Unbelievably, I decided to test the Kataang100 challenge. Once I finish all the themes, the layout will hold ten themes each for easier reading. Here are themes 1 through 10 right here.

Hope you enjoy!

001. Color

In the gray shadows of the early dawn, he could barely see anything. His own hands looked dark and fuzzy with the absence of sunlight.

But somehow in the haze of black and gray, he could still make out her piercingly blue eyes.

002. Wind

She could feel him coming long before the shadow was spotted in the sky.

003. Change

Right away, the first thing Katara noticed was that Aang had grown. Now, he towered over her with suddenly broader shoulders, longer legs, and a skinny form that had turned to sinewy muscle. Even his voice was older-sounding.

"Really? I don't think I've changed that much. It's only been a year," he said when she pointed these things out. "And you haven't changed at all," his new, deeper voice was somehow a hundred times more charming then she remembered, "besides somehow becoming even more beautiful."

Katara decided she liked this new Aang.

004. Chance

Really, she felt stupid and ignorant that, not only had she missed that he'd fallen in love with her, she had been too sidetracked and unfocused to realize she felt the same.

And then in all the confusion, she had managed to completely and perfectly screw everything up.

Now, finally, she'd have a chance to untangle the enormous mess and set things right.

Always the forgiving person, he was more than willing to give it to her.

005. Someday

"Will you take us, Dad? To see all the places you and Mom went in the year after you woke up? All the places they talk about in the stories?"

Aang smiled at his son.


006. Walk

Toph knew their footsteps almost as well as her own. Katara had a powerful, steady stride, graceful and centered. Aang barely touched the ground, feet sliding quickly and effortlessly.

But now she could feel Katara trying to put the least amount of weight possible on her toes, and Aang was clearly using airbending to his advantage, for she could barely "see" him at all. And Toph knew what was up when they did this.

Going on another "walk", she groaned inwardly as she felt both pairs of light feet quietly scatter farther away. Jeez, you think they could last one day without sneaking off. They're lucky Sokka's not a blind earthbender, too…

007. Fly

She was scared. No. Absolutely terrified. They were, after all, several thousand feet in the air, and the only thing between the two of them and certain death was a contraption of metal, wood, and silk.

She clenched her fists tighter around his shoulders as the body beneath her shook with laughter.

"You can open your eyes now. You know I'm not going to let you fall."

008. Believe

"You can save the world," she told him. He looked at her with a mixture of doubt and wonder.

"Do you really believe that?"

She took his hand.

"With all my heart."

009. Sorrow

"None of that," he declared upon seeing the misery in her eyes, and began tickling her until she squealed with joy.

010. Comfort

At the sound of the thunder, Katara clutched the blankets tighter, as behind her eyelids the worst nightmare she'd ever had played out.

Azula, with a wicked grin, met her with stony gold eyes, and a motion of her wrist flung the crackling bolt in her direction.

She could see almost in slowed time Zuko running in front, taking the bolt himself.

But then it wasn't Zuko, it was Aang, in mid-air in the green crystal caves below Ba Sing Se.

It was Aang, taking the bolt for her, and then falling.

He was falling!

She needed to catch him.

She needed to move.

But then again Azula saw her, sought her out, and then the blue light was burning through the air around her, sizzling in her veins, frying the water and burning her skin and hair.

Azula laughed and it sounded like the shock of the lightning.

Her body was writhing, and Aang was falling…

The hand shaking her shoulder slowly pulled her out of the fog of sleep. She twisted, knotting the sheets even further, before wrenching her eyes open.

"Katara." Another hand joined the one on her shoulder, and she felt herself being pulled upright. "Katara." The hands moved, one pressing against her back, the other stroking through her hair. She realized she was crying, in fact, she was shaking and sobbing. This reminded her of the dream, and she huddled against the man holding her, trying to make the shivers stop.

Aang pulled her closer, whispering in her ear that it was only a dream, she was alright, he was here.

He was here.

She buried her head into his chest when the thunder cracked again, pressing her closed eyelids on his shoulder so she would not see the following flash.

He knew she hated lightning. She had good reason.