Title: "Requiem For Love"
Author: Pirate Turner
Dedicated To: My beloved son, Pumpkin Zorro, who wrote the best Vin I've ever known, seconded only to Eric himself
Rating: R
Summary: With the loss of Chris, Vin seeks the only release left to him.
Warnings: Slash; Death fic; AU
Disclaimer: Vin Tanner, Chris Larabee, Josiah Sanchez, JD Dunne, and The Magnificent Seven are & TM CBS, The Mirisch Group, MGM, and Trilogy Entertainment, not the author, and are used without permission. Everything else is & TM the author. The author makes absolutely no profit off of this work of fan fiction, and no copyright infringement is intended.
Author's Note: I didn't ask for this fic to come to me; a death fic for the best guys ever to grace our television sets is not something I ever wanted to write. I am a firm believer that the Seven will ride forever, but . . . This fic came to me in a flash of emotional inspiration that I could not have ignored if I had tried and that I did not try to ignore because I am going through a time where I'm trying to keep writer's block at bay by writing whatever comes to me. Sorry for the tears.


The accusation rang throughout the dusty streets of the small town as he faced down the man he and his brothers had hunted relentlessly for months. He raised his musket to his shoulder, took aim, closed his finger around the trigger, and . . . waited even as he heard five voices raised in anger and excitement. His blue eyes narrowed to dangerous slits, he fought back the urges that roared their demands for release. He wanted to charge this bastard; beat him until there was nothing left but a bloody, lifeless pulp; and then tear out of his chest the very thing he had stolen from him: his heart.

But he would not. He stumbled as the bullet blazed into his heart and took his final shot. What was left of his family rounded the corners of the roads as Vin watched his lover's murderer's body fall to the ground. Their voices were coming softer now, and the second shot that plowed into the already dying body of their leader's murderer barely registered in Vin's throbbing ears as he fell to his knees.

Their crying voices sounded far away as they ran to him. His helpless blue eyes turned to Josiah. "Send me to the Maker, brother . . . " His lips would form no more words.

"Vin, you can't die!! He can't be a better shot than you!!"

The cry of their youngest sprung tears to eyes Vin had thought had no more tears to cry even as they began to dim. The world around him was growing steadily darker as he heard the sound of a struggle and then Josiah's deep, rumbling voice granting him final reassurance. "I understand, Brother Vin. Let him find his final peace, JD . . . "

Vin left our world with this final reassurance for it held nothing more for him, but in the one beyond, he found Chris waiting for him and was met by the Paradise that was always waiting for him in his soul mate's embrace.

The End