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While Helen was getting the rest she needed before she could be up and at it again and Mr. Pevensie was busy looking after her and making sure Edmund didn't do anything crazy like shove small objects up his nose, It was up to Peter to keep an eye on Lucy. Sometimes Susan helped but mostly he just sat next to Lucy and talked to her by himself and made sure that she got anything she needed.

Late one night in bed, Peter was feeling very tired-never had the feeling of sinking down into the mattress felt better-and had almost fallen asleep when he suddenly felt the light pressure of a small creature climbing up into the bed beside him.

It must be the cat, Peter thought to himself about to curl back up into a comfortable ball and go to sleep. Then his eyes shot open and he gasped, remembering suddenly that they didn't actually have a cat. He reached over for the lamp next to his bed and turned on the light.

Laying next to him was his baby sister Lucy, she peeked open one eye at him and half-smiled.

"Lucy, how did you get in here?" Peter got up, picked up the little baby and carried her back to her room, placing her in the crib. "There you go. Back to bed now."

He paused for a moment to see if she would cry or whimper now that she was about to be left alone. Susan had done her fair share of that sort of thing at Lucy's age. But Lucy didn't cry or move, she just looked back at Peter and stretched out her arms as if expecting him to pick her up again.

Peter sighed and shook his head. "Go to sleep Lu." He said firmly but not unkindly.

After he left the room, Lucy climbed out of the crib again and crawled back through the house until she reached Peter's room. The door was shut. Lucy reached out her little hands and pushed on the wood of the door until it opened.

"What was that?" Peter sat up, and flicked the light on, startled by a sudden noise. "Susan? Edmund? Is that you?"

He heard a faint baby-giggle at the foot of his bed. Lucy was back.

"Hey." He grinned at her. "I thought I put you back in your crib."

Lucy blinked indifferently.

"You really should go back there and go to sleep."

Lucy continued to stare up at him.

"Oh, Alright!" Peter gave in. He couldn't say no to that face. He picked up his little sister and putting her in the bed next to him. "Are you going to sleep now?" He asked.

For an answer, Lucy curled up next to him and shut her eyes.

"Goodnight Lu." Peter whispered turning off his bedroom light and going to sleep at last.

Two years later, Peter, Susan, Edmund, and little Lucy were huddled in a corner. Uncle Harold was taking family photo graphs.

"Why wont Edmund smile?" He frowned at Mr. Pevensie as if it were his fault.

"Look, take it now, he's smiling." Mrs. Pevensie told her brother, pointing at her younger son.

Edmund was indeed smiling but he wasn't facing the camera so if the photo was taken they would only get his profile.

"Look at Uncle Harold, sweetie." Helen told him.

Edmund looked at the camera and gave his biggest smile...which turned into a pout the second the flash went off.

"I give up." Harold sighed, rubbing his forehead.

"Harold," Mr. Pevensie asked. "Can you talk a one of the six of us?"

"Sure." Harold got the camera ready.

"Alright, Lucy, sit on Peter's lap so there's room for your mum to get in the shot." Mr. Pevensie said, gently lifting his youngest child onto his oldest child's lap. "Edmund, please sit closer to Susan and just for this one shot smile a little."

Mrs. Pevensie got behind Peter and put her hand on Edmund's shoulder. Edmund jumped, surprised at suddenly being touched before he realized it was his mother. Soon they were all in the right positions for the photograph to be taken. Everyone (Even Edmund) were all smiles, both in lips and in eyes. There had never been a family so beautiful, simply because it was so happy.

The flash went off and uncle Harold smiled knowing that even if ever other photo was worthless this one was gold. It was pure. The very sort of family photograph people wished they could point to and say, "Yes, sir, that's the family I grew up in."

"Well what do you think?" Mr. Pevensie had asked them when he'd hung the photograph on the wall of their living room.

"It's lovely." Susan said.

"I like it." Lucy put in.

"My ears stick out." Edmund said, just to be difficult.

"They're like that all the time, Ed." Peter teased before looking back at the photo again.

How had this come to be? How could the little boy in this portrait be the same little boy who'd belonged to Elise and Jacob? Quite simply, it wasn't. That boy had vanished and a new boy had replaced him. Peter Burke had turned into Peter Pevensie. And that was that. But what if someone asked? What if someone saw the paper work? He was getting old enough to worry about those things now.

"Mum...can I talk to you and dad alone for a moment?" Peter asked them.

"Sure, thing sweetie." Helen and her husband walked with their oldest son into another room and shut the doors tightly behind them.

"Do you still have the paperwork from the orphanage?" Peter wanted to know.

Helen was quite taken aback. "Yes, somewhere...I was so long ago..."

"Why do you ask?" Mr. Pevensie raised an eyebrow.

Peter sighed. "I don't want anyone to ever know about my being a Burke."

"Peter, it's part of who you are and someday, you might not mind so much." Mr. Pevensie told him. "Someday you might even be curious about your birth parents, and that's alright."

Peter shook his head. "No, you're my parents." He said firmly, his face as hard as stone. "I am not a Burke."

"Sweetie..." His mother tried.

"Can you burn it?" Peter asked them, a look of pleading shinning bright in his eyes. "The papers and anything else that mentions where I came from?"

Mr. Pevensie thought it over for a moment. "We'll, put in a box away in the attic."

"For ever?" Peter asked to be sure.

"Is that what you want?" Mrs. Pevensie looked a little uncertain.

"More than anything in the world." Peter assured her.

"For ever." Mr. Pevensie said. "I guess it's settled then."

After the box was sealed, Peter grabbed a roll of duck tape and double sealed it. Then he tied string around it. And it was placed in the back of the attic to be a secret for ever and ever. A secret no one was ever meant to find out. And no one would have, if not years later, a teenage Susan Pevensie had been looking for something she wanted to take with her on the trip to Mako Island. She'd thought it might have gotten put away in the attic. She hadn't found what she was looking for, but stumbled across the Burke-box.

She had never been a very curious person by nature. That was more of Lucy's way of approaching things. And She would have left the box alone if she didn't have a strange nagging voice in her head insisting she must open it.

It took more that just bare hands to do so. It took two knifes (The first one broke in the attempt), and nearly an hour. Just as she was about to give up and give the box a swift kick before storming off, she realized she'd finally gotten through the last layer of tape.

Susan reached in and pulled out some long-buried paper work. Who's Peter Burke? She wondered, digging deeper into the box.

And so this story ends and the others begin.

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