Costume Party – by BandGeek99

Costume Party – by BandGeek99

BG: I wanna be a gypsy this year! Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!! (digs out gypsy outfit and puts it on) I feel pretty… oh so pretty… la de da…

Kenny: Weren't you a gypsy last year?

BG: Yeah, but I wanna be a BETTER gypsy. I'm going to be GLAMOROUS!!

The Deimon Commander From Hell: (strolling in with piece of pizza in hand) In your dreams…

BG: I still think I look glamorous in all these clothes… I love playing dress up!! OOH! This gives me an idea! (writes idea on notepad) There. This is going to be interesting…

TDCFH: (takes big bite of pizza) Sure. Whatever.

BG: (stares at pizza, drooling) Hey, can I have a bite?

TDCFH: (whips out arsenal of weapons) Touch it and you DIE!

Depthmon: Why can't you just get your own slice?

BG: Cuz I'm not allowed to have anything that tastes good anymore… (sobs)

TDCFH: (looking bored) Can we get on with this now?

BG: Oh, right. Kenny?

Kenny: We don't own anything you recognize. Have fun reading.

BG: Dedicated to those happy souls who dance down the street singing "Trick or treat, smell my feet; give me something good to eat!"



Taichi Yagami paced the floor, thinking, while the other DD's sat around his bedroom. This year, his father's company was holding a costume party for Halloween, and Mr. Yagami had offered to let the DD's come along. The only delay was they all had to come up with – ulp – pairs of costumes for pairs of people.

"So who's going with whom?" Izzy asked, looking bored.

"Let's drop all our names in a hat and pick them out," Mimi suggested.

"That sounds… logical," Joe said, giving her a look that said "since when were you logical?"

"I saw that on TV once," she said proudly.


"I don't think it's going to work if we use names. How about numbers?" Kari threw in as she dangled from the side of her brother's bed.

"That'll work," Matt decided and found a bowl and a notebook. He wrote down two pairs of the numbers one through four and dropped them into the bowl.

Each student took a turn reaching into the bowl and drawing out a number.

"Two," Mimi said and looked up to see who responded.

"That's me," Matt sighed. Terrific. I'm stuck with some kind of princess who'll want me to be a damn rainbow pony or something.

"Four?" Sora asked absently.

Tai raised his hand with an evil smile. "You are at my mercy."

She groaned and put her head in her hands. "Fantastic."

"One," TK said, raising his slip of paper like a trophy.

"That's me," Joe said with a sigh.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Tai fell over laughing. "That's great! Guy-guy coupling! BWA!"

Sora slapped his arm. "Shut up, you know it's not like that!"

Matt was trying to stop his laughter and TK's face was slowly but surely turning red. "Can we change the subject now?" the younger blonde asked. "This is awkward…"

"I guess that leaves us, Izzy," Kari said with a smile.

"Cool." Izzy gave a smile back. Kari was like the little sister he never had.

"We'd better start coming up with costumes," Joe said, glancing at the calendar. "We have… ten days."

"CRAP!" Tai yelled. "Ten days?! What the hell, dude! There's no way to come up with an awesome costume in TEN DAYS!!"

"Calm down, Tai, it's just a costume party!" Kari exclaimed. "Yeesh…"

The high school junior paid her no attention as he started mumbling incoherently to himself, rubbing his temples.

"Freak…" Matt muttered and leaned back on his hands.

Someone's cell phone rang and Mimi fished a pink LG Chocolate out of her pink Prada bag. She slid it open. "Hello, this is Mimi's phone, Mimi speaking! Oh, hi, Daddy. No… yes, I'm at Tai's. Of course! NO we're not alone! Guys, say hi to my daddy!" She held out the phone to the group.

"Hello!" they all chorused.

"See, Daddy? Yes. Oh, no, it was for that costume party Mr. Yagami invited us to. Yep. Mm-hm. Okay. Bye, Daddy!" She slid it shut and looked at the group with her doe-eyes. "I have to go for a doctor's appointment. My ankle's been bugging me," she said. "But I'll see you tomorrow. And Matt, if you come up with any ideas, let me know. My cell's always on!" She smiled happily and stood up. "Bye bye!" The brunette skipped out of the room in a reasonably excited mood.

The others stared after her, blinking.

"Have fun, Matt," Tai said, clapping his friend on the shoulder and standing up. "Anyone want food?"

Matt jumped to his feet. "Food?! Do you have any pretzels?!"

"Ch'ya, man!"

"YEAH!!" They pumped their fists in the air and ran to the kitchen.

"Boys…" Kari sighed, shaking her head.

"Good thing we're all not like that," Izzy said, playing with a thumb drive he had in his pocket.

Sora shifted to sitting on her side with her feet tucked beside her. What are we going to do for a costume? Oh, I have an idea…!


Beautiful, ain't it? Okay, so it kinda sucked. Oh, well, it gets better as it goes on. I just have to write things out first. I have an idea for the guy/guy thing. It's pretty funny. AND I have one for Kari and Izzy. BWA!! Don't worry, the only main couples will be Mimato, TAIORA, and Takari (yes, I will FORCE Takari in there!!)

Hey, I wrote a really sad story. It's a Taiora with character death in it. If you want, I'll type it up and post it, but I wasn't planning on doing it. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO READ IT, let me know, por favor!!