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The leaves crunched beneath my feet. All I saw were trees, trees, and more trees. At other times, a random squirrel but otherwise still trees. I sighed deeply and felt my face become a mask of irritation as I kept walking, looking for the marker to tell me I was in the correct spot.

Earlier when Edward had called me he told me to walk into the forest off the La Push beach from the side of the road. I was completely speechless of course, but when he told me it was for the contest, I had swallowed a lump in my throat and agreed to meet him.

There was supposed to be a yellow flag attached to a tree that I would immediately notice. It's supposed to be the tree that would mark our spot.

If I ever found it.

But just as I was about to give up hope, there it was, a huge thick and tall tree that looked the oldest out of all the trees I've seen. And trust me, I've seen a lot. Around its thick trunk was a band of yellow, attached to it also was another piece of yellow fabric hanging loosely from it.

I dropped my bag and set my hands on my hips. I surveyed the area but didn't see Edward.

I looked to the sky. It was beginning to get dark.

Where was he?

I looked around again and saw nothing more than I saw before.

I let out a breath I had been holding and bent down to get my bag out of a pile of leaves. But as I began to bend, something grabbed the back of my belt and I was pulled backwards, crashing into something hard as arms snaked around my waist.

"Are you ready?"

Just hearing Edwards voice whisper in my ear made me shiver. He chuckled quietly and I turned in his arms, glaring at him. "What took you so long?"

"I was here the whole time," he said innocently. "I just wanted to watch you."

Ever since Edward had told me he loved me, he's been very abrupt and wasn't afraid to do or say anything to me.

Such as this.

"You wanted to…watch me?" I raised my brow as he laughed. His grip tightened around my waist.

"I always want to watch you." His face went serious and I gulped and twirled out of his arms.

"So…you ready? Got the watch?" he nodded and held up his wrist where a black watch was wrapped around it.

"Great." I glanced at the watch and back at him. "Did you set it?"

Edward smirked and held out his wrist. "As the rules have stated, you may take a look at my beautiful watch."

I rolled my eyes and looked at the watch. Good. It was set to five minutes.

I dropped his hand and he pressed the button.

At the same time he said, "GO!" he grabbed my hand and lurched me forward so hard I nearly fell to the ground if it weren't for Edward's arms.

But we kept falling; that was the odd thing. I landed on top of him, thus no impact on me, but almost immediately Edward pushed me forward and to the side so he ended up hovering over me.

Next thing I knew his lips were all over me, trailing light kisses across my cheeks, down my neck, forehead, over my eyelids, while his hands gripped my wrists and pinned me down. His elbows stayed on the ground to make sure he didn't crush me, but what it did do was force his body closer to mine. I could barely breath, but only because he felt so close.

His lips finally moved to mine and I accepted them. We practically melded together and he groaned into my mouth, pressing closer to me.


He forced my hands above my head and trailed a free hand down my waist, moved his lips down my neck, slowly, slowly…

Shiiit….he was winning….

My heart thumped, which was distracting me as I tried to think of a way to give me the upper hand. But beside my heart, also Edward was distracting me and I couldn't think straight while his hand trailed down my body and his lips kissed my face….

SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kissed him back when his lips found mine again. His grip loosened on my hands and I set them free to spread them out on his chest. I loosely wrapped my legs around his torso which made him stop kissing to look at me.

"Bella, what are you..."

All he saw was my evil smile before I used all my strength to push him forward and over me until I was straddling him.

Go Bella!!

He started laughing and I looked down at him.


Instead of answering, he fisted my hair in his hand and roughly kissed me.

Everything pretty much went down from there. No matter that I was straddling him, no way, he still wound up making me flushed and moaning into his mouth. At one point he had stopped kissing me to say that he liked me in that position.

I had blushed cherry red and had a huge urge to jump off him and hide behind a tree.

Of course I didn't, but the urge was strong.

I realized a lot was happening in a short amount of time. For some reason, and I don't even remember how, he was pinning me against a tree and chuckling as he nuzzled into my neck.

"Two more minutes left. I wonder what I'll dare you…?" he chuckled again and I gnashed my teeth together. I needed to do something!!

I slightly turned my head to the side and saw only his jaw and the side of his neck.

A light bulb should have turned on above my head because I suddenly had an idea.

I leaned more into him and relaxed my lips at his pulse point. I slipped my tongue out from between my teeth and lightly licked him.

His whole freakin' body tensed and I used it to my advantage. I lightly bit where I had licked and began sucking on the skin.

I repeated the process over again and Edward remained immobile, though breathing more hard. I did the same thing over and over again until I knew it was enough.

As I leaned back Edwards body shivered, as if he could finally relax now that I was done sucking on his neck. I looked down and examined my work.

Wow; I make good hickeys.

When I began to focus back on Edward I realized that he was standing closer than last time I checked, practically touching me.

And also staring at me.

When he knew I was staring back at him his shocked gaze turned into a sneer and he pushed even closer to me, whispering, "Bad girl" before locking his lips with mine.

It definitely went down hill from there.

He passionately kissed me while he practically ground into me. His hands blindly held my face so I couldn't turn away.

Only two minutes?

ONLY two minutes??

I couldn't help but sigh into his mouth as our tongues found each other. My right hand came up and cradled the back of his head, idly playing with strands of his hair.

I lost.

I got so into the kiss that I was actually confused when Edward broke away. Then I heard the beeping noise and understood.

He took at lest five steps away from me and turned off his watch. He let his eyes focus on the watch for a second then finally looked up to me.

We stared at each other and I couldn't move. I felt trapped in his gaze, as cheesy as that may sound. I felt my breathing relax, but the blush in my cheeks would not go away.

"You won."

Edward smirked. "Yep."

I smiled at his easy acceptance.

"I told you I'd win," he continued as he walked forward, taunting me. I raised my brows.

"Oh yea?"

"Yep!" he replied, popping the 'p'.

"Well I'm glad you're so full of yourself," I said coolly. He smirked back at me and my heart squeezed.

"Me too." He came forward, loosely holding my hand, and gave me the softest and sweetest kiss I had ever experienced. My heart squeezed further and my stomach fluttered.

Okay, fine, I loved him a lot. Any girl with any sense would be the exact same!

So as I kissed him back just as sweetly, I thought of how I would be saving these kisses forever.


(Still BPOV)

"Can you just freaking dare me already!?" Edward laughed loudly as I whined.

"No, not yet. You have to wait."

I sulked as we parked and sulked even when he opened my door and helped me out. In fact, I was still sulking when we were seated and handed our menus.

It was the week after the last contest and I was fed up beyond compare with all the 'secret dare' crap.

After a second of glancing at the menu I casually asked, "So, what's the dare?"

"Choose your food," was all that he said.


I sighed and chose my food.

When my simple cheeseburger and French fries were in front of me, I took a big bite of my burger than began glaring at Edward as he ate his soup.

"What's the dare?" I asked after I swallowed.

He didn't answer,

"Do I have to jump in a pool naked?"

He choked on his soup and started laughing.

"No," he gasped out.

"Eat five bottles of mustard?"

He looked at me like I was crazy. "Of course not."

"Eat ten chocolate ice creams?"

He smiled. "That might've been good, but no."

I sighed heavily and leaned back against my seat. The restaurant wasn't exactly full, the lights were dim, and from the one bite I had taken the food was very good.

Alice must've suggested it here.

"Endure two weeks of Emmet's hugs?"
he laughed again at that one and shook his head.

"That's too easy."

"To you it is," I grumbled. "But seriously, what is it? I'm going crazy!" for emphasis I waved my arms above my head.

His face softened and he said quietly, "Agree to being my girlfriend."

Time slowed, my vision blurred, and I think even my breathe came short.


"I dare you to agree to my offer of you being my girlfriend. You can always break up with me later," he added quickly, "but I still want us to try."

I actually froze, and before I could stop it a huge grin spread across my face. I quickly pressed it down and made it into a small, calm smile.

"That's it? That's the dare?"

He nodded once and gazed at me.

My heart soared, my pulse pumped and I felt I might even start giggling.

"But that's too easy!" I let my grin spread throughout my features and leaned forward in my chair.

"Then you'd better accept," he said with his crooked smile.

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The meadow (many people voted)
locked in a classroom
rent out apartment
a closet
the bathroom
Edward's Volvo (funny, and many people voted)
the roof of the dorm
at the park where the sprinklers would go off and it would turn romantic….(many people voted)
a deserted beach
shoe room at josh's work (many people voted)
one of the dorms
the library
an abandoned house
an elevator where they would pull the emergency stop so they could do the contest
a pool
the staffroom
a tool shed (…?)
making Alice evil and to tell E & B to go to a 'secret' place while actually the whole school is watching (I actually considered this)
school lunch area
a bear cave (hahhahahahahahahahahaha)
a tree where Bella would fall off (hahahahahahahahahaha)
basketball court
parking lot
giant ice cream factory (…..seriously….)_
a swimming pool
McDonalds playland (hehe)
picnic trable (how…?)
observatory room above gym
during a date
in a lake on a row boat

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