A/N: So, I haven't written a lot of Maddick but I wanted to do this as a part of a fairy tales series. This will pretty much follow the plot of the Disney version of the Little Mermaid, without all the annoying songs. Anything you recognize pretty much belongs to the Mouse.

The Little Mermaid

Once upon a time in the underwater kingdom of Atlantis, there lived a little mermaid. She was known as Princess Madison, the daughter of King Daggeron.

Madison was a shy mermaid. She was most comfortable thinking rather than talking, though she did love to sing, just to herself. Madison was very close with her sister Vida, and with another of the merpeople, a merman by the name of Chip. Chip had been the princesses' best friend since they were children, and Madison had shared many happy times with her sister and their friend.

Vida was rebellious and Chip often joined in on the pink mermaid's quests. Madison usually tagged along with the pink and yellow mermaids, and the trio shared many adventures exploring their ocean. Daggeron and Vida were always at odds, while the serene Madison often acted as mediator.

There was only one rule Madison broke that Vida did not. The blue mermaid loved to go to the ocean's surface.

Humans were dangerous, King Daggeron often told his young daughters. Humans had killed the mermaid queen, and so the young girls were forbidden to go near those who walked on land. Vida obeyed this rule with no arguments, and assumed that her sister did as well.

Madison couldn't see what was wrong with the humans. Mother's death had been an accident, and though the blue princess missed her mother, she did not blame an entire race for one's mistake. She loved to sit on a large rock not far from the sandy shore and watch the humans frolic.

They weren't all bad, Madison knew. She had a secret human friend named Xander.

He had been the only person to ever see Madison sitting on her rock, and he had known what she was by seeing her light blue tail. He had promised he would not harm her, and they had been friends ever since. Xander was sweet, and helpful. Madison often brought him the strange human items she and her sister and Chip found from shipwrecks, and he would explain to her how they worked.

The more Xander told the blue princess about how the humans functioned, the more Madison ached to walk on land for herself. It didn't seem like much to ask for, broadening her horizons. After all, one day she and Vida would be in charge of the kingdom, and shouldn't she learn to form her own opinions?

Madison would love to discuss this view with her father, but King Daggeron was a stubborn man. No matter how calmly and maturely his youngest daughter approached him, he would anger quickly if humans were involved.

On the princesses' sixteenth birthday, the entire kingdom was to attend the formal presentation of their future queens. There would be a large celebration after, and it had been in the planning stages for months. Toby, the king's advisor, had been meticulous as he arranged the details.

"It is very important that you girls be on time tomorrow," King Daggeron had told his daughters before he bade them goodnight.

Fate had other plans.