Ah, my own finale to the story of Avatar :)

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What can I say? The last word says it all.

091. Stability

Sokka cringed when he put weight on his bad leg. It was definitely broken, most likely in several places. He leaned heavily to his right, attempting to hop.

Wordlessly, Suki came to his side and draped his arm across her shoulders, giving him something to lean on. He gratefully gave her a peck on the cheek. "Thanks." Sokka swerved his head, trying to look over her shoulder. "Man, if there was ever a time to be grateful for a waterbending sister with healing powers. Where's Katara?"

Suki smiled. "You'll have to wait. Katara's a little preoccupied."

Sokka found her among the crowd of people surrounding the airship. His sister was on her knees, sobbing in pure relief. She would have slumped to the ground completely if she was not leaning on Aang, crying into his shoulder, while he calmly held her, whispering like a mantra, "I'm okay, Katara. Everyone's fine, it's all over."

Sokka beamed and tightened his arm around Suki. For Katara, he was willing to hold on a little longer.

092. Lifetime

"But I'm so…confused. I really like him, and I know he likes me, but why doesn't he do anything about it?"

Avatar Aang smiled apologetically at her. "Ah, young men are strange. We try to seem invincible, but our knees quake at even the thought of being around a girl. Especially the pretty ones, such as yourself."

She smiled in thanks for the complement. Aang put a hand on her shoulder. "Don't worry. Love is hard, when you are young."

He turned to the scene before them, and so did she. A teenaged Avatar Aang hopped off his sky bison, to be nearly tackled by a Water Tribe girl. Laughing, he picked her up and spun her around. The two smiled blissfully, and the girl pulled him from the hug into a passionate kiss.

Avatar Aang looked back to the girl beside him, his present reincarnation. "But it gets better with every lifetime."

093. One

It was the title everyone knew him by: the last airbender. The one survivor of the massacre of an entire race. The only person alive who could bend the winds to his will.

Aang held the tiny baby in his arms. Gradually, the infant stopped crying, and the wind died down.

Aang smiled when the child was asleep, and there was nothing but a soft breeze.

"Now, there are two."

094. Sense

"Ow!" A sharp punch to the arm and the small girl behind it greeted him as he entered the room. "What?"

Half of Toph's mouth rose as she jerked her finger in the direction behind him. He turned around to see Katara, bending over Sokka's "improved" painting. She saw him and flashed a blushed smile and the entire memory of what happened on the balcony moments before filled his head. He turned back to Toph. Her smirk was etched smugly across her face.

Aang felt himself blushing when he realized they'd been standing on a stone balcony.

In response, she gave his arm another punch, lighter this time.

"Well, finally, Twinkletoes," she mumbled, and smartly ambled back over to the table.

095. For You

Aang wasn't so sure that he had done the right thing. After all, Katara had strictly told him that she didn't want and wouldn't accept gifts.

But he knew she liked it, because she teared up and flung herself at him.


He smiled and felt like his heart would explode as he gently tied the necklace on, and the pure love on her face told Aang this had definitely been the perfect gift.

096. Deeper

She was a waterbender, and therefore she should be able to keep from drowning. But this was ecstasy, and the more she needed to breathe, the deeper she wanted to sink.

Drowning felt so good.

097. Love

"How much do I love you?" He smirked. "I could name one hundred words."

She put her hands on her hips, flirtily egging him on. "Oh really, now. I could name one hundred more."

"I could sing hundred songs."

"I could tell one hundred stories."

"I'd love you for another hundred years."

"I'd tell you one hundred times a day."

"I'll tell you one hundred right now," he said grinning, quickly gathering her in his arms. He pulled her into a breathless kiss. "One." And another. "Two." And another. "Three…"

It wasn't long before they both lost count.

098. Write

She was going to postpone this as long as she could. "Are you sure you have everything packed?"

Aang patted himself up and down. "Let's see…clothes on my back, glider, Appa, and Momo. Yep, I have everything."

She rolled her eyes. "Remind me to kick Zuko for giving you a dry sense of humor. Do you have a map?"

He pulled one out of his sleeve with a flourish. "Alright…do you have…"

"Food, yes. Water, yes. Sleeping bag, Appa." He tweaked one of her hair loops. "I'm set to go. You just haven't said your good-bye yet."

She sighed and drew him into a long embrace. He stroked her back lightly, as reluctant to let go as she was.

Suddenly, she pulled back. "And you'll write? Every day, if you can?"

Aang broke away to rummage through Appa's saddle. Grinning, he showed her what looked like at least forty scrolls tied down to an inkbottle and brush.

"Katara, I'm way ahead of you."

099. Letter

The boy bit his tongue in concentration as he moved the brush across the paper, dark ink spelling out the letters and characters.

Wind, he wrote. Water. Home. Temple. Family. Flying. Lemur. Snow.

With the careful addition of each word, he thought of another.

Sword. Boomerang. Belt. Fan. Mask.

Ships. Campfire. Stories. War. Peace.

The page was quickly filled. Finishing the assignment was the hardest. But finally, the boy thought of what tied all of his words together, and painted it neatly in the center of the page.

When My Parents Met On An Iceberg.

100. Promise

Sometimes, all they wanted and needed was each other.

"I love you," she whispered, warm breath on his cheek.

"I love you," he murmured.

She shifted, their faces perfectly aligned and arms snug around neck and waist.

"Will you always?"

His lips brushed against hers as he spoke.

"I promise."

They melded together, complete.