I didn't sleep well that night because I was having a dream.

I was in a dark room with the faint glow frow the lamps overhead. I sat on the cold wet floor. Where was I? then someone came from behind me.I turned around ant saw Luke. He looked the same as I'd last seen him,but his scar was the only thing that looked different. It was almost black but had a hint of red. It was dry blood.

"Well,well,well,look what we have here"he laughed.

I tried to say somthing but my voice wouldn't work.

" Yes you have escaped me eveytime I tried to kill you but can't. I have somthing that will hurt you. Not physicaly but...emotionaly." He smiled a wicked smile.just then someone came out from the shadows. Annabeth. She stood in the corner.Her hair was white and silver. Her eyes were black and red.She looked at me. No Luke had hurt her.I turned to face Luke and gave him a mad glare.He laughed then said" I'm not the one whos going to hurt you, well atleast not emotionaly but physicaly thats different" Just then the ground rumbled and split open and swollowed me. I was falling helplessly in to the dark. I saw Annabeth and Lukes heads getting farther away. I didn't look at Luke but Annabeth. She was crying.Then she mouth the words "I'm sorry". What was that soppose to mean? What did she do?

I was getting closer to the groud. As soon as my back hit the floor I sat bolt sat up in my bed. I noticed I was panting. What was that all about? I jumped out of bed and headed toword the door. Just as my hand touched the knob I stopped. Annabeth wouldn't hurt me.She could deffend herself,right. I shouldn't worry. I climbed back in my bed and closed my eyes.