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I held her in my arms and was content. I had found peace again. I had found grace. I loved her so much. I knew there was so much to talk about to make for the lost time between us, but at that moment nothing existed beyond my need to touch her, to be close to her. I wanted her again….but I did not wish to push her. I could wait, I told myself.

We lay entwined until the sun began to peak through the clouds. Bella rolled over to face me and kissed me passionately and I grabbed her hips, pulling her against my evident arousal, all thoughts of waiting going out the window.

"Why Edward," she giggled "I never…" and squirmed out of my tight hold.

"Bella," I wheedled giving her the puppy dog look.

"Edward, I have to go to class. Besides, your daughter will be awake soon. She may sleep like the dead, but we aren't exactly quiet and well…." She trailed off somewhat embarrassed.

She was right, of course. It would not do to have Renesmee hearing us being intimate. I looked at her and smiled "Tonight?"

"You had better be ready Mr. Cullen," she winked as she scooted out of bed.

"You have no idea Mrs. Cullen," I licked my lips and stared at her glorious body as she stood naked beside the bed. She giggled and threw a pillow at my head.

"Put some music on and stay in bed. I am going to go and have a shower, and if you are a nice boy I will let you drive me to class today," she teased as she walked into the bathroom.

I stood up, stretched and walked over to the stereo. I looked over the large assortment of music and was reaching for a favorite band of mine when I spotted a disc sitting on one of the speakers. It was a simple burnt disc with the words Bella and Ness written on it with a sharpie marker. I grabbed it with interest, deposited it into the stereo and threw myself back on the bed. I pulled the sheet up to my waist as the music started and closed my eyes listening. I smiled when I heard Bella groan from the shower in embarrassment and knew immediately that this was one of her compositions that Ness had told me about. My smile grew even wider as I heard the lyrics.

Baby, before you
Well, I was bad news
In lettin' me love you
I think I can get through

Oh, baby before you
Well, I was so scared
I was a train wreck waitin' to happen
On the way to nowhere

And now I think it's kinda funny that you say you love me
You tell me that I'm crazy then you smile

And now I think I'll get through
The end of the world
And now I think I'll get through
Bein' a girl
Now I think I'll get through
And now I think I'll get through

Now honey around you
I'm feelin' so good
'Cause you picked me up out of the rough
And you polished me up and made me brand new

And baby before you,
There was just a black hole
Yeah I was beat down, blacked out
My darling you couldn't even know

But ever since I met you on a cloudy Monday
I can't believe how much I love the rain

And now I think I'll get through
The end of the world
And now I think I'll get through
Life as a girl
Now I think I'll get through
Now I think I'll get through

Ever since I met you on a cloudy Monday
I can't believe how much I love the rain

And now I think I'll get through
The end of the world
And now I think I'll get through
Life as a girl
Now I think I'll get through
Now I think I'll get through

To say I was pleased didn't cover it. She had written this about me. She loved me. I lay back and waited for her to come out of the bathroom. The shower had stopped a few minutes ago and I knew it wouldn't be long. There was so much I needed to say to her. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts that I wasn't paying attention. The bedroom door suddenly burst open and in walked my daughter "Mom, can I borrow your black knee boots….." Renesmee's voice trailed off as her eyes took in the sight of me in an obvious state of undress, reclining in her mother's bed.

"Umm, good morning……Edward" she sputtered, blushing a painful red.

Holy shit! Mom had make up sex! This is good, but awkward…..hahahaha!

Before I could say anything else Bella walked out of the bathroom with a small towel wrapped around her "Now Mr. Cullen, please try to behave your sexy self and tonight I will……" she stopped midsentence when she noticed we were not alone and turned to glare at me "A little warning would have been nice Edward."

She turned to Ness "Sorry baby. I am so embarrassed that you had to find out this way. I wanted to talk to your first to make sure you were okay with this, but things happened and…."

"Mom," my daughter reached out to touch Bella "I am not mad…..shocked somewhat……but not mad. All my life I hoped to have us together as a family. Now we are, so I couldn't be happier. Besides, I could never deny you this. You love him."

She spun to look at me and her eyes narrowed "And you had better love her and be good to her or you will be answering to me."

I nodded and smiled at her trying to convey I had no intention of doing otherwise. Bella wrapped her arms around Ness and kissed her forehead "I love you Nessie" she whispered "Go on downstairs, and I will get dressed and be down."

I wanted nothing more that to get up and wrap my arms around them both, but my current state of undress was not going to allow that. Once Renesmee left the room Bella turned to the armoire and hurriedly pulled on a pair of jeans and a t shirt. She then grabbed a small black tote and began shoving dance gear into it preparing for her day. When she was done she spun to plant a kiss on my chest "I am going downstairs to talk to Ness. Why don't you give us a minute then join us?" she smiled and I sensed a shift, and a change in the room.

Love you Edward. Don't worry…..

I smiled widely at her letting her know just how much I liked that she would allow me to hear her "I love you too. Just give me a minute and I will be down."

I waited until she was out of the room before searching for my clothes. I wanted to give her enough time to speak to our daughter before I crashed their little conversation. I had just finished zipping up my jeans and was still shirtless when I heard a soft thump from the balcony. I smiled thinking that Bella was trying to play games with me and then stiffened as the breeze changed and I caught an entirely unfamiliar scent.

"Belly, mo muirnin" a soft voice called teasingly. I growled and dropped into a defensive stance as a tall inhumanely handsome man walked into her room from the balcony like he owned the place. He was slightly shorter than I was, but quite muscular and had tousled brown hair streaked with blond. His eyes were a clear pale blue and they widened in shock at my appearance.

"Who the fuck are you?" he roared, clearly not happy with my presence.

Never mind that. Who the fuck was he? Ness had told me that Bella was not involved with anyone, but maybe she was not being truthful. I growled again. Bella was my wife, and I was not going to give up so easily after finding her again. I was ready to launch myself at him when the door was flung open and Bella streaked across the room and into the man's waiting arms, my daughter hot at her heels.

"Erik!" she cried her face full of joy.

What the hell!

The man laughed and pulled her and Ness close to him "I have missed my two favorite girls!"

They are my girls, my mind shrieked. My anger was growing.

I tried to listen to their thoughts as nobody was offering me any sort of explanation. Nothing. It was silent. I hissed in frustration. What was wrong with me? At the sound Bella whipped her head around and smiled at me. She grabbed the man by the hand and physically dragged him over to meet me.

"Erik, this is Edward. Edward Cullen, Renesmee's father. Edward this is Erik D'Aleo. Erik and I have been friends since before Ness was born. He took care of me in Italy," she bounced excitedly "I am so glad for the two most important men in my life to finally meet each other. I have told Erik all about you."

Erik looked at me like he wanted nothing more than to kill me on the spot. I looked from him to Bella and Renesmee's smiling faces. I could play nice for them. I narrowed my eyes, grit my teeth and held out my hand smiling "Nice to meet you Erik."