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Chapter 19: To the Distant Future

What is darkness? Was it only the greed and lust of humans? Or perhaps the same hubris that ensnared the once-noble ArchWizardmon? Yes, darkness is all these things, and more. It also appears in subtler guises. For me, it slowly ate away at my soul, causing my heart to turn to stone as I ignored the plight of others, bent on avenging my shameful defeat. I re-forged the Golden Digiegg of Miracles and all the crests. But it was not I who made it possible. My loyal friends, they were the ones who tamed the crests, who made them work. It was only because of their virtuous characters that things did not turn out worse for me.

But this is not solely about me. This is about us. Myself, my comrades, ArchWizardmon, his lieutenants, Gatomon, the Sovereigns, even the humans. It was our tale, one of tragedy, one of failure. We all failed. I failed, because I failed to see what was going on, clouded by my need to redeem my honour. My comrades failed because they blindly followed me. ArchWizardmon – now Wizardmon – failed because he was consumed by pride, as were his commanders. Gatomon failed because she was caught in between us. The Sovereigns failed because they were too cautious, and failed to see the scope of the situation. And the humans failed, because they thought that they could own what was not theirs to own. We all failed.

But this is not only a tale of tragedy. It is also a tale of hope. Yes, we failed, but we were given the grace to try again. Gatomon and Wizardmon joined Hikari of Light. Even now, they are cleansing the Dark Ocean of its taint. The Sovereigns realized their mistake and are now working for the benefit of the Digital World. Digimon and humans alike have been given the chance to rebuild. We digimon are even thinking of sending a delegation to help the humans rebuild the Real World, since it suffered more damage. This is a tale of hope, because the darkness that shrouded us all for so long can – and will – turn to light. As long as we act in love, and in compassion for each other, the world will be at peace. Takeru Takaishi is right; there will still be darkness, but we can conquer it.

And as for me and my friends? We have earned our due rest. Some, including myself, were bitter at first about being thrown aside, but we have come to enjoy the tranquility. The angelic domain has been rebuilt. It is a wonderful place. It has lost much of its grandeur; it is simple and cozy, enough for us veterans to sit around and discuss about…anything. The Sovereigns or other digimon come by from time to time, and we have many fond memories of such gatherings. It is a good life.

I have also been in contact with Wizardmon, Hikari, and Gatomon. Although we cannot cross realms, we are able to communicate with each other on a regular basis. I was rather surprised when Gatomon begged for my forgiveness when she first saw me. I was under the impression that I should have apologized for hurting her so.

I guess this tale has what many would call a happy ending. Yes, two worlds suffered greatly, and even now, two years after Infinity Mountain, the worlds are reeling from the damage. However, it would appear that what really matters is what is inside. Inside, we are at peace.

If someone in the future should take up this tome and chance upon its contents, it is my sincerest wish that this fill you with hope. Even in the darkest of darkness, a single candle is enough to chase away the night. And if a single point of light is enough to chase away the darkness, a million points of light is an unstoppable force.

- MagnaAngemon, 2298

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