Xev walked slowly past the cryo-chamber room. She hadn't meant to come here, she never did. It just seemed like whenever she walked around Lexx with nothing to do, she somehow ended up here.

*Should I wake him up?* she thought. Then she thought about the last time she'd woken up Kai when it wasn't a dire emergency. As she recalled, it had sent her out of the room screaming 'I hate you!' at him.

Xev was about to walk out of the room, when she remembered something else too. She remembered before she died, when she was Zev. She remembered when they were on Brunnis, that dream she'd had. She remembered when she'd kissed him.

Sighing to herself, Xev quietly walked back to her room without waking up Kai.


"Xev, Stan and Kai need you on the Bridge," Lexx said, waking Xev up.

"Tell them I'll be there in a minute," she said sleepily. *I wonder when Stan woke up Kai* she thought as she got out of bed.

She quickly walked down to the Bridge, worrying about what could be wrong. But when she walked on the Bridge, Stan wasn't there. And Kai was standing with his back facing her. The strangest thing was his outfit. It wasn't colors that had almost faded black, they were bright colors. Almost as if it had just been made.


Kai turned towards Xev, with a broad smile on his face.

Xev's jaw dropped. Not only did Kai's clothes look brand-new, but he didn't look so pale. He looked almost. alive.

"You certainly took your time," he said.

"I, uh. what's wrong?"

"I need to talk to you Xev. I think I'm." Kai trailed off.

Xev walked up to him. "You think you're what?"

"I. I'm really not sure how to say this."

Xev looked into Kai's eyes. *He's nervous* she realized as her heart started racing.

"Well, then maybe you should just say it," Xev suggested.

Kai's smile broadened. He quickly grabbed Xev's wrists, pulled her body against his, and kissed her, all in one smooth movement. When Kai went to let Xev go, *she* grabbed *him*, making their kiss last longer.

Kai looked into Xev's eyes. She smiled back seductively.



"I lov-"


Xev's eyes popped open. A moment later she realized she'd been dreaming.

"Figures it'd be too good to be true," she muttered angrily.


Kai opened his eyes. *I haven't had a dream like that before* he thought. It was odd enough he'd started dreaming again after 2,000 years, but now he was dreaming about being in love with Xev.

"Kai?" Stan asked. "I need your help with something."

"Alright," Kai said, still thinking about his dream. OK, maybe he was a *little* attracted to Xev.