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Chapter 1 : Human Hurricane


"Okay, remind me again why we are going to a museum," I said to Fang, who was getting annoyed about my ranting. We were outside the entrance, waiting in line to get wristbands. But, before I go on, let me tell you something about these stupid, green, wrap-around things that really take a toll on your wallet! They're twelve dollars for eleven year-olds and up, (there goes forty-eight right there), and seven dollars for ten and younger. (Buh-bye fourteen bucks, send me a postcard!). That's sixty-two dollars!!

"For the hundredth time," Fang began, finally answering my question. "We are here because Angel and Gazzy wanted to see a good side of science, the part about how things work, mathematics, and brain puzzles." I glared at him from the corner of my eyes. "At least they're open minded!" he said, defending his explanation. I rolled my eyes and stepped up to the counter.

"Hi, welcome to The Science Museum of Science," she said with fake enthusiasm. I heard Iggy hide some snickers about the name, but I ignored them. "Would you like to get the Deluxe Wristband, which allows you to go inside the butterfly garden and the Human Hurricane?"

"Oh no that's ok--" I began, when Angel cut me off. "Please, Max!" she said, giving me the bambi eyes. I winced, but didn't fall for it. I turned back to the cashier when Nudge tugged on my shirt.

"C'mon Max! We were in a hurricane before, yeah, sure, but we were on the run. This time we can really experience it, AND not be running from a robot with it's organs visible from plastic boxes stacked on top of each other and dog randomly landing on your back--" Iggy covered Nudge's mouth, while my eyes widened a fraction to show that we didn't want to be exposed to the public.

I turned back to the girl, who looked like she was seventeen, and smiled at her scared expression. "We'll take six deluxe wristbands." I said, ignoring the cheering that followed. "How many of you are eleven and older?" The girl asked, calculating the price.

"Four." I said, collecting the money that I was going to give her. After she finally got the prices down, she opened her hand for the money. I handed it to her. She eyed the bills carefully, not moving her hand away. Then her eyes met mine. "The deluxe wristbands are five dollars added onto the regular wristband price." Her fingers wiggled for more cash.

I sighed and fished around in my pockets for the money I had withdrew from the ATM a few blocks away.

Some new purple wristbands and ninety-two dollars later, we entered the museum.

Go figure.

Everything about this museum was giving me the creeps. First, there were a bunch of people, all walking around, looking at all of these weird displays that they probably didn't understand at all, but decided to try them out anyway. The second reason was that everything was distracting, and that totally annoyed me. You could easily lose anyone, or anything for that matter, in here! And the final third reason, I had to spend this whole museum experience with Fang. Yeah, exactly.

It kinda went like this...

"Alright, here we are," I said, eying the museum. "Everyone, find someone to partner with and get ready to look around--"

"Okay Max, thanks!" Iggy said, gathering Angel, Nudge and Gazzy into a group. Total was at the campsite with Akila, talking about his undying love for her, even though she can't understand a word that he said. Don't tell him that.

"Wait, guys--"

"Well, see you later!" Angel called over her shoulder, linking arms with Nudge and skipping next to Iggy and the Gasman. Oh boy.

So here I was now, with Mr. Silent, walking around The Science Museum of Science. The place had three stories, so we had to have a few hours to cover the whole thing. Fang was walking along side me, seeming bored. "Okay," I started, before he interrupted me.

"Look, there's the Human Hurricane," he said, pointing to the sign, ignoring me. "Let's go." he swiftly grabbed my hand and walked over to the man in charge.

"Do you have the Deluxe Wristband?" he asked in a bored tone. Boy, there was a lot of that around here. "If you don't, you will have to pay a three-dollar entry fee and sign this petition."

My eyebrows drew together. "Why would we have to sign a pet--"

"The manager won't let me off of this job unless I make the customers so upset, they sign a petition to make him fire me," he explained, holding out the clipboard. "Sign it and I'll give you a free 15 percent-off discount for the Science Store Gift Shop." Well, you can easily hold out something like that to me. I took the pen and quickly signed my name. Fang took it too and signed 'Nick Smith', in his narrow script.

When he let us in, there was no one else in the room. Good. "Nick Smith?" I asked, my confused expression making him crack a smile.

"I didn't want to have the same last name and tip him off," he said, looking around the room. It was plain white, with a screen. There were a few seats with restraints, obviously so some people wouldn't fall out of their chair.

"This looks... fun," I said, catching the sign above the door.

Maximum Occupancy : 16 persons.

I ignored it, feeling a little shaky. This museum had already given me the chills, and now this?

"You okay?" Fang asked me, noting my expression. "You look like you saw a ghost." I nodded my head, shaking off my confused face and changing it for a calm, and cool collected one. Pfft, yeah, right.

"Everyone, please take your seats," said an automated voice from an intercom. "The Human Hurricane will begin shortly." For the second time that day, Fang grabbed my hand and led me to a seat, handing me the seat belt. Oh, was this going to be interesting.

The screen flickered for a second before switching to a street, which was surrounded by gray clouds and boarded up shop windows. The ocean, which was only a few yards away, was almost up to the sidewalk, the swells very, very strong. Then, the wind picked up. My hair was blowing all over the place, and I had to put it into a messy bun, or as much of a bun I could manage.

Litter started to blow all around the screen, and then the actual seats started to move. All about the room. "Oooh, this is fun," I said, being sarcastic. Then I noticed Fang wasn't next to me. He had gotten up, to witness the wind head-on.

"Fang, what are you doing?" I didn't get an answer, he just came over to me and helped me up. It was more fun when you were up, the strong fans could move you back, even when you fought against it. All the sudden, I fell into Fang's chest. He smiled at me, before, lifting me up above his head.

"What are you doing?" I yelled again, laughing. Even though I find it really awkward, I always loved when I didn't have to act like a decision-maker when I was around the kids. It was times like these when I could laugh when I felt like laughing, and not feel self-conscious.

When it finally ended, I somewhat fixed my hair, and walked out, a smile plastered on my face. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.

My eyes twinkling, we walked up the flight of stairs that led to the second story, about News feeds, and technology that was commonly used today. Now, I know most of you out there would have been bored out of your mind here at a museum, but, here's the deal, us bird kids, we have never ever been to one of these things before. So, if you don't mind, just give us a break.

A gigantic group of kids, probably on a field trip, passed us, the stairwell started to shake.

"What's that?" I asked nervously, going on full alert. "An earthquake?" Fang just chuckled at my expression before jumping up and down on the stairs. "It isn't very thick metal," he replied, and I let my guard drop. "So if you jump," he demonstrated again. "You feel the vibrations."

"Well thanks Bill Nye," I muttered to him, remembering the stupid science video I had saw in science class a lifetime ago at Anne's. "Sorry for not knowing."

All I got was a smirk.

Angel's POV

This place was so cool! I ran across the first floor, looking around at all the brain puzzles that they had assorted in one room. It wasn't very crowded in here, because most kids go to regular school all the time and don't care about this stuff.

This amazing stuff.

Iggy was walking around with Nudge, who was blabbing on and on about how some of these things were impossible. But that was the cool part of it. The challenge.

I was so glad that Nudge had looked up this museum last night on Fang's laptop, convinced Fang to let us go with the 'But-we-never-will-get-this-chance-again' act, and I used my mind control. It was worth it.

Plus, maybe Fang and Max could finally get together. I smiled at the thought.


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