Chapter Two: This is Like Pulling Teeth

Integra decided to knock on Seras's door. As the Lord of Hellsing manor, she could've just barged in like she did to Alucard, but Seras had a much different personality. She was shy, sensitive, usually withdrawn, nervous and somewhat insecure, except for when she was fighting. Then her vampire side tended to take over and she became a barbaric killing machine.

Integra knocked a couple of times and heard a feminine voice reply, "Just, a minute. I'll be right there." The voice was then followed by a crashing sound and what Integra assumed to be a frustrated growl.

As Integra waited for Seras to answer the door, the knight found herself briefly wishing that vampires had a mating season. It would've made her life a whole lot easier. Seras would've eventually gone into heat, Alucard would've mounted her and, simple as that, the two would've gotten together. Alas, Integra was never that lucky. No, the only time vampires went 'primal' was when blood was involved. The rest of the time they behaved in fairly human ways. Really, human? What am I thinking? I'm standing here trying to sort out my blood thirsty servant's messed up love life so that he'll stop flooding my mind with his perverted thoughts. There's nothing human about this.

It was then that the door slowly opened, and Seras poked her head out. Such a cute little nose. And those big, beautiful eyes! Alucard, get the hell out of my head and let me concentrate!

"Yes, Sir Integra, do... Do you need something?"

Integra tried to smile warmly. It wasn't something she often did, and she couldn't quite pull it off. A concerned look passed over Seras's face and the fledgling asked, "Sir Integra, are you okay. You're not ill, are you?"

Integra's slightly disturbing attempt at a smile faded, and her face fell back to the typical somewhat sour expression. Her voice sounded a little annoyed as she replied, "No, I'm not ill. May I come in?"

"Um, okay. But mind the broken glass. I just tripped over my nightstand and knocked over my, um... 'wine' glass." Seras chuckled nervously.

Integra walked into the room, stepping over the pieces of broken glass, coated in a red liquid that was definitely not 'wine'. She walked over and sat down in the room's only chair. Seras looked at Integra and fidgeted slightly. The poor girl's probably afraid that she messed up somehow, and I'm here to reprimand her. Oh, how cute. Integra put her hand up to her head and rubbed her forehead. She mentally growled, Alucard.

"Sir Integra, are... are you sure you're feeling okay."

"I'm fine... It's just a 'pain in my neck'."

"Um, so why are you holding your head?"

Integra shot Seras an annoyed sideways glance, and the fledgling quickly dropped the conversation. After a momentary pause, Integra motioned to the bed. "Please, have a seat."

Seras sat down. She looked down and smoothed out some imaginary creases in her uniform. Then the fledgling looked up and smiled nervously. She asked, "Ah, did I do something wrong?"

"No, no, Seras, you're fine."

Seras breathed a little sigh of relief and then slowly started to ask another question. "So, why-"

Integra cut her off. "I'm here to talk to you about Alucard."

Seras tensed up again. "Has... Has Master done something wrong?"

Integra hesitated a moment while she thought about the question. "No, not exactly. I'm here to find out how you feel about him."

Now, it was Seras's turn to pause and gather her thoughts. "I... I am very grateful to Master for saving my life and... and helping me, um... 'adjust'."

Saving your life? Yeah, right. I read the report. There were at least a dozen ways he could've dealt with that vampire without putting a bullet through your lung. He didn't 'save your life'. He simply saw something he wanted and manipulated the situation to get it. It's just too bad he lost his nerve before he could complete his 'conquest'. Really, I've got an undead slaying organization to run. I shouldn't have to concern myself with the romantic desires of my love-sick vampire. "So, you like him?"

Seras brought her arm up and rubbed the back of her neck. She tried to slough off the question. "Well, yes. Of course, I 'like' him. Don't you?"

"No-" Seras looked shocked, but her expression changed as Integra continued. "that's not what I meant. Do you, um... like, like him?" Oh, Lord, help me. Now I'm the one who's sounding like some brain dead teenager.

"Like, like?"

This is like pulling teeth! Fine, forget about the 'soft touch' approach. "Do you love him?!"

"Do... Do I love him?" Seras was obviously caught off guard by the question.

It was then that the high-strung Hellsing heir snapped. Integra quickly sprang out of her chair and shouted, "Yes, love! L-O-V-E, love him!" Seras jumped, and Integra moved closer to her. The knight had a half crazed look in her eyes. "Or want to date him? Or sleep with him?" Integra leaned over so she was right in the poor, petrified fledgling's face "Or, something? Do you have any romantic feelings for your master?"


Integra finally realized that perhaps she should've stuck with the 'soft touch' approach. Oh, that's just great. I broke the overly sensitive fledgling. Nice going there, Integra. The knight turned and walked back over to the chair. She took a deep breath and slowly let it out. Then she looked over at the poor girl she'd scared half to death. Seras had stopped her stammering and was now sitting very quietly on her bed. Integra noticed that the poor girl was visibly shaking.

Integra sighed and then she did something that was extremely rare. The prideful Hellsing heir actually apologized. "I'm sorry, Seras. I didn't mean to go off like that. It's just that Alucard's been driving me crazy-" Integra reached up, put her hands to the side of her head and tugged at her hair. "and I need to make him stop!"

Seras finally found her voice. "Wh... Why has Master been driving you crazy?"

"Because he wants you!" Integra spat out before chuckling and continuing. "Actually, I think he loves you."

Seras blushed profusely, causing her head to bare a slight resemblance to a ripe tomato. "Why do you think he loves me?"

Integra had calmed down enough to sit back in the chair before answering. "Because, he wants you and hasn't taken you yet."

"Taken me?"

Integra's head dropped down to rest on her hand. Is this girl deliberately trying to make this more difficult? I mean I know she's 'pure', but no one is that pure. "He hasn't had sex with you yet." Integra would've bet a thousand dollars that Seras couldn't possibly turn any redder. Yet, somehow the fledgling managed to do just that. "Alucard is... a very driven individual. If there's something he wants, he takes it. He wants you. If he didn't love you, he would've already taken you. If you said no, he would've forced you, raped you. But he hasn't done any of that."

Seras's blush faded somewhat and she nervously shifted her position slightly before asking, "So, if Master loves me, why hasn't he said anything?"

Integra sighed. "I suspect that he's probably never been in love before, which is rather remarkable considering that he's had seventeen brides. But from the way he talked about them, I don't think he actually cared for any of them. I think he just used them to satisfy his own desires. I'm pretty sure that's why he hasn't said anything to you. You're the first girl he's ever been afraid of losing. So, instead of telling you how he feels, he's just kept it bottled up inside until those feelings spilled over into my subconscious."

"Your subconscious?" Seras asked as she looked around and suddenly became very aware that the two of them were alone in her bedroom. "Um, Sir Integra I... I don't think... What I mean is, um... I'm not... Uh-"

Integra stared at Seras for a moment then burst out laughing as she figured out what was bothering the stammering fledgling. Through the laughter, Integra managed a reply to Seras's unspoken protest. "You (laugh) you think (laugh) Oh (laugh) Oh, my no. Trust me, Seras, I have no interest in you. At least, not that kind of interest. The only thing I want from you is an answer. At this point, I don't even care too much what it is. I mean, yes, I'd prefer it if you loved him too. I know that would make him happy, and a happy Alucard makes my job easier. But, even if you don't care for him, well... He'll be disappointed, perhaps- And I can't even believe I'm saying this. even brokenhearted. But eventually he'll stop pining away and move on. And I can finally get my sanity back. So, what's your answer?"

Seras blushed again and looked down. In a voice that was little more than a whisper, she replied, "Yes, I love him."

Integra grinned. "I'm sorry. What was that? You'll have to speak up."

"I said, YES! I love him."

Integra's grin widened into a full fledged smile. "Well then, girl, don't tell me. Tell him." Integra cast her eyes over to the door. Seras's followed, and then the fledgling happily dashed out of the room. Integra left a moment later; and as she headed back up the stairs, a thought popped into the knight's head. Can vampires get pregnant? Integra shuddered as she thought about a little Alucard running around the mansion. Dear Lord, what have I done?

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