate. Out of the whole year.

Which was why, for the first time ever, there would be an all girl team. And, as some of the jounin nicely put it, they would be Gai's problem.

Gai had gathered his new students up on one of the verandas, and currently they were all sitting on a bench. Lee was eager, and almost jumping out of her skin with excitement. She fiddled with her braid impatiently. Out of the three, she had the highest score in taijutsu, but the lowest when it came to ninjutsu and genjutsu.

Tenten was also eager, but not in the same way as Lee. Her hair was pulled neatly into two buns on her head. She was rearing to start her training, and learn new techniques. She had the highest scores in summoning and weapons, her grades were mediocre elsewhere. Her aim was near perfect. She wanted it to be perfect.

Neji was disinterestedly twirling some of her long hair on her finger. She was highest on the written tests, and she was a genius at her own technique, gentle fist. Her taijutsu was good, and her ninjutsu was good. She was, however, not good at genjutsu, and she sincerely didn't care to be.

Gai grinned at his students cheerily.

" Congratulations! You have all passed the exams, and now you are ready to be genin! Since you are all going to be on the same team for a long time, let's get to know each other! Lee, you can start, tell us your name, your likes, you dislikes, and your dreams!"

Lee grinned.

" I'm Lee, and I like taijutsu and mint chocolate chip icecream! I dislike bullies and negative people! And my dream is to become a great kunoichi, even if I can't mold chakra!"

Neji made a somewhat amused sound. Lee turned towards her.

" What's so funny?!"

Neji shrugged. She obviously didn't think much of Lee and her dreams.

" I always find outlandish hopes funny. You can't become great. You're weak."

Lee frowned and pointed at Neji. Neji sat there coolly, as if this happened often.

" I will become great, you'll see! You can't just decide that someone will always be weak, Neji! Besides, I graduated when thirteen other kids didn't, doesn't that prove something?"

Neji snorted. She rolled her eyes.

" That just means thirteen other kids are weaker than you."

Tenten suddenly slid between the two.

" Stop fighting! What is wrong with you two?! We are a team, picking each other apart is not going to do us any good, Neji. I want to be a great kunoichi too. If you don't share our goal, you can pack it up and leave!"

Neji raised her eyebrows.

" What happened to the 'we're a team' talk?"

Tenten frowned. She hated when people twisted her words.

" You know what I mean!"

Gai interrupted. Better not to let them fight too much. It was inevitable that such different people would clash.

" Tenten, you may take your turn now."

Tenten sighed. Then she smiled at Gai and began.

" My name is Tenten, and I like weapons and winning matches! I dislike losing and written exams. My dream is to become the greatest kunoichi ever!"

Neji still rolled her eyes, but Tenten and Lee weren't paying attention. Gai looked pointedly at Neji. Neji shrugged.

" My name is Hyuuga Neji, I like being alone and training alone. I dislike morons who get in my way. I have no dreams."

Neji looked over at Lee and Tenten, who had pitying looks on their faces.

" What?"

Tenten shifted into a crosslegged position. Lee copied.

" Don't you think it's kind of depressing not to have dreams?"

Neji rolled her eyes again.

" It's also depressing to have your dreams dashed. "

Tenten looked at her as if she were crazy.

" So you choose not have dreams so they won't be dashed? That's like not breathing for fear of suffocating on something!"

Neji frowned. She hated when people tried to say she was wrong.

" I'm not afraid of anything."

Lee crossed her arms. If someone makes an outlandish claim, they'd better back it up.

" Prove it!"

Gai chose this moment to step in. He struck the nice guy pose.

" You all must understand, people don't expect this team to succeed. There's never been a team of all girls. They expect you to remain genin for the rest of your lives, however short they may be. But we are going to prove them wrong! Starting tommorrow, we are going to learn to function as a team! I'm going to go get dinner, you three wait here and get to know each other while I'm gone. "

He turned to leave, then glanced back.

" And Neji?"

" Yes?"

" Be nice."

Gai left Neji scowling at him. Tenten and Lee laughed, and Neji promptly redirected her scowl to them. Tenten shook her head.

" Okay, okay, we kind of started out on the wrong foot, let's try this again. I'm Tenten, I'm good with weapons and summoning."

She looked over to Lee. Lee grinned.

" I'm Lee, I'm good at taijutsu."

Lee looked over at Neji. Neji shrugged in defeat.

" I'm Neji, I'm good at gentle fist and ninjutsu."

Tenten smiled.

" Okay, this is good. We are all good at different things."

They sat in uncomfortable silence for another few minutes, wondering when Gai would be back. It was Lee who finally spoke.

" What's your favorite food?"

Neji raised an eyebrow.

" That's kind of random."

Lee shrugged.

" You can ask a question after me."

Tenten grinned.

" Yeah, that's a good idea. Like twenty questions."

Neji leaned back against her seat noncommitally.

" Anything chocolate."

That came as a surprise to Tenten. She would have expected her to like something more like vinegar. Or anything bitter.

" I love egg drop soup."

Neji raised an eyebrow. That was a Chinese dish. Now that she thought about it, Tenten did look somewhat Chinese. Neji cleared her throat.

" My turn, what's your family like?"

Lee shrugged.

" I'm an orphan, I live with my grandmother. She can get kind of grumpy, but other than that, she's great."

Tenten noticed Neji's expression soften somewhat.

" I have a huge family." She held her hands apart, as if to show just how big it was. " Seventeen of us in all, plus my parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins."

Lee's eyes widened.

" Wow! You are so lucky! I wish I had sixteen brothers and sisters!"

Tenten smiled. Most people said something along the lines of " Ew, gross." or " Wow, you have way too many siblings!"

" Okay, my turn, what's your favorite color?"

Lee answered before Neji could even think about what her favorite color was.


Neji looked Lee up and down. Her green shirt, green hair tie, and green socks did kind of give it away. She was going to get along really well with their instructor.

" Baby blue."

It was Tenten's turn to raise her eyebrows. She was expecting something more along the lines of white, or tan, or even brown. Neji didn't seem like a person to like any color whatsoever. Her tan hoodie and black capris screamed it. Then she noticed Neji was looking at her, as if daring her to laugh. She nervously cleared her throat.

" Lee, it's your turn now."

Lee nodded and thought for a second, fiddling with her braid thoughtfully. Then she stopped and looked at her braid as if it was the answer to everything.

" Why do you wear your hair long?"

Tenten shrugged.

" My mom always had me do it, and I guess I never really thought about cutting it."

Tenten looked over at Neji, who was, at the moment, twirling her hair around her finger again. Neji shrugged too.

" Hyuuga tradition. I'm not allowed to cut it."

Tenten and Lee tried to think of something other to say, to change the subject or something, but were thankfully interrupted by Gai sensei, arriving back with dinner. They quickly dug in, because they were starving by now. Neji was the only one who bothered with table manners.

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