Finding Happiness

Nobody cared about Kuki Sanban. Her parents were rarely ever home, because they were too busy working on some big project or attending a big meeting at work. Her sister had turned into a rebel, wearing black clothing and always skipping school or sneaking out of her house to be with her boyfriend, Sandy. Not a day went by without Mushi telling Kuki how much she hated her.

School was no better. She couldn't get through the hallway without her peers slamming into her, either purposefully or accidentally. Either way, they never cared or gave her an apology. They always treated her like scum. They called her names, pulled pranks on her, spread rumors about her, and so many other dreadful things. She had no friends.

It had been that way for Kuki ever since middle school at thirteen years old. The strangest think was, Kuki couldn't remember anything before she turned thirteen. Sure, she remembered going to school and things with her family, but she couldn't remember anything else. She couldn't remember her friends, what she did, nothing.

In her first year of middle school she was excited, eager to make new friends. She bought the coolest clothes and fresh new school supplies, thinking the year would be great.

She was so, so wrong.

She tried to make friends, but every time she tried to make friends or talk to people, they just ignored her or told her to go away. She couldn't sit at a lunch table with other students. If she did, they always gave her a cold, hard stare until she got up and moved. She sat at a table in a dark corner of the lunchroom, alone.

She was always alone.

Nobody ever talked to her. Nobody ever asked her how she was doing or feeling. She tried to open up to her parents, but they would just say things like, "Not now, Kuki, I'm busy," or "I don't have time to talk honey, maybe later," or something similar to that. She wasn't happy anywhere. Her school counselor, Mrs. Watson, would just say, "Oh, things will come around, you'll see." She couldn't see a therapist because she didn't have the money for it, and she knew her parents wouldn't have the time for it.

She soon lost her happy-go-lucky personality and love of life.

She was always miserable.

Luckily, she knew she would never go so far as to commit suicide. She still valued her life enough to not want to die.

But she hated herself. She hated everything about herself. She would stare in the mirror crying, telling herself things. "You don't amount to anything," she would scold herself. "Nobody loves you, nobody ever will. You're as worthless as trash."

Her peers at school would tell her this too.

Many nights she cried herself to sleep, and sometimes her sister's snickering. Mushi enjoyed her sister's sadness.

Why? she thought to herself everyday. What did I do to deserve this?

But no matter what happened, she always had a little hope. A hope that one day she would meet someone to talk to, to be with, someone who actually cared about her. Someone that would make her…..


Little did she know that she would meet someone that would change her life in her Sophomore year of high school when she was sixteen years old.

Sixteen-year-old Wallabee Beetles tossed various videogames, clothes, shoes, posters, music, movies, and his other things into boxes carelessly, not really caring if it was organized or not. This sucks, he thought with a sigh. Here I am packing when I could be doing something, oh, I dunno, fun.

"Wallabee!" Mrs. Beetles shouted up the stairs. "Are you almost done? We only have a few days before moving back to Clevelaaaand!"

Wallabee sighed again. "Yes mom!" he shouted back. "Don't worry, I'll be done in time!"

"I hope so! Or else you'll have to leave everything you didn't pack behind, and I don't think ya want that, do ya?!"


"Well then, good! Dinner will be ready soon, by the way!"

"Okay mom! Got it!"

Wally was, as you already know, getting ready to move to Cleveland in a few days. He had lived there before, of course. When he was just two years old he and his parents had moved there from Australia. He always considered Cleveland his home, even though he was a pure Aussie. He didn't remember exactly why he loved Cleveland so much, actually. He moved back to Australia when he was thirteen, and for some reason, he didn't remember much before that. He didn't remember friends or what he did in his free time, or anything.

Luckily Wally hadn't changed a lot. He was still a tough guy, not afraid of anything or anybody. He had developed some nice muscles, and was much, much taller. If there was one thing Wally remembered, he used to be a short kid, so you could imagine how happy he was now that he was taller.

He did change in some ways, though. He wasn't as idiotic as he used to be; he could read and do basic math, and spell simple everyday words. He didn't have the best of grades, but he managed to get by. He also didn't hate girls as much. Granted, he didn't hang out with them, and he never really liked one, but he could stand them.


Wally was excited to go back to Cleveland. His dad decided that he had missed his old job and decided to move back. He wanted to see his old neighborhood, and maybe find out some things about his childhood that he had forgotten. Sure, he would miss his friends in Australia, but he wasn't devastated to leave. He was quite happy.

Not that he showed it.

Passengers of flight A-2713, we are now boarding.

Wallabee and his family picked up their travel bags and headed towards the line to their plane.

"Isn't this exciting?" Mr. Beetles asked. "You boys will be so happy to be back in good ol' Cleveland, 'ey?"

Wally shoved his hands in his pockets, muttering a "Meh." His younger brother Joey, now six years old, smiled. "Yeah!" he exclaimed, his hands in the air. Wally smiled briefly at his brother's eagerness. Secretly, he was just as excited as his brother was.

I wonder what it will be like, back in Cleveland? he wondered to himself. Will it be a lot better there than here?

He pondered these thoughts more as he entered the plane, waiting for his new life to begin.

He had no idea that he would meet the love of his life back in Cleveland.

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