The Deimon Commander From Hell: (*holds up sniper*) You'd better shut up.

BG: (*gulps*)

TDCFH: (*smiles evilly and begins shooting at BG's feet*)

BG: (*dancing around trying not to get hit while holding down gypsy skirt* DAMN YOU!!

Depthmon: (*looks away*) … KENNY!!

Kenny: BandGeek and I don't own anything you recognize, including Spiderman who somehow reminds me of Topher Grace, but that's beside the point.

TDCFH: (*reloading rifle*) Get on with it, then!

BG: (*leaves chapter, then runs off*)


"Matt!" a very feminine voice called. "Let's go already!"

The blonde sighed. "In a minute!" He pulled a dark green pullover over his head and opened the door of his apartment. "Hey."

Mimi stood there with her arms crossed, her toe tapping impatiently. "It's about time!"

"Sorry," Matt said with a shrug. "So… are we going or what?"

She huffed and dragged him by the hood of his sweatshirt, stomping down the hall on her fuchsia pumps.

"Ow, ow, ow! Mimi! Ack! Meems, stop it, that hurts!" he yelped all the way outside to the subway station and onto the train.

"NO! We have to come up with costumes, PRONTO, Yamato Ishida!" she growled, pulling him round to face her and jabbing a finger at his chest.

She's cute when she's pissed, Matt thought and did his best to suppress a smile.

She narrowed her hazel eyes and gave him a death glare before spinning around and giving him a hair whip with her long, chestnut-colored hair. She'd stopped dying it last year because it was so inconvenient.

He sighed quietly. She was really excited about this, wasn't she?

Mimi stood next to him, her arm wrapped around the metal pole in the middle of the car. You do not think Matt is hot, you do not think Matt is hot; you DO think Matt is hot! HE'S A SEXY BEASTY! Mimi shook her head quickly, trying to rid her head of the thoughts clouding her conscious. She should not be thinking that when he was just getting over Sora. No. Bad brain. Down, girl. She pulled out her cell phone to distract her and began to hurriedly text with Kari.

hey sup? im on da subway w/ mat. dah!

2 bad hav u taked bout costumes?

Were gettin 2 it.

The conversation went on until they finally reached Mimi's stop and she yanked him off the train by his wrist and pulled him towards an orderly looking town house.

"You live here?" he asked incredulously. "Holy crap…"

Mimi gave him a light shove and unlocked the door, dropping the keys twice in the process. She led him down a hallway to a door and opened it, revealing a flight of stairs. The petite high school sophomore flicked the light switch on and pulled Matt into the basement.

It was more like its own apartment than a basement, complete with a futon, kitchenette, and bathroom.

"Time for a snack!" Mimi shouted and tossed Matt a package of Rollos. She opted for a Kit-Kat and gestured for him to make himself comfortable.

Matt sunk into a cushy armchair. "So. Costumes," he said. "We could be Chris and Meg from Family Guy."


"Then I'm out of ideas. Sorry."

"No, you're not."

"You're right I'm not. Do you have any ideas, missy?"

"As a matter of fact, I do." She swung herself onto the counter and dangled her legs off the end, banging her feet against the cabinet. "First idea: we go as Pocahontas and John Smith from the Disney movie."




"PRINCE AND PRINCESS!!" Mimi squealed and started bouncing in a hyper manner.

"There is no way in all of Hell," Matt stated, making a face.

"Well, do you have any better ideas?" she snapped.

"King Louis the XVI and Marie Antoinette," he said sarcastically and shoved a Rollo into his mouth.

"That sounds like a good idea!"

Matt stared at her as if she had three heads, the remaining caramels held loosely in his hand. "Mimi. Do you have any idea who King Louis and Marie Antoinette were?"

"No, but I like their names. King Louis. Marie Antoinette." She giggled hysterically.

"Meems, they were beheaded in the French Revolution."

Her face fell. "Oh."


They sat in silence for a while; each was wrapped up in their own thoughts until Mimi slid off the counter and yelled, "I've got it!"

"What do you mean by 'it'?"

"I mean, Dumbo, that I have a costume idea!"

"Well, spit it out!"

She let the words loose from her mouth and they spilled out everywhere.

Matt grinned. "Oh, yes."

She smiled so brightly it was as if her teeth were high-beams on a MACK truck.

Matt thought she looked rather pretty when she smiled, a little like a movie star. He internally shook the thoughts out of his head and jumped onto the sofa, tossing a Rollo into his mouth. "Let's watch the tube! Where's your remote?"

Mimi tossed him the little grey remote and perched herself on the arm of the sofa near where Matt had positioned himself.

He scooted over. "You can sit here, if you'd like," he said, gesturing to the seat between him and the couch arm.

"Oh, thanks!" she said cheerily and dropped into it.

Matt put his feet on the coffee table and channel surfed until he found a Spiderman movie on HBO.

They watched for a while, and when Matt was sure that Mimi was wrapped up in the movie, he shifted closer and put his arm around her shoulders, just close enough to touch.

Mimi rested her head on his shoulder and sighed in response.

"What?" he asked, looking towards the upside-down kissing scene on the television.

"I wish I had someone that would take the time to kiss me, no matter what he was doing," she said, her hazel eyes shining with longing. "It would prove how much he loved me."

This gave Matt an idea. At the next commercial break, he stood up, cracking his shoulders. "Hey, Meems, you got any Pop Rox?"

"Sure." She fetched said sweet and tossed the little pink and black packet to Matt, who grinned. "Why?"

"For her enjoyment."


In a flash, Matt had dumped some Pop Rox into his mouth and began kissing her, putting more feeling into this kiss with her than in any other kiss with any other girl.

It was the craziest thing. Mimi had liked him since they were so young, dreaming of the day he would sweep her up into his arms and kiss her. This… well, it was just as romantic, she guessed, except he wasn't wearing a prince suit and didn't ride to her on a white Garurumon. And there were no Pop Rox. Go figure, right?

She tentatively raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck as he pulled her close around the waist.

Matt (reluctantly) pulled back first. "Wow," he muttered with a huge grin that rivaled Tai's when he saw Sora in a bikini for the first time.

Mimi giggled nervously. "Yeah."

The blonde punk rocker picked up the vibe that she was scared and he pulled tighter at her middle. "Meems, I'm sorry if I scared you, but-"

"Matt, I like you! More than I've ever liked anyone else!" she interrupted.

His crystal-like sapphire eyes widened with ecstasy. "Really?!"

She nodded as a blush covered her face, not meeting his gaze.

"Daisuki (1)," he said and he felt his face heating up like a radiator.

She cried out in delight and hugged him tighter, laughing.

And hence was the day the Daughter of Purity found her son of Friendship, never to leave one another again.


1: Daisuki: "I really really like you!" Just short of "I love you".


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