a/n: 20 minutes of procrastination yield this? okay, sure, i'll go with it. it's not what i usually do. not my usually characters. but the music inspired me for the last 'scene'. and hey- i even made a backstory in my head for all this! anyone care to take a guess? as to what's REALLY going on? oh snap, chiyoko. you are one crazy bitch. :D

disclaimer: characters are not mine.

tunes: serenata immortale- immediate


A tender touch, a sweet kiss… broken by her scream.

Rage wells up inside her body, its angry curls of hate swimming through her blood maliciously.

"You disgust me," she hisses, spitting on his face. Axel turns, the saliva collecting on his right cheek. Roxas stands up from Axel's side, clenching his teeth angrily.

"Don't pretend like you don't know," she addresses Roxas, her voice just barely above a muted sigh.

"Larxene…" Axel's voice strains against his throat. "Don't."

"Know what?" Roxas asks softly.

"Nobodies don't love," she mocks. "Nobodies don't feel!" Her eyes shift back and forth, tendrils of hair whipping her face. Shock etches Roxas' face. He grips his jacket with gloved hands, squeezing tightly.

Larxene smiles wildly.

"What?" Roxas says, his gaze flying to Axel.

"Don't listen to her," he assures, "she's lying." Axel wipes the spit from his face. "Roxas, I…"

"Are you lying?" Roxas asks, anger coating his words. Larxene smiles.

"Don't listen to her," Axel pleas.

Larxene slips her knives into her hands, caressing them with her fingers. The cold steel, glinting fiercely, gives her such… joy. "I guess I am lying… a little." She saunters closer to them. Roxas takes a step back. Axel stands, his arm outstretched in front of Roxas. She smiles. She laughs. "I guess I am lying a little bit…"

The three stand for a moment, a moment of silence. Axel's eyes burn feverishly. She takes one look at Roxas, and makes her decision.

"No!" Axel screams, pushing Roxas behind him violently. Roxas slams into the wall, his breath escapes his lungs aggressively.

She plunges a knife into Axel's chest, and he shrieks, falling back against Roxas.

"You monster!" Roxas yells, cradling Axel's writhing body in his arms.

"Looks like nobodies do feel after all," she screeches, ripping the knife out of his flesh, feeling his warm blood flow against her gloved hand. Axel howls with pain. Roxas screams his name, but Larxene doesn't hear it. She doesn't hear any of it.

All she hears is laughter.

And she's laughing as she walks out the room, laughing as she wipes Axel's blood off her knife, laughing as she steps through the portal, laughing as the rain pours down her face.

She stands on top of the skyscraper, and laughs along with a sharp crack of thunder. She's laughing so hard that she can't even tell when the laughter becomes sobs, when the giggles become tears. A flash of lightning illuminates her face. The rain soaks through the tears.

Larxene bends, and Larxene breaks.

"If I can't feel, why do I hurt so much!?" she screams.

But nobody hears her.

Nobody hears her.