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The Second Empire

Chapter 1: The Golden Age

"The darkness has not been conquered, and it will continue to fight against the light forever. But...on days like today, it's hard to see any darkness anywhere."

-Takeru Takaishi, 2027

What is darkness? Is it the Dark Masters, or Apoclymon, or Malomyotismon? If they were the darkness, they have been defeated long ago. There would have been no need to worry, for we would be safe now. Aren't there the Sovereigns watching over the Digital World? Haven't the Digidestined defeated the evil? Why is it that Takeru of Hope prophesied about the continuing darkness, when he was hope – one of the strongest weapons and most stalwart defences against darkness?

They said they had established a golden age with the death of Malomyotismon. I suppose it might be so. The few digimon who threatened the Digital World never reached Ultimate level, and were easily defeated. The Numemon were – Numemon, disgusting but never evil or harmful. Apart from the occasional upstart every couple years or so, nothing major happened. You could say that the Digital World is begging for something to happen.

Who am I? I am Wizardmon. I have watched the Digital World in my living, and the Real World in my death. I have travelled extensively through both worlds. I am not one of the Sovereigns, but I have seen as much as they have. And it pains me to see THIS.

They said the digidestined saved the world. Did they? Yes, they saved it from the Dark Masters, they saved it from Malomyotismon, but in the end, they were powerless against the invisible darkness – the darkness of greed and apathy. The taint was there even before the digidestined left this world. Taichi of Courage was a diplomat. He had good intentions, but often, to satisfy the greed of one party he resorted to twisting the truth and empty promises. Cody of Reliability and Knowledge was a lawyer. In the same way he fell to the darkness in order to satisfy his greed. He started out with a noble cause – justice, but that cause was warped by greed. In the end, even the fabled digidestined could not withstand this darkness. It pains me to see this, and yet there is nothing I can destroy. At least with Malomyotismon, Imperialdramon's Giga Crusher finished him off.

I couldn't care less if the Real World had succumbed to this darkness. It had been here since the dawn of Mankind, and the Real World is not my province. But Hikari of Light's wish that humans and digimon would live together came true. Every human born is now partnered with a digimon for life, irrevocably linked in mind and body. If a human dies, the digimon dies with them, reborn in Primary Village without any memory of their past lives. But instead of benevolently using their gifts, the accursed humans brought their greed with them and with their greed betrayed their digimon partners' trust.

Nobody remembers when it was the true golden age, when digimon and humans lived in true harmony. It died with the original digidestined, some two hundred years ago. Even their children's children are dead. Their digimon have been reborn, yes, but they are completely new digimon, without any memory of their former partners. Anyone who had once treasured the digimon as friends are now dead. No, there are pockets of those who still treat their partners with love and friendship, beacons of light in the darkness, but they are not strong enough. They are regarded as feeble and weak because they care for their partners. It is sad to see that the vast majority of the people now treat their partners as little more than gladiators and slaves, or as cuddle toys at the very best. If Hikari of Light had known what her wish had resulted in, she would no doubt wake from her eternal sleep in righteous anger. No doubt all the digidestned would. But sadly, the last of their kind is long dead.

Are there digidestined now? No. Just because a human has a digimon partner doesn't make him/her a digidestined. There is nothing "chosen" or "destined" about these people. They're brats. They're greedy power-hungry brats. Curse them all!

Yes, this may be a golden age, but it is not a golden age for digimon. It is a golden age for the deluded. Sure, they advance of technology had brought humankind to unprecedented levels, and there had been no widespread devastation, but it is only a golden age for the strong and cruel, those who are capable and willing to extort others. And at the bottom of that line are us, the digimon. As a ghost, I have escaped this, but it pains me to see my those who I once regarded as friends so faithfully serving masters who extort them for their own ends. Entire wars, started by humans, have been fought solely by digimon. Those who died were reborn, and since their masters aren't dead, they have retained their memories, only to be extorted again. The humans know nothing of what we are! Loyal, to the death, we have suffered because of their anger, their foolishness. The IDIOTS! They claim that they are our partners, but they are nothing but masters, each of them a digimon emperor. They treat Takeru of Hope's account on the digital adventures as a holy book, but they fail to see that Takeru was writing specifically about them. They revere the digidestined for their heroic efforts saving the two worlds from evil, but they have become the very evil they denounce!

This so-called golden age is about to end. I, Wizardmon, will personally see to it. If there is war, so be it. If there is death, so be it. If I will have to burn the entire Real World to accomplish this, so be it. The world will learn to respect us. The world will learn to fear us. When we are done, the world will feel our pain. They will know what it is like to be servants, to be gladiators, to be slaves. The digimon will rise. The world shall tremble. The hammer shall fall.

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