Chapter 1 you hit me I hit you

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Konoha (fire country territory)

Uzumaki Naruto climb the top of a lamp post watching the view of the village, after three years of training in the open road with JiraIya he has finally return. He gaze at the view of the village and notice that nothing has change since the last timehe was here before leaving, until he saw the Hokage mountain faces seeing the face of the fifth Hokage Tsunade another sanin like Jiraiya. He smile at the village after three years he has missed Konoha, even if his childhood was a living hell because he's the container of the nine tails fox demon Kyubi. Now he was wondering how everyone was doing, his friends the person who have acknowledge him and became precious to him. He took a deep breath feeling happy for returning to his village dying to see everyone again.

"Hey Naruto"

His ears perk up hearing that sweet voice how can he ever forget that beautiful angelic voice, he knew it was his pink hair teammate and childhood crush Sakura. When he was training with the toad sanin he couldn't stop thinking about her, she was the only thing in his mind. He has been in love with her since he was five; he hated the fact that she liked Sasuke always talking how much she liked him she was truly a fan girl. Even if the Uchiha became his best friend he hated him for not loving Sakura back, he never knew what he was missing he will sold his soul just to have the same affection she have for Sasuke. In the end Sasuke left for Orochimaru to gain power so he can continue in his quest for vengeance, now he after returning from his training he was going to fulfill his promise of the life time in bringing him back to the village.

He looked down and there she was, he felt his hear skipping a beat at the sight of his pink hair crush. Sakura still had her pink hair short shoulder length; she was wearing something different from her old genin clothes a red sleeveless blouse with a zipper and the white circle the symbol of her clan on the back. She also had an incomplete pink skirt with a pair of black shorts, black ninja boots pink elbow pads and her red headband was at the top of her head. Naruto felt himself blush but he erased it giving her a big smile, she was still the most beautiful kunoichi in the village in his eyes. He climbs down from the lamp post and landed safely on the ground while Sakura saw the new Naruto.

When she heard that her blond teammate happy was back from his training she felt so happy, she admitted that she has missed him in the past three years the Konoha wasn't the same without him. She didn't know why she felt a little nervous when she first saw him, also she ignore the feeling of having butterflies flying around on her stomach. She took a long look at him he was wearing a different jumpsuit from his old one, like his old one it was orange but with black it look better than his old one and he was wearing a new headband which was colored black. She like the new look for her blond teammate, she didn't know why the sudden comment that he was cute cross her mind, but she immediately dispelled it.

"Sakura-chan how are you?" he said giving his fox grin.

'I'm doing fine welcome back Naruto" she smile too for some reason she thought that his fox grin makes him look even cutter but ignore it.

Jiraiya who was behind them was watching the little reunion with amused grin he wanted to make sure that his student got all the things he told him when it comes to talking with women. He knew he needed his professional advice because he was a lost cause when it comes to understand the heart of a woman.

(Flashback to water country territory three years ago)

Naruto and Jiraiya were camping in the open road since the toad sanin waste all of their money in sake and women, they couldn't stay in a inn. They were sitting near camp fire while Naruto was eating one of the noodle cups he brought from his apartment.

"All right Naruto listen up tonight instead of teaching you a new jutsu I'm going to give you a few pointers about women in this case we'll talk about that girl with the pink hair that you like so much"

Naruto blush while eating his noodles and swallow a couple of them" you mean Sakura-chan you're going to give me tips to win her over?"

"Yup you got it"

He snorted" yeah right what can you do you're a big pervert there's no way you can teach me a thing"

He growl" look brat I may not look like it but I'm a professional when it comes to know a woman's heart and I know how to win the heart of Sakura"

Naruto was now interested" you really think you can help me conquer her heart" he finish with a small blush on his cheeks looking at his now empty noodle cup.

"Indeed for what you have tell me about her she has a bad temper and she's usually hits you" he said while chuckling (she's just like Tsunade)" anyway girls like Sakura are dominus typus"

"Huh what's that supposed to mean?" Naruto said really confused.

"It stands for the dominant type girls like Sakura like to show affection for the boys they like by punching them yes I know it's weird but it's the truth, the regular woman likes to show affection by hugging or kissing but not Sakura if you want her to love you all you have to do when she hits you, you will hit her back"

"WHAT are you crazy if I do that she will kill me I won't follow your crazy advice?"

"Trust me now if you hit her back she will feel more attractive to you than ever" he said with grin.

"You are so crazy why in the world a woman would love to get hit and she will like that guy for hitting her it's sound pretty fuck up and also….hey wait a minute what do you mean she will feel more attractive to me?"

The toad sanin grin" Naruto Sakura already likes you as boyfriend material"

"No way that can't be……Sakura-chan likes me like that it's impossible she likes Sasuke" the blond said shock.

"No kid she didn't like Sasuke like that it was just a stupid fan girl crush, but she wants you by seeing the things you're willing to do just to have her affection, she has fallen for you secretly that's why she hits you she's the dominant type she hits you as a sign that she likes you a lot all you have to do is make your move on her show her that you like her a lot to by hitting her back. Trust me kid you will be thanking me I want you to do it when we return to Konoha"

Naruto nodded" okay I'll do it….but I swear if she ends up killing me I will come back from the grave and beat your perverted ass"

"Yeah yeah whatever"

(End of flashback)

Jiraiya chuckle (all right kid it's time that you show your affections for her soon you will have her wrap in your little finger)

"So…um…Naruto what do you think of me do I look more womanly?" Sakura finish with a small blush on her cheeks.

Naruto gave her a big smile" Sakura-chan you're still the same as always"

She frowns at his answer while turning her back to him while he was confuse and Jiraiya felt disappointed.

"You still don't understand the heart of a woman I thought I taught you better Naruto"

"What but I was being honest she has always been very beautiful in my eyes"

Sakura heard that and felt herself blushing a lot she was glad that she had her back turn to him, otherwise she will be very embarrassed.


Naruto look ahead and saw Konohamaru, Udon and Moegi suddenly Konohamaru exploded in a cloud of revealing a very sexy naked woman. Jiraiya's obvious reaction was a huge nose bleed falling on his ass while Sakura was in outrage at the teens actions.

Konohamaru return back to normal" what do you think of that boss?"

Naruto grin" hey Konohamaru I'm not a kid anymore I don't have time to do those kind of things anymore"

Konohamaru and his friends were really shock to hear that while Sakura was blushing dreamily at him.

(Wow Naruto has really mature I can't believe it I guess he's more cute now)

"Konohamaru watch me as I show you my new develop PERVERTED JUTSU"

(Yes like his new perverted jutsu…) Sakura thought as she became piss.



She punch him hard sending him a few yards from the streets while the villagers were looking at the scene in pure terror seeing the strength of the pink hair kunoichi. Jiraiya recover from his nose bleed and when he saw Sakura's reaction he felt like pissing his pants.

(Holy shit she's like a second Tsunade OH NO Naruto please whatever you do don't hit her back)

Sakura stomp at him until reaching his fallen body she grab him by the collar and started shaking him like a rag doll.


Naruto just had enough he wasn't going to let this go unnoticed, it was time to test what Jiraiya told him.

(No more Mr. nice guy Sakura-chan I have had it with you)

Sakura continued to shake him like a rag doll while Konohamaru his friends Jiraiya and the villagers were still staring at her in pure horror. Sakura glared at him still shaking him until she saw that he has recover from her punch, he clench his left fist and raise it high straight at her.


The whole group was shock as they saw the impossible happened Naruto just punch her face sending her a few yards away, he didn't know why but he somehow like the idea of hitting his pink hair teammate it actually felt good. For a moment Sakura thought that maybe she was dreaming because she couldn't believe what just happened, he blond teammate her friend Uzumaki Naruto has just hit her face real hard. She slowly got up while only looking at the blond ninja, she was shock she never thought he will ever in a million years hit her she rub her cheek and it hurt looks like he has really gone strong in his training with Jiraiya. She felt all kinds of emotions anger, sadness, pain but most of all she couldn't help it, she has never felt so attractive to him she thought she was crazy but the way he hit her the way that he was in control that fact that he used the same method she used to show her affections really turn her on a lot.

Naruto was really worry when he saw the look in her face, she look hurt betrayed he growl in his mind it was that old perverts fault for making him believe that she will love him if he hit her back he has regretted hitting her truly. He saw that she was rubbing her painful cheek where he struck her, for a moment he saw something reflected in her jade eyes the feeling of love and lust. He shook his head it couldn't be there was no way she will think like that after what he did, that is until he saw Sakura licking her lips in a very sensual matter he somehow got a reaction in his pants but he ignore it. Sakura then look at him with sadness she felt betrayed while on the inside she was burning with passion for him, what he did took guts for a man to actually stand up to her just prove her that he was worthy to be her man hell yeah.

"Um….Sakura-chan are you okay?" he said nervous and of course it was a stupid question knowing that she was far from all right.

"Naruto….you….you ..hit me…" she suddenly gave him the most murderous glare of all she was about to unleash her ultimate wrath on her blond teammate.

(Looks like I'm dead) thought a very scare Naruto.

"NARUTO RUN FOR YOUR LIFE" Jiraiya shouted in panic.


Too late Sakura charge at him with tremendous speed she punch him as hard as she could while Konohamru, Udon and Moegi were shock trembling in terror, Jiraiya was about to cry.

(Looks like I'm going to be attending Naruto's funeral)

Suddenly Naruto vanish in a cloud of smoke replace by a wooden log.

(What substitution jutsu but when did he) Sakura thought.

Naruto appeared next to her an punch her other cheek but this time she stood her ground and tackle him to the ground, she punch him he punch her she punch him again and he did the same thing. The villagers on the street along with Jiraiya and Konohamaru and his friends were watching a bloody fight of fists. Naruto's whole face was bloody the same with Sakura, when she got tire of punching him she started strangling him he did the same botht strangling themselves to death, finally she saw Naruto has stop his strangling on her and she soon followed she was tire not to mention that she was injure from the punches she receive from Naruto.

"Go ahead Sakura-chan finish me off put me out of my misery"

She grin as she raised her fist glowing with chakra, while the villagers were all shock Naruto didn't close his eyes he was going to meet his end at the hands of his pink hair crush he made a mental note to himself to come back from the death and haunt Jiraiya for the rest of his life. Sakura raised her chakra charge fist ready to finish him off, she launch her fist at him when it stop reaching a few centimeters from his face he didn't know why she stop. He saw her jade eyes sparkling with the same glow he saw when he first punch her, he didn't know what it meant was it a bad thing or a good thing. He got his answers when she grab him by his collar and gave him a very passionate kiss with lots of tongue action, the whole crowd was dumbfounded at the scene before them one minute they were beating the crap at each other and now they were kissing passionately. Naruto felt like he was in heaven, he didn't care if his blood was being mixed with Sakura's from the kiss he was kissing her she was kissing him he didn't care about the rest of the world. This is something he thought it will only happen in his dreams, it was happening and he only focus of the pink hair beauty he was kissing he decided to have a little fun and gave her a quick spank on her butt and she didn't mind at all. He knew now that after this he was going to thank the toad sanin for the big advice he gave him, soon they broke the kiss while Sakura smile at him they stood looking at each other's eyes.

Sakura got up and offered her hand to him with a smile like she was never angry with him in the first place" welcome back Naruto-kun"

He blush at the suffix and take her hand to get up" thanks Sakura-chan"


"Okay what just happened?" Konohamaru said not believing what just happen.

Moegi and Udon look the same way while Naruto and Sakura left to the Hokage tower, Sakura took his hand giving him the message that he was her and only hers.

"I guess were actually a couple now Sakura-chan" he gave her his fox grin.

"Yes Naruto-kun whether you like it or not you're mine and only mine" Sakura said with satisfaction in her voice.

"I wouldn't wanted any other way" he said with a smile

"Well that was pretty fuck up" one of the villagers muttered.

To be continued

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