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Annabeth's POV

" Annabeth do you want to be my..um..girlfriend?" Percy asked. I stepped forward and smiled

" Yes, I would" I said then added" Goodnight, seaweed Brain"

" Goodnight, Wise girl" He said and then turned around. Whoa!! He asked me to be his Girlfriend!!! And I said YES!!!!!!! I went to the beach. I sat there on the sand. All I could think about was Percy. His sea green eyes,his guyish smile, his warm arms. Then all of a sudden Someone came up and rapped his arms around me. It was Percy. He kissed me on the check and whispered in my ear" Hey" He sat down besides me

" Hey" I said

" What are you doing?" he asked

" Um.. nothing"

" Oh, really...nothing...your just here looking out at the sea thinking nothing"

"Yes" I laughed

" Ok..."

" So... is Kronos really dead?"

"Yea.. you that means...Luke's dead too"

" I know"

" So.. your not sad?"

" No, I got you right?"

" Oh, yeah, I just thought since you know..you were a titan, you might....miss him"

" Oh....I'm sorry..for you know..becoming a titan and well...fighting you on Olympus"

He laughed then said" Yeah"

" Yeah, even though I let you win"

" What!! No I won on my own"

" No, I let you win"

" Oh, so if we were to fight right now you would win"

" What are you trying to say. You want to fight"

" Yeah, lets see who would really win" He siad then stood up. I did too and took out my knife. Percy took out his sword and we began to fight. Then Percy sent a wave and hit me.

" No fair" I said.

" Hey you didn't say anything about rules" Percy laughed.

I got up and said " Oh, you want to play like that. Fine." Then took out my invisibility cap and put it on. I ran up to Percy and hit him on his legs. He studied my movement. My sounds and then strike. He talked me to the ground and took off my invisibility cap." Ha! Caught ya" He said and waved my hat in front of my face and out of my reach. I tried to grabbed it back and said" Give it back. Or else"

" Or eles what" Percy said" What are you going to do about it"

I tried to get my hat but he wouldn't let me have it. Then he said again" What are you going to do abo-" I tackle him and got my hat. We both laughed and looked at each other. We kissed. I felt happy. Kronos wasn't here. Rachel wasn't here. Our parents, or even Calypso. I was with Percy and happy. Finally Percy and me can be together. Forever.

The End!!!!!