"You don't see," River states. She pierces Shawn with calculative chocolate brown eyes, refusing to waver from her assessment of him even as he makes a wild gesture with his hands that he can in fact 'see' and that she's wrong. "You say you do, but you don't. You see only with your eyes, not with your mind."

Shawn quirks an eyebrow at her and presses his index fingers to his temples. "Oh, but I do!" he exclaims, taking her challenge. His eyes dart quickly at her and at what she's wearing, at her bare feet. Bare feet.

"I'm sensing that you like nature. You…feel connected to it," he begins. A photo catches his eye. "You've had a rough past. Something to do with your family maybe? A falling out? But not with everyone. You're close to someone. A boyfriend? No. He has your eyes. Your brother?"

"Simon," River fills in, twirling a strand of hair around her finger.

Shawn grins. "You're far from home – "

"Home is nowhere."

"You're far from where you spent your childhood," he corrects. "And you like it here."

"You still don't see."

Shawn frowns. "No? You don't like it here? I can't see why." He lets his eyes roam over the interior walls of Serenity, cool and grey and somehow, oddly comforting.

"I do. You tell the truth but your methods are fallacious. Untrue. Not psychic." A convincing expression on her face, River heads for the door. She brushes past Simon on her way out, very nearly blends with the wall and then is gone.

"Would you believe it?" Shawn asks Simon staring at the empty space River left behind. "Your sister doesn't think I'm psychic! I sensed before that she would be the most likely to… What?"

Simon smiles knowingly and turns to follow River. "Maybe she doesn't' believe you because she's psychic," he suggests. He disappears from sight before any questions can be asked.

Shawn stops dead in his tracks and looks around the empty cargo bay.

He thought he'd done well with River's evaluation. He had yet to fail horribly at picking apart the clues and deducing what went on in people's lives and though not all believed he was psychic per say, convincing them had never been too much of a problem before.

River was clearly different to them…

"Maybe she doesn't believe you because she's psychic."

His eyes widen with realisation and he slumps back in his chair. "Outsmarted by a sister psych," he muttered aloud.

He nearly misses the giggle that echoes around the room.