This is the story of a girl that can never love, trust, or hope again…

This is the story of a girl that can never love, trust, or hope again…

This story was written by a good friend of mine who shall remain nameless.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own this! My friend wrote it about herself originally and I rewrote it (using her plot line) but tweaked it so it was more twilighty. THE TWILIGHT PART GOES TO STEPHENIE MEYER!!

A/N: This is a New Moon one-shot!!

Summary: Edward never came back. Bella never met werewolf Jacob. Is it possible to die of a broken heart?

This is the story of an 18-year old girl that will never love again. All because of some stupid guy (or in her case, vampire) that shattered her heart into a trillion tiny parts that can never, ever be put back together again. She blames herself for the whole misunderstanding because she fell in love with the guy that didn't love her back. When you are lied to, you realize that you weren't worth the truth, but when they tell you the truth, you would have rather been lied to.

This is a rather short story of her life. She knew that she would never find another guy like him so, why try? She cries herself to sleep at night only to be woken up by her screams. She tries so hard to find a reason to live. But yet, she finds nothing. No love, no friends, no light in her world of darkness. She wonders, that if she would let others in, if they would love her for who she really and truly was. She waits and hopes and dreams of a day that he will come back to her but he never does and slowly kills her. He stole her heart and never even looked back to see on her knees crying. Will she be able to go on? Will he come back? Those are the only questions on her mind.

Five years later, this heart shattered girl is being put to rest where she belongs. As they put her casket in the ground, all her "friends" gather around to see her. The angel of this heart shattered girl watches from above, she sees the man that shattered her heart is doing something completely impossible for their kind, he is crying. He is begging the lord to bring the "love of his life" back to him. As she sits there, watching him, she begins to cry. It then starts to rain down below on the world she once knew and one time, a long time ago, loved…

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