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Ginny Weasley walked alone. She had taken to walking around a lot since the end of her fifth year, never with a destination in mind. Summer nights were the best, the warm nights were perfect for her to mull things over, for no matter what she said to anyone, she still didn't fully understand why Harry had broken up with her, two full years ago. She knew he had to save the world, but did he really not trust her to take care of herself? She kept thinking that there was something more, maybe something she had done. If he had really loved me, he would of taken the risk, she thought. Seconds later, Ginny was furious at herself for not thinking enough of Harry. He did have a lot on his plate. Then, once again, she was angry. The war's over now. If he really had loved me, he would have come back. I haven't even seen him.

Frustrated, Ginny sat down on a near by bench and cried. She cried for her broken heart, she cried for her confused feelings, and she cried for what could have been. Suddenly, a wind stirred up, chilling Ginny to the bone. Oh, how she wished it would stop. Then she heard something, something that was creaking in the wind. She looked up to where the sound was coming from. It was a sign.

"The Green Dragon." Ginny read the sign aloud. As she did so, the wind stopped blowing. Curious, Ginny crossed the street, and walked into the pub.

The inside of the pub surprised her. It was warm and cozy, with only a few people inside. There were stairs on the left side of the wall opposite Ginny, about sixteen tables, and a bar, behind which, sat a lone bartender. After Ginny had seated herself at the bar, the bartender spoke. "Hello there. My name is Blenkinsop Waterbut, welcome to my pub, The Green Dragon. We have several rooms available upstairs, if you would like to spend the night. In the meantime, if you would like something to drink, I highly recommend The House Special."

"I'll have that," muttered Ginny, still depressed.

"Here you go." Blenkinsop handed Ginny a tall glass, full of a sparkling red liquid.

"Thanks," Ginny said, absentmindedly taking a sip of 'The House Special'. To her surprise, it woke her up. It had a tangy, yet sweet taste. She thought she even detected a hint of strawberries.

"Would you like to talk?" Blenkinsop asked. "You look a bit troubled."

I do feel like talking. Ginny realized, taking another sip. "I do want to talk." Now Ginny spoke out loud. "So you see, two years ago, my boyfriend was Harry Potter. He broke up with me at Professor Dumbledore's funeral. He said it was to keep me out of danger from Voldemort. But, he hasn't come to see me since. One minute I'm mad at him for it, and the next I'm sad, and mad at myself for being mad at him."

Blenkinsop nodded understandingly. "Would you like another drink?" Ginny had emptied her glass while she was talking. "I also recommend that you try our Somnium."


It took much longer for Ginny's new drink to come than the last one. Somnium turned out to be a soft pink colored drink. It seemed frothier, and less liquidy than The House Special. Ginny also found that its taste was a lot less intense. It made her feel pensive, but not badly so. She wanted to work out her thoughts, not make them go away now. She was also beginning to feel tired, a fact not lost on Blenkinsop.

"Would you like a room, miss?" he asked.

"I should be heading home-" Ginny began. But she happened glance through one of the pub's windows to see that the street outside was pitch-black. She had walked a long way, and she doubted that she could find her back home. Even though she could apparate, she wasn't very good in the dark. She always ended up miles off target. "On second thought, I'll take a room."

Blenkinsop nodded. "Follow me." He led Ginny up the stairs and into a room with a bronze number three on the door. "Here's your key." Blenkinsop handed Ginny a key with a three engraved on it. "Good night." With a wave, Blenkinsop departed, leaving Ginny alone once more.

Feeling more tired with each passing second, Ginny opened the door to her room. It was a large room, with a four-poster bed in one corner, an oak bookshelf in another, a closet next to the bed, and another door on the right wall.

Curious, Ginny opened the other door to see a spacious bathroom. How she loved that bathroom. It was complete with a bathtub (a shower was included), toilet, and sink, all of which were made of marble. Ginny walked over to the bathtub, it was sunken into the floor and had to silver taps made of silver. You never guess a pub like this would have rooms so fancy, Ginny thought. It's almost astounding. Even though Ginny felt exhausted, the bathtub was too beautiful not to try. With just one twist of the taps, the tub filled up with water the perfect temperature for Ginny. This has got to be the best bath I have ever taken, Ginny remarked to herself. Even more tired after her wonderful bath, Ginny redressed, left the bathroom, and fell onto the bed, asleep within seconds.