iLike Sam's Boyfriend

Summary: What's The real reason Carly hates Jonah so much? read to find out ONESHOT taking a break from This is Our Night. Only for a day.:) enjoy.

Carly's POV

I don't hate him. I like him. Love him really. I just hate how he's with Sam. I should be happy for her, but I'm jealous. Jonah's really hot.

"Carly?" I heard Freddie call.

"Yeah." I said snapping back to reality

"Show Starts in . 1."

"Hey people of Earth I'm Carly."

"And I'm Sam." Sam said smiling towards Jonah. God. I wish Jonah was mine.

"Tonight we're going to start off with something new." Sam started.

I just glanced over to Jonah, who happened to be looking over at me.

Jonah's POV

I don't know why. But I'm in love with Carly. Sam's best friend. Sam is well a friend. I just wish she knew how I felt.

"I like to introduce you to my boyfriend, Jonah." Sam announced.

I walked out onto where the camera could see me. I stood next to Carly. I could smell the scent of starwberry shampoo. God I wish she was mine.

After iCarly... Carly's POV

The show just ended, Freddie and Sam went downstairs. I was alone. With Jonah.

"Great show tonight." He said

"Thanks" I smiled blushing.

"So, uhh..." He sttutered.


"Carly. I just want to let you know that i-" I cut him off. In a long deep kiss. I knew it was wrong, but who cares. I'm in love with this boy.

After we broke he said; " I love you too, Carly Shay."

"You wanna go out?" He smiled

"Yeah, but secretly of course." I giggled pushing hair out of my eyes.

"Yeah, it'll be our dirty little secret." He said putting in arm around me.

"Yeah. I love you Jonah"

"I love you too, Carly."

I really do like Sam's boyfriend


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