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I've got it!!! It's the perfect plan to get revenge on Jacob!!! But, first I'll need to get him in his wolf form. I need to make a few calls…

Ring, Ring


"Hi Jacob."


"Yeah, I thought of a way to settle who our differences."


"A fight."

"Oh, you're on!"

"Alright, meet me in the woods just south of the boundary line."

"I'll be there."

In the woods…

"I see you came in wolf form." I said.

Yes. Jacob thought.

"Are you ready??"

I'm always ready for a good fight leech.

"Alright, let me just call a few friends to come and watch the fight."

I quickly dialed the number for the Washington Animal Control.

"Hello, Animal Control? I am calling to report a vicious stray dog. It looks like it is going to attack me! Come quickly!!" I whispered so Jacob couldn't hear.

Are they coming??

"Yes, they'll be there shortly. Until then why don't you practice growling to make it more dramatic."


"There it is! The vicious man-eating dog! Get it!!" yelled an animal control officer.


"Sure did. Take 'im away officer."

"Can do."

They grabbed Jacob and shoved him into a puppy carrier. Life is good!

I called Sam.

"Sam? It's Edward. Jacob got himself into a sticky situation with Animal Control. You'd better go help him out."

I headed back home smiling and whistling Claire De Lune. Revenge is sweet!

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