Hey guys, I promised I'd update you when I had another story.
So, as you might have guessed...

I've come up with another one!

Here's the thing :

1) It's not a continuation of this story.
2) I've been formulating it for a month now and I've gotten a basic plot formed!

So thanks for sticking through with me, I know I've been a pain, and I finally came through for you guys, so woo-hoo!

Release Date?

I have the date set for the story to be released TOMORROW! On Thanksgiving (for the US, anyway).
Why Thanksgiving?
To thank all of you out there who have reviewed this story in the past. You've all made my day so much brighter and made me so happy inside. I've never thanked you properly, so here it is : Thanks SO MUCH. I love you all. So, as an even better thank you, I'm releasing a new story. Yay!

I know this is probably a bummer for all of you who think I've come up with a new chapter... so sorry for that. I hope you all enjoyed Day at a Museum and hope you love Fifteen (the title of my new story!) even more.

Put me on author alert or keep a good eye out, It'll definitely be posted tomorrow. I promise!

-Maximum Writers