Don't trip, don't trip, don't trip…

I always thought that; I was so clumsy, that even if I wasn't actually thinking it in my head, it was still playing in the back-round.

Don't trip…

I carried my luggage up the few stares and entered the main hall to the dorms. Everyone's head turned to look at me, and I hid my blush behind my hair. I walked up to the counter.

"Excuse me?" a tart lady looked up and smiled.

"Good morning! Welcome to Omar High!" she said it a little too happily. I just nodded and she asked my name.

"Bella Swan" and she immediately started clicking her fingers on the keyboard.

"Okay Bella, you're in room 160, with a Miss Alice Cullen…" she looked at the name more closely and made a face. She gave me the key and as I turned to pick up my bag, I heard her whisper, "good luck."

Uh oh. How bad was Alice Cullen?

I picked up my bag and walked to the elevator, walking in with another girl. I prayed I wouldn't trip, and was very happy that the doors were closing without me having to run fast to try and catch the elevator.

I looked at the girl and she was looking at me too. She smiled.

"Hi, I'm Angela." I nodded and shook her hand. "I'm Bella." I looked over her complection and hair, and she looked rather pretty.

"You're new right? What room are you in?"

Of course she knew I was new. Who wouldn't? Not many people come to school in the middle of their freshman year. I looked at my card with my room number.

"I'm in room 160." She didn't say anything at first, but she suddenly chuckled.

"Good luck," she said and the elevator door opened. She walked out without another word and I stared, stunned.

That was the second time. Why did I need so much luck? Well, I could use it, seeing how much luck I already have as it is. But seriously; what's with this Alice chick?

When I got to my room door, I shakily opened it, expecting the worse, like hard metal music or a knife stuck in her boot.

But when I opened the door, I froze, totally taken by surprise.

The room was lightly colored, happy and innocent. I choked on my breath when I tried to breathe again, and smiled.

She actually seemed normal!

I looked to the left and saw that the bed was messy and had a few pink and purple pillows thrown on it, and knew immediately it was the girls'. I took the bed on the right, which was plain but tidy.

I set my bag down and waited. The Alice girl still wasn't here, and my brain took that chance to worry.

What if she doesn't like me? What if we don't get along? What happens if-

The door suddenly slammed open and in skipped a pixie-like girl. She abruptly stopped when she saw me and froze.

For a second she didn't move, but suddenly her face brightened.

"Rosalie! Rosalie!!" she yelled. No response. "ROSALIE!!"

"What!" someone screamed back. In came a girl with long blonde hair, looking like a supermodel. She looked at the pixie, then at me, and smiled.

The pixie came over to me and gave me a quick hug.

"I'm Alice." She said happily. Uh oh. Wonder what's wrong with her.

"I'm Bella." I was so proud of myself, I didn't stutter!

Alice smiled and pointed to the other girl, about to speak but was interrupted.

"I'm Rosalie," she said with a grin. I shook her hand. They both looked at each other, and it seemed they were having a silent conversation. Alice suddenly turned to me and clapped her hands. "So, how are you Bella? Have you seen the campus yet?" I shook my head in shock and she looked at Rosalie. "Well Rosalie, I guess we have to show her around!" Alice grabbed my arm and pulled me so fast I almost fell on the floor. She easily picked me up though, and she continued running.

"Why are we going so fast?" I asked her, before tripping on nothing. She grabbed me back up. "Oh, uh I don't want you to miss anything. The day's almost over!" she smiled then looked ahead. I gulped. Maybe this was the reason?

I just met her, and she was already running me around the building. I couldn't see Rosalie, but I could hear her running behind us.

I think Alice was running as fast as she could, as if there were a fire. I looked at people as we passed, and they gave me a sympathetic look. Great.

We finally slammed out the doors, but I crashed into a thick wall and jumped back. I looked up to see a boy looking at me in confusion.

He. Was. Huge! Huge, huge, huge!! His muscles were popping, and he was tall. I gaped at him, but quickly closed my mouth when he started talking.

"Alice? What are you doing? I thought we were going to hang out in your room?" I heard Alice groan.

"Um, Emmet, this is Bella. Bella, meet Emmet." I looked up at him and he was smiling ear to ear. He grabbed my hand and shook it. "Nice to meet you!"

Because of him shaking my hand so hard, my voice was rattling. "N-nice to m-meet you to!" he finally let go and I put both hands behind my back, massaging the one he shook.

"Well, Emmet, we got to go, you know, she's new, so she hasn't seen the building yet." She suddenly grabbed my hand so hard I fell to the floor. "Jeez Alice! Be careful!" Emmet easily picked me up and Alice grabbed my hand again. Before she took off speeding, he asked, "Are you alright?" I replied, "don't worry, happens" and then I was yanked and forced to run again. I saw Rosalie kiss him on the cheek before she began to run with us.

We totally avoided all the main walk ways, and went to the little sidewalks on the side of the building.

We saw at least half of it before Alice's cell phone rang. "Yes Emmet?" she said, without looking at the number on her phone. There was some urgent talking on the other line and she groaned. "Fine, okay, thanks for trying."

"Who was that?" I asked innocently.

"My brother, Emmet." She sighed. I gaped, and she looked at me. "You okay?"

"He's your brother!?" I practically yelled. She nodded. "Yep." She looked around.

When she opened her mouth to ask to run, all I did was hold out my hand. "Let's go. But please not so fast? It's like your running from a fire." She smiled.

"Something like that."

And then before I could reply, we were running again. Thankfully, not as fast, but fast enough to make me trip on some steps into a garden. She stopped, and I looked around.

"Wow," I said. "Beautiful."

around us were plants of all sizes and shapes, beautiful ones with scents and some others without. roses, lilacs, daisy's, and any other flowers you could imagine. even some random cacti scattered everywhere.

i looked at Alice and it seemed she was on watch, her head looking this way and that like a dog. i got kind of scared.

"alice?" i asked meekly. i cleared my throat, and she looked at me. "oh! sorry!" she walked toward me. i looked around and saw Rosalie was gone.

"i was just looking out for somebody. so, what's up?" she casually sat down on a bench, and crossed her legs. for some reason, even though she practically kidnapped me, i felt comfortable around her.

i shrugged and sat down next to her. "i don't know. my first day is tomorrow and i guess i'm a little freaked." she nodded.

"yea, first days are always tough. when i first started, i was nervous about the whole thing. what people would think, what should i wear, what make-up would go good, don't overdress, don't underdress..." she looked like she was back in that time, her face set in a stage of panic. i tapped her shoulder and she snapped back. "sorry." i nodded.

"its okay." i looked back at the plants when suddenly she hugged me. "i'm so glad to meet you!" she said with a squeel. i laughed and hugged her back. "you too."

Rosalie suddenly ran in and gave Alice a look. Alice nodded. "come on," she said, "time to move again."

-- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

basically the rest of the day was just us running around and stopping at random spots. i don't think i remembered anything, but tomorrow i'd know, right?

tomorrow came too fast. i woke up to the sound of an alarm clack and sat up, looking around the room.

Alice was already dressed and sitting on her bed. "good morning," she said happily. "i set the alarm clock for you."

i quietly thanked her and got out of bed. i did my usual ruitine, brushing my teeth and washing my face. i got out of the bathroom and got into a change of clothes, immediately worrying if they weren't right for the first day.

i asked Alice, and surprisingly, she said it looked good. her face lit up when she saw me so i knew she was telling the truth. i mean, with a room like this, you've gotta have some taste, right?

we both walked out of the building together, and walked over to the classes. we stopped near the lunch benches and i told her my schedule.

"oh great!" she said. "we have P.E. and calculus together!" she smiled big and started jumping. "okay, okay, okay," i tried to calm her down. she finally stopped and looked at my schedule again.

something flashed in her eyes. i didn't have enough time to figure it out, because the bell rang and Alice picked up her bag.

"see you in an hour," she said, happily waving. i put my schedule back in my bag and picked it up.

earlier she told me where all the classrooms were, so i was extra thankful when i found the fist class quickly. everyone was already seated, but the teacher wasn't there, so i awkwardly walked in and a million faces turned to stare at me.

i blushed (friken habit!!) and walked to the front, dropping my paper on the teacher's desk though he wasn't there yet. i looked around and saw Angela, the girl i met yesterday, waving her arms and pointing to an empty seat next to her.

i smiled at her and walked to the desk, but tripping on the leg of it. i slyly moved into my seat as if i did it on purpose, but still saw a few people laughing quietly.

"hey," i said. she smiled.

"hey. how was Alice? you alive?" she poked me and i giggled. damn it!

"yea, i'm alive. she just ran me around all day, trying to show me the whole campus."

"isn't it huge?" she practically yelled. a few people looked at her but then turned back.

i laughed. "yea, it is. it took forever!" then we started mindless talk, and the teacher walked in. nobody went silent, as i had expected, but instead kept talking as if they haven't noticed.

mr.burtish (i saw his name on his desk) cleared his throat, and when it didn't work he slammed a foler on his desk.
"quiet!" he yelled. everyone went silent, finally, and he looked at his desk, picking up my paper.

"isabella swan?" i groaned inwardly and stood up, dropping my back pack on the floor.

"yes?" he motioned for me to come up and i tried my best not to trip. i made it successfully, and silently congragulated myself. "hello Isabella,"

"Bella." i quickly said. he nodded.

"well, Bella, hello." he looked to the class. "this is our new student, Isabella Swan," Bella...i said in my head.

"please treat her nicely and try to show her around the school. have you had a tour already?" he looked at me.

i nodded, hiding my smile and heard Angela snickering in the back. i glared at her.

"good, good," he said. "well then, you can sit down." i went quicker than i should've, and fell into my chair. i quickly rearranged myself as Angela went into a quiet laughter she could barely contain.

for the first three hours, the classes were exactly like that. in Calculus i sat next to Alice and we talked the whole time, ignoring the teachers' lectures. i learned a lot about her, and was happy she seemed my friend.

it turns out Emmet is her brother (i asked again, not really believing), and that he's going out with Rosalie.

wow, i thought, what a couple.

Alice has a boyfriend named Jasper, but she doesn't have any classes with him. she seemd extremely sad about that fact, and i patted her shoulder. she told me that Rosalie was Jasper's step-cousin, and that's how they met.

third hour was boring. literally nothing to tell.

at fourth hour, i stepped into the room with everyone turning to face me again. i ignored it this time, probably used to it by now, but still couldn't help my blush. damn. damn. damn.

i set my paper on th eteachers desk, and...Mrs.fullow looked up at me. "hmmm..." she said to herself. "isabella,"

"Bella." she nodded, smiling.

"Bella. you can...sit over there, in the empty seat next to mr. Cullen." Cullen? weird...

i saw the empty seat wihtout looking at the person next to it and started walking. i recognized a few people from my other clases, and they looked at me expectantly, waiting for me ot trip.

which i did. right in front of my empty chair, i tripped and fell on my knees to the floor, dropping a few of my books from my bag. "crap..."

i picked up all the books and set them on the table, ignoring the quiet laughing surrounding me. i slowly got up and set myself against my chair, finally safe.

i heard the boy next to me trying to keep in his laughter, and i easily got mad. i put my elbow on the desk and set the side of my face on it, so i couldn't see him or anythign near him. only the board and my left side.

he went quiet and i heard his chair scrape forward. "hello," said a smooth voice.

i grunted and didn't look at him. quiet for a minute, i heard his chair scrape again. "how are you?" the smooth voice said again.

"just peachy, thank you." i said it in a sarcastic voice. he was quiet again, and for the rest of the class it stayed that way.
just what you deserve, i evily thought. i smiled.

i think i day-dreamed in class, which wasn't good for a newbie like me. suddenly everyone started to get up and a bell rang. i got up too, and started gathering my things.

i was the last one to leave, because i didn't want to embarrass myself again. right outside the door, i was abruptly pulled back in by the sleeve. "what the!?" I stumbled and fell to the floor.

the door closed and i didn't get up. don't face him...whoever it is.

"hey" the person said. oh.

"what was with the attitude?" i herd his steps coming toward me and his hand land lighty on my back. "you okay?"

i actually laughed. am i okay? you just pushed my on the floor and locked me in the classroom! yea, right, im okay.

when i finished laughing, i finally spoke. "you just pushed me on the floor and locked me in the classroom. am i okay? yea sure, whatever." he took his hand off and i heard him chuckle. whoa...

"what was the attitude about?" what's with this guy!?

"nothing. you were being a jerk; you laughed at me. i get mad easily." i was facing the wall and heard him sit down next to me and start massaging my back. i shivered, and he chuckled again.

"really?" he said in a low voice. it made me shicer again as i heard his voice whisper in my ear, "i thought it was because you had a thing for me. you know, pretend you hate him when you really like them?" he laughed. "in fact...i think that's the reason." he bent lower and i got...well...mad.

"jack-ass!" i yelled, and jumped up slapping his face. "you really think that!? i've never even seen you! i never looked at you! you really think i'm going to fall head over heels for you like that!?"

and then i did see him. he had his hand to his face, a look of surprise, shock, disbelief, and something else locked in his eyes. omhygod...he was beautiful. pale skin, ruffled sandy hair, and...bright moss green eyes.

that didn't stop my anger though. in fact, because of my anger i don't really think i really noticed his beauty that much. i kept yelling. "are you used to stuff like that!?" he smiled a triumphant smile. i snorted. "hard to believe; you're such a jerk. why would you even think that i would do that?" i looked into his eyes and bent down so i was right in front of him. "you don't even know me. next time, when you find a girl that seems to be acting like that, try actually talking to her first, you know, getting to know her. it might actually work." i put my face away and stepped back, quickly grabbing my back-pack.

"don't talk to me again." i said as i walked over him. "you're not even that cute..."

whoa. whoa. whoa. whoa! did i just say that? did i just lie?? bad, bad, bad girl!!

i walked out of the door anyway and walked to the lunch benches, leaving him behind to sort through what i said.