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This is my first shot at a Supernatural fic. I've been watching the DVD's of season 1 and 2 back to back these last few days and this idea came to me. Hope it's okay.

Summary: It all Hallows eve and Sam and Dean are tracking down a demon that is taking domesticated animals from a town and probably sacrificing them. There are reports of a beast in the forest surrounding the town and Sam and Dean need to stop it.

Whilst on the hunt they run back into Jo, a very pregnant and scared Jo. Her baby's special and Sam has to confess something to both her and Dean about why the baby is wanted by so many demons and spirits. It's up to both Sam and Dean to keep both Jo and the baby safe.

Long shot story, but just for fun.

Chapter 1

Dean and Sam walked through the quiet town. The place was practically smack, bang in the middle of a forest, a very creepy, dense forest at that. The creature they were hunting for had been on a spree for almost a month, taking the towns pets and doing God only knows what to them. The town suspected the 'beast' of feeding on them or sacrificing them. Dean and Sam were going to find out for sure what was going on and stop the beast once and for all and hopefully give a few people back their dogs and cats..

After twenty minutes of walking they were well out of the town and deep into the forest. Sam was being very quiet, more so than usual.

"Okay you're doin my friggin head in. What's up with you?" Dean said, becoming quite annoyed.

"Nothing," Sam replied, like he had been asked the same thing twelve times before.

"Really?" Dean asked knowingly.

Sam didn't want to talk about it but he figured it would be better to get of his chest what it was that was bugging him. "I've been having these dreams…well nightmares really." he said.

"About what?" Dean asked, fully concerned for his little brother and knowing full well his dreams or nightmares usually meant something big or bad or both was going to happen.


"What about Jo? Is she okay?" Dean asked.

"Yeah…well…actually no. Dean when I was possessed I hurt her."

"Dude, it wasn't you."

"I know that, but what was in me hurt her and…" Sam began.

"And nothing, it wasn't you Sammy. Jo knows that." Dean said firmly.

Sam was just about to say something when they heard a rustling in the bushes. It was moving around them, almost like it was cirling them. They both pulled out their guns and listened. As it continued to move it seemed to get closer and closer.

"Now?" Sam whispered.

"Not yet." Dean warned him as they both held their guns ready.

"Now?" Sam aksed again.

"Hold it." Dean warned more firmly.

The thing was up right close, ready to pounce. "Now?" Sam asked impatiently.

"Now!" Dean yelled.

They both jumped back as the thing jumped forward. The second it hit the floor it was hurled up in a trap. It was stuck in a huge net as it swung from a tree branch.

"Hey, hey let me down." It yelled.

Sam and Dean stood underneath it and looked up. "I knew setting that trap last night would come in handy." Dean said with a smile. He reached up into the net and pulled at the 'beasts' face until finally he pulled a mask off. "Old man Jenkins." he joked.

Sam just looked at him, a little confused.

"Scooby doo." Dean said sheepishly as he shrugged his shoulder.

"Can you let me down now please." The teenage kid asked.

"What do you think your playing at?" Sam asked him.

"I thought it would be a funny Halloween joke." The kid said.

"Really? Well guess what…it was anything but funny and you made me drive my baby all the way out here for nothing. Do you have any idea how many dirt roads I had to drive down? I'm gonna be cleaning her up for a month." Dean said angrily.

"I'm sorry man, please let me down." The kid cried.

"Did you take all those animals?" Sam asked him.

"Yeah but I just kept them all in a cabin, they're fine. I was gonna return them I swear." he cried, "Now please, will you let me down?" he begged.

Sam looked at Dean and Dean nodded to him. Sam then pulled a knife out and cut the net. The boy fell out and landed hard on the floor. They both helped him up. "Sorry about that." Dean lied.

"Return all the animals now." Sam warned him.

"Yes sir." The kid said as he tried to compose himself.

"Oh and…grow up." Dean said to him.

"Yes sir." The kid said before running off.

They both watched until he was out of sight. "Can you believe that guy?" Dean said. Sam just nodded but he had the same worried face as before and he was being silent as ever. "Okay what's up with you now?" he asked angrily.

He didn't mean to be annoyed but he needed to know what was wrong with Sam before he could try to help him. Still Sam stayed quiet, but the worried look plastered on his face scared Dean.

"Dean, it's just these Dreams about Jo that I've been having, they're so realistic. I think maybe they're not dreams. I think maybe they're memories."

"So what you beat her up a little...Jo's tough she can handle the odd slap without breaking in half. Don't you remember that case we worked with her. She survived a demon bro I think she can handle you, I mean lets face it you're no hulk." Dean said with a smile.

"Dean I'm being serious." Sam said, annoyed.

"So am I."

"Dean, please," Sam pleaded.

"Ugh, don't do the puppy dog eyes thing." Dean said, giving in to what Sam's demands were to be before he had even said them.

"I think we should go find her and make sure she's okay." Sam suggested.

"Dude,Jo's back in the other direction. That means I gotta drag my baby back down those dirt tracks." Dean complained.

"We owe her this. Look I'll even clean your car for you."

"No you won't. You'll scratch her. Ugh come on." he said reluctantly.

They both began walking back towards the village when they heard rustling in the bushes. They both stopped dead and pulled out their guns. "I thought we told that kid to go home." Dean whispered as he searched the surrounding forest, as best as he could in the dark.

"Maybe he got lost." Sam whispered back.

They both froze as the heard a shotgun click as it was loaded behind them. "Drop your guns." A stern voice ordered.

"Why don't you drop yours?" Dean said.

He felt the gun jab into his back and suddenly he smiled. "You know you should never put a gun right against someone's back it makes it real easy for them to do this," he said before spinning round and grabbing hold of the gun.

He tried ripping it out of their hands but the person held on tight to it. They suddenly looked at each other properly. When they did they both froze with shock. Sam quickly turned around and instantly felt the same shock.

"Jo," Sam said in disbelief.

"Dean? Sam? What are you both doing here?" she asked.

"We're err… we were hunting a beast." Dean told her.

"You mean the one who's really a kid?" she asked.

"Yea how did you know?" Dean asked, shocked she probably knew before them.

"Please it was totally obvious, plus he's been bringing me supplies into the forest.

"You're living out here?" Dean asked. A little confused.

Whilst Jo and Dean talked Sam looked at Jo. She was wearing a big black clock. Only when Dean finally let go of the gun did she push the big hood down. She looked the same as usual and she looked at him and offered a small smile which he returned.

"You know it's so weird, we were just gonna come see you." Dean said, smiling at the helpful coincident.

"Why?" Jo asked.

"Maybe we can go back to your place to discuss this?" Sam suggested.

Jo looked at them both then nodded. "Whatever. Just keep up, there's more than a kid in a wolf suit out here." she said as she set the very fast paced walk back to her cabin.

"Oh really like what?" Dean asked, being as cocky as usual. He could handle any monster that Hell threw at him.

"Like mountain lions and wolves and bears." she said before quickening the pace.

"Wolves?" Dean said with a gulp.

As he heard a distant howl he quickly jogged to keep up with Sam and Jo.

- - - - - -

After an almost twenty minute walk the three of them arrived at a rather run down looking cabin. "This is where you're living." Dean asked.

"Hey, it's not the Hilton but at least it's free." Jo replied.

"Yeah, to the termites too." Dean said, being quite serious. "You can't stay out here Jo."

"I have no other choice. It's safe out here."

"Safe from what Jo?" Dean asked as they stepped inside the cabin behind her.

They were both completely gob smacked as Jo took the big black cloak off to reveal her swollen belly, her very pregnant swollen belly. "Jo how did this happen… I mean who did this?" Dean asked. He knew a lot could change in nine months but this was something else.

"I did…" Sam said from behind him.

Dean just turned around and looked at him, his mouth and eyes wide open in shock and confusion. Sam just stared at Jo, he finally knew the dreams…nightmares he had been having were true. Jo was going to have his child.


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