Top Secret

She sees a flash of white in Mac's right hand when she enters his office, even as he whips whatever it is behind his back. It's too quick a glance for her to identify the object with a hundred percent certainty, but she assumes that it is paper, an envelope maybe, and that it's something he doesn't want her to see (yet). It is her very nearly her birthday, after all.

She fixes him with a curious glance as he begins to move nervously from foot to foot, one hand remaining behind his back.

"Hiding something, Mac?" she teases lightly, offering him a smug grin when he attempts to shrug casually but instead appears even more agitated and clumsy. "You can tell me, you know. Or…can you? It's not some top secret information that I don't have clearance for, is it?" She's only half joking.

She sucks her bottom lip up into her mouth and gives Mac the most innocent, pleading look she can muster. She waits and continues to bait him.

When she wags her eyebrows at him, he finally breaks. His eyes crinkle at her and the corners of his mouth curl into an amused grin. He laughs softly at her antics and reaches his free hand out to gently squeeze her arm.

"Actually," he says, "this is top secret. I'm not supposed to let you in on it until…" He glances at his watch. It reads 11:58pm, "tomorrow, which is in two minutes time." His grin widens when her frustration shows.

"C'mon, Mac! Two minutes! It can't hurt to 'let me in on it' now." She tries to break him with another look: a distinctive pout, this time.

"You can't wait for two minutes?"

She gives him a sheepish grin. "No?"

"Good," he winks back, "because it's only one minute now."

She groans and aims a playful punch to his left shoulder. He brushes it off easily and challenges her with his eyes. Brow on green, they stare at each other. Neither tears away, both too stubborn and sure of themselves to give in.

She speaks first. "Will you give it to me if I do a weeks' worth of your paperwork?" She nods towards the stack of files on Mac's desk. There aren't too many, but they'd require at least two hours longer spent at the office to complete.

"No," Mac smirks. "I have that under control quite fine."

"How about a months' worth?" Four nights back.

"No, not even that," he replies.

She places a finger over her lips, thinking. "Will you give it to me if I kiss you?"

It slips out of her mouth before she can stop herself. She can feel the heat rise in her cheeks.

Mac almost chokes in shock. "I…uh…"

Her eyes are drawn to a clock on the wall behind him that she's never seen before. In all her attempts to get Mac to give her whatever it was he had, the time had passed on to 12:02. It's morning; it's her birthday.

She fights the grin that threatens to transform her face and stares blankly at Mac. What he didn't know… Well. It definitely wouldn't hurt him. "So?"

Still rattled and red in the face, he smiles weakly at her. "I got tickets for a ball game. I thought you might – "

Before he can finish the sentence, she places a finger over his lips to silence him. "That sounds perfect," she whispers. She replaces her finger with her lips and kisses him.